You Are All Mrs. Colbert

You are all Mrs. Colbert!

Well, Zoners, I guess this is just about it. My second to last post. I still have to post the interview with Stephen, which will happen tomorrow. And yes, you will definitely love this interview. But this post is for me to talk to all of you for a while, one last time, through the medium of this site.

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We’ve got our ‘Welcome Jesus’ T-shirts on – bring on the Return of Christ!

Stephen Colbert Rapture T-Shirt

I’ve been holding onto my ‘Welcome Jesus’ T-shirt since this site started in July 2006, and now I finally get to wear it! We’re closing down shop in anticipation of the return of Christ – and we’ve scored an interview with Stephen Colbert for our final post here at No Fact Zone!

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… And we’re back!

No Fact Zone logo 150px

Oh hai! Long time no blog! So … how’s everyone doing?

Here’s an update about the site, with some nice eye candy at the end.

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Technical difficulties

Technical Difficulties from Colbert Report graphics

You may have noticed that our posting frequency has been way down the last week or so, and that the template is a bit wonky. We’ve been working diligently behind the scenes to get everything cleaned up and functioning, and posting frequency should get back to normal here very soon, including episode guides and the normal news goodies you would expect from us. Thank you for your patience, and we’ll keep everyone updated!

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Yes the site is still ugly. I hope it won’t be for long.

Riley the puppy and Stephen Colbert

I’m going to be doing a bit of work on the template tonight, so things are going to get a bit wonky for a bit. There is no need to panic. If you get a bit scared, please look at this picture of Stephen Colbert with a puppy. Thank you.

-The Management

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Poll: Where do you go in the Colbert Nation to talk to other fans?

No Fact Zone logo 150px

We’ve got an amazing community here, and I have no intentions of stopping the blog any time soon. But I’m curious – when you participate in the fandom, where do you go? I’m looking more for the active participation that you do, as opposed to consuming, such as watching videos or reading news stories. Do […]

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Yes, the site is ugly. Yes, I plan to fix it.

Stephen Colbert smile olympics

As many of you long-time Zoners are aware, the site has been struggling as of late with some of the technical aspects of the back end. Our web hosting provider, A Small Orange, has worked behind the scenes to optimize the server as much as possible, but we’ve still been struggling something fierce with speed […]

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Eye Candy: Stephen Colbert backstage, by Dan Sinker

Stephen Colbert backstage at the Colbert Report

We’ll get back on track with episode guides and Colbert newsy goodness here very soon, but until then, please enjoy this lovely piece of eye candy, taken by last night’s guest Dan Sinker and published via his Twitter Feed. Also, apparently Elvis the dog rules.

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Totally Off Topic: Bloggin’ in the ER

Okay, this has absolutely nothing to do with Stephen Colbert whatsoever, but I’m blogging this from my Macbook Air at Baylor Medical emergency room. Minor emergency apparently. It’s the almost end of a great date night gone horribly awry. I’m fine, but hubby won’t be roller skating for a while.

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Attention Zoners, we have a few brief announcements


[taps on microphone]

Hello, Zoners, and welcome to Tuesday. Before we commence our blogging day, we have a few brief announcements.

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