Eye Candy: Lord Fauntleroy

Stephen Colbert mocking the English

Little Lord Fauntleroy is all grown up. Stephen learns not only the finer points of British etiquette but the specific refinements of meeting the Royals’ etiquette. Including but not limited to, how to eat tea, how to meet the Queen and whether or not to dress left or right. Stephen awaited his Royal Wedding invitation […]

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Eye Candy: Raging Art-on

Stephen Colbert in his Raging Art On

Stephen Colbert as Artist and Art Critic reminds me of his astonishingly insightful and artful articulation exploration as The Daily Show’s Senior Conceptual Art Correspondent. of Christo-esque sandwich wrapping or his Mosque Diatribe. But we all know Stephen Colbert is our Object of Beauty! Our Art de triumph! Mona Lisa copied his wry smile – […]

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Fangirl Suit Report: Week of May 9, 2011


Thanks, Zoners, one and all. I have a few last morsels for you. You’re the best! Stephen must be proud to have such an exceptional, extraordinary, amazing, superlative, astonishing, loving, caring, passionate, engaging, wonderful group of followers. Stephen’s Birthday Week! Hope you got loads of presents and cake … *cough* *cough* FEC, he brought the […]

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We’ve got our ‘Welcome Jesus’ T-shirts on – bring on the Return of Christ!

Stephen Colbert Rapture T-Shirt

I’ve been holding onto my ‘Welcome Jesus’ T-shirt since this site started in July 2006, and now I finally get to wear it! We’re closing down shop in anticipation of the return of Christ – and we’ve scored an interview with Stephen Colbert for our final post here at No Fact Zone!

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Six Degrees: Ridiculist Edition.

Six Degrees logo 150px

G’day Zoners! I hope you are all enjoying your nice warm spring weather. Winter appears to have come early down in Aus, we are all freezing to death and it’ still only Autumn. Enough about the weather and onto this weeks Six Degrees round-up. This week Ed Helms hosts SNL, Demetri Martin has a new book out, Josh Gad receives a Tony nomination, Kevin Bleyer has been revealed as the writer who helped President Obama pen is WHCD speech, and New York Magazine goes inside Amy Sedaris’ New York City apartment.

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All You Need To Know: Week of May 9 – May 15, 2011

The Super-PAC shenanigans are getting very, very interesting. Here’s All You Need To Know: Episode Guides: Fantasy Colbert League Weekly Episode 7061 – Guest Lupe Fiasco Episode 7062 – Guest Geoffrey Rush Episode 7063 – Guest Eric Greitens Episode 7064 – Guest John Bradshaw [Coming Soon!] Who’s Honoring Him Now “The Rally to Restore Sanity […]

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SNL brings back the Ambiguously Gay Duo – LIVE!


Thank God for Twitter! And the Internet in general. Without them, I wouldn’t have known that Stephen made a surprise appearance on Saturday Night Live last night. I haven’t watched SNL in close to two decades, and right now I’m sorry I didn’t stay up for it this weekend. The Ambiguously Gay Duo returned to the show in one of the most hilarious sketches I’ve ever seen. It’s a combination of the cartoon and live action, with appearances by host Ed Helms, Steve Carell, Jimmy Fallon (who I must say is remarkably… flexible) and Stephen Colbert. Enjoy!

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Fantasy Colbert League, May 16th – 19th

FCL Weekly

Greetings, Zoners!

I’m still feeling so joyful over our favorite PAC-man’s birthday antics. I think it’s the most brilliant combination of comic shenanigans and political exploits that I’ve ever witnessed; agitprop in action. When I think of what Stephen’s accomplished this year–the rally, the congressional testimony, this scintillating new adventure–I’m simply blown away.

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Stephen Colbert visits the Federal Election Commission

Colbert Super PAC

The reports are coming in from Stephen’s trip to Washington, D.C., today to stop by the FEC and file papers to formally request an advisory opinion on the formation of Colbert Super PAC. Throughout the day, the @StephenAtHome Twitter feed had regular reminders for people to join him at 4 PM at the FEC building. Read on for details of the day’s events!

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Happy Birthday, Stephen T. Colbert!!

Stephen Colbert

All of us here at No Fact Zone would like to offer Stephen a happy and wonderful birthday – happy birthday, Stephen! As a celebration of Stephen’s 47th birthday, here’s a lovely piece of eye candy – may he continue to be sizzling hot for many years to come!

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