TCR Ticket Tips

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Here’s some tips on how to get tickets to see The Colbert Report live in their studios in New York City, NY:

    1) Watch the official page:

    The Colbert Report tickets are in VERY high demand, and the studio releases tickets at random intervals. The tickets tend to be released for one or two dates at a time, normally two months or so in the future. When the show does make tickets available, they provide a form to send requests at this web site:

    Click here to check ‘Colbert Report’ ticket availabiltiy

    Tickets tend to be released multiple times a week. We recommended that you bookmark the page and check it very frequently if you know you want to make a trip to NYC at a specific time.

    Also, if you’re going to be in NYC at a certain time, and you’ve missed the “months in advance” window, you should keep checking the ticket site up until the morning of the show you want, because tickets do indeed go up at the last minute on a fairly regular basis.

    2) Follow the DailyTix Twitter feed to watch for available tickets

    TwitterOne of the members came up with a script-based Twitter feed that refreshes once a minute for up-to-the-minute status updates on ticket availability – @DailyTix. If you’re a heavy Twitter user, this is definitely the option for you!

    3) Stand-By Admission:

    If you’re going to be in NYC for only a day, and would like to see the show, you might want to try getting on the Standby list. According to the Comedy Central web site, you may sign up for stand-by tickets in front of the studio at 4pm (they cannot guarantee admission).

    4) VIP Tickets:

    Your best bet for getting VIP tickets is to win an eBay auction for them. Auctions for VIP tickets happen on a very frequent basis and the funds raised go to charities. Sometimes these auctions offer 2 tickets, other times 4, and these auctions often come with offers for backstage passes, and sometimes even Meet and Greets with Stephen himself! Do a search on eBay for “Stephen Colbert” or “Colbert Report” and you should be able to find what’s currently available.

    We also post these auctions on the site when we see them, so check the blog often.


This is for liability reasons. They ID everyone that goes to the shows now, so if you’re not 18, you’re most probably going to be out of luck. We’ve heard many stories of people getting turned away because of they age limit. So if you’re underage and you procure a ticket, be aware that you are probably not going to get to use it.

h/t Tiger and Truth for help with this ‘Colbert Report’ Taping FAQ