Anderson Cooper Goes There: Stephen now on the Ridiculist

Anderson Cooper Goes on the Absurd-U-Chart

You may recall Stephen putting Anderson Cooper on the Absurd-U-Chart back in April claiming that Anderson Coopers Ridiculist was a rip off of the far superior On Notice Board. Nothing better than a feud ’round here! And the “Silver Surfer” of journalism has taken the Colbert-bait, adding Stephen to his Ridiculist and claiming that Stephen has been copying him all these years!
A Tip O’ The Hat to Mr. Arkadin for pointing this out in the comments:

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Anderson Cooper responds to the Stephen Colbert “Bubbles” story

For those of you who didn’t see it on AC 360, here’s Anderson Cooper’s response to Stephen’s segment about the Bubbles interview on Thursday’s “Colbert Report”. Anderson Cooper has the goofiest and cutest laugh known to man, and this video features a good chunk of that angelic giggle. Note: For some reason, the video doesn’t […]

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