Stephen Colbert: World’s Worst Boss or World’s Worstest Boss?

I'm calling my lawyer

I know, I know: you all dream of working for Stephen Colbert. You imagine he would be the greatest boss in the world – kind of like a super-cool Jim Anderson father to your inner Kathy or Bud. I imagine working for Stephen on ‘The Colbert Report’ is kind of like working for DB on the No Fact Zone: a cool boss, funny and talented work-mates, and an intelligent and appreciative audience that joins in the fun. But then I watch the show and think. “why does he treat his staff so badly??”

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Six Degrees: Allison Silverman, Meg DeFrancesco, Aasif Mandvi


Greetings, Zoners! While I was compiling this week’s zeitgeist post, I came across quite a bit of news about some of our friends in the Colbert universe, so it seemed like a good idea to separate them out into their own post. I love it when there’s this much good news about the folks who […]

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Six Degrees: Hiatus Away!

Ok, so we’ve got a whole pile of Six Degrees information for you readers, so we’ll get right to it! Amy Sedaris TimeOut Chicago has an excellent little interview from the Rubi Rey rum tasting party in Chicago. I love the pic in this article – only Amy could be invited to a rum tasting […]

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