Fantasy Colbert League March 7th – March 10th

Has everyone indulged in some Ben & Jerry’s this weekend? I’m still flying high from the deliciousness that was Thursday’s show, and the pure joy generated by Stephen, Jimmy, and Jon. Thank you guys for one of the happiest and funniest episodes ever. You looked like you were having loads of fun, and we did too. You are all definitely my sundae with the hot fudge and cherry on top.

Now let’s see what Stephen has in his ice cream dish for this week….

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Fantasy Colbert League, January 31-February 3, 2011

Hello, Zoners!
Hope everyone had a great weekend. Are you all refreshed and ready for a new week of shows? I sure am, and this week Stephen’s serving up a really diverse menu, including a philosopher ruminating on classics, an immunologist who’s a crusader for childhood vaccines, and a gamer who believes that playing can make us happy…and save the world. What fun!

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