Stephen Colbert: World’s Worst Boss or World’s Worstest Boss?

I'm calling my lawyer

I know, I know: you all dream of working for Stephen Colbert. You imagine he would be the greatest boss in the world – kind of like a super-cool Jim Anderson father to your inner Kathy or Bud. I imagine working for Stephen on ‘The Colbert Report’ is kind of like working for DB on the No Fact Zone: a cool boss, funny and talented work-mates, and an intelligent and appreciative audience that joins in the fun. But then I watch the show and think. “why does he treat his staff so badly??”

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My hero

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Catch y’all on the flip side!

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Klassic Kolbert: Tax Day!

Stephen Colbert does taxes

One of the benefits of being a renter with no kids is easy, easy taxes. Hubby got ours done over breakfast yesterday morning. However, for those of you last-minute type of people who have lots of paper shuffling ahead of you today, take some tips from Stephen Colbert and Jon Stewart on how to finish your taxes. So pull out some of your vintage Nutz sodas and get paying!

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Klassic Kolbert: OMG! SPACE!


Those of you who have followed Stephen’s love affair with NASA over the past few years should know the name Garrett Reisman very well. He was the first interplanetary interview on the Report back in May 2008. Yesterday it was announced that Reisman has left NASA to join the commercial company SpaceX. In honor of his service to NASA and his status as one of the heroes of the Colbert Nation, I thought it would be appropriate to revisit that first interview from the International Space Station. “We’ve gone galactic!”

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Klassic Kolbert: International House of Stephen (12/28/2010)

How about that weather, Zoners! My apologies for last night’s miss, was digging out from under the blizzard. Tonight’s delectable mergfurrian sleegledranker is a visit from Christmas Future. Five hundred years in the future, to be exact, and rocking a silver lamé suit.

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For those who have not yet made skipping past goat sodomy a holiday tradition

Colbert Christmas DVD

Merry Christmas, Zoners! For those of you who remember the wonderfulness that is the “Colbert Christmas” DVD, and wanted to watch the video with your family by the fire this year, please watch this classic clip from the ‘Colbert Report’ reminding you how (and why) to forward past the first 4 1/2 minutes of the DVD once it’s in the player.

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Klassic Kolbert: International House of Stephen (12/23/2010)

Merry Christmas, Zoners! Tonight’s American flapjacks are a visit from Christmas Past, hailing from Patterson Springs, North Carolina. Let’s hope a certain someone out there learns the true meaning of Christmas. Are there no poorhouses? Oh, I mean, the “Judeo-Christian tenet of personal responsibility”.

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Klassic Kolbert: International House of Stephen (12/22/2010)

Welcome back to the sun! Tonight’s delicious gagh (and yes I know, that’s Klingon) is the rare Romulan St’eE’pha’n Kh’olber’T. This is also the brain-teasing puzzle episode, courtesy of the guest, Lost’s J.J. Abrams. For more in-depth hints about the puzzle, the Episode Guide has all the details.

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Klassic Kolbert: International House of Stephen (12/21/2010)

Merry Yule, Zoners! Tonight’s sopapilla is the always delicious Esteban Colberto. It was hard picking just one, but his interview with Lou Dobbs just can’t be beat. This is one of the writers’ strike episodes, but I couldn’t resist reposting Esteban.

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Klassic Kolbert: International House of Stephen (12/20/2010)


Comedy Central plays reruns on weeks when the show is on hiatus. But we’d rather take some time to go into the vaults and find more Klassic Kolbert to experience. So please enjoy these classic episodes of the ‘Colbert Report’, posting each night (Mon-Thu) at 11:30p EST. Check out tonight’s featured episode from March 1, 2010

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