Stephen’s Fave Film — PLUS his BFF at Barnes & Noble in NYC


Hello, everyone!

As long as we’re still up, we’ll keep bringing you all the news that’s fit to print. And here are two tidbits, one about an interview with Stephen and the other about Jimmy Fallon.

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Six Degrees: Ridiculist Edition.

Six Degrees logo 150px

G’day Zoners! I hope you are all enjoying your nice warm spring weather. Winter appears to have come early down in Aus, we are all freezing to death and it’ still only Autumn. Enough about the weather and onto this weeks Six Degrees round-up. This week Ed Helms hosts SNL, Demetri Martin has a new book out, Josh Gad receives a Tony nomination, Kevin Bleyer has been revealed as the writer who helped President Obama pen is WHCD speech, and New York Magazine goes inside Amy Sedaris’ New York City apartment.

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Because we can never get enough of Stephen Colbert singing…


Late Night with Jimmy Fallon was kind enough to post this little treat of a video featuring Stephen, Jimmy, and a cast of dozens rehearsing for last Friday’s “Friday” extravaganza. Fun fun fun fun!

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More Fallonite QR code fun

Jimmy Fallon office

Everyone still singing “Friday”? Yeah, me too. Remember the QR code held up in the background, which led to a cute video Easter egg from Jimmy Fallon? Well, we were wrong to be so easily satisfied, because there’s more down that rabbit hole. In the first video, Jimmy holds up another QR code, which leads […]

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Did you see the QR code during ‘Friday’ with Stephen Colbert?

Stephen Colbert Jimmy Fallon Friday QR Code

If you saw the QR code (that weird box with a funky code in it) and were curious as to a) what it was, and b) why they showed it, we’ve got an answer for you! According to Wikipedia, “A QR code (short for Quick Response) is a specific matrix barcode (or two-dimensional code), readable […]

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Friday, Friday video is here, here.

Stephen Colbert Jimmy Fallon Knicks City Dancers

How nice of NBC Universal to make the video of Stephen singing “Friday, Friday” on ‘Late Night’ available so quickly – and not to block it for those of us outside the United States! Maybe as nice as the fact that they chipped in another $26,000 for Donors Choose! It looks like NBC fixed their […]

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Stephen Colbert and Jimmy Fallon talk with Arianna Huffington

Arianna Huffington Stephen Jimmy

Check out this audio from the Huffington Post – Stephen Colbert and Jimmy Fallon, via phone, sit down with Arianna Huffington and talk about their Best Friends for Six Months status, talk about how to give phone hugs, and make it pretty clear that Jimmy Fallon really had no idea he was so generous.

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Eye Candy: Stephen Colbert on Jimmy Fallon

Stephen Colbert Tuxedo

SPOILER ALERT! Yesterday was Thursday, Thursday, today it is Friday, Friday. Which means that Stephen Colbert is slated to sing Rebecca Black’s “Friday” on ‘Late Night with Jimmy Fallon’. For those of you who simply can’t wait, here’s some spoiler sneak peek eye candy – and it looks like the special guest list for the […]

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Six Degrees: Art Edition.

Six Degrees logo 150px

G’day Zoners! I hope your all enjoying April Fool’s Day, and more importantly brushing up on your “Friday” lyrics so you can all sing-a-long with Stephen tonight. As much as I loathe that song I really hope Stephen can put the TGI back in Friday. It was once my favourite day of the week, before that song came along. But I digress.This week in Six Degrees News Jon Stewart makes a cameo in “The Adjustment Bureau”, Jason Jones is co-starring in a new CBS comedy pilot, Lewis Black stopped by “The Late Late Show”, Mark Malkoff will be a guest on “Beer Diplomacy”, Amy Sedaris has a new iPad App, Conan talks about “Conan O’Brian Can’t Stop” and Movits! are touring Canada and The US.

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Episode 7042 (3/29/2011) – Anthony Fauci

Stephen Colbert Last Supper

EPISODE NUMBER: 7042 (March 29, 2011) GUESTS: Stephen Prothero, Anthony Fauci SEGMENTS: Turd Sandwich in Libya, Yahweh Or No Way – Christianity Is Fattening, Yahweh Or No Way – Christianity Is Fattening, Stephen’s Next Religion – Stephen Prothero, Jimmy Fallon Promises a Performance by Stephen VIDEOS: Tuesday, March 29, 2011

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