If you have any events that you know of that should be added to this calendar, please send an email to Justine Marie, keeper of the calendar, and we’ll get it up as soon as possible. Thanks for helping this to be the most thorough and accurate Stephen Colbert event calendar on the web!

Please note that all times are recorded in the Eastern Standard Time (EST). If you subscribe to the calendar for your own Google Calendar, you can adjust it to your own time zone.


To add Google Calendar to your personal calendar page

  • Click on the Google Calendars button at the bottom of the above Calendar.
  • When you see this popup:
      Do you want to add this calendar?
      Would you like to add calendar: Calendar ?

    Click Yes, add this calendar

Customize your reminders

Google Calendar offers a couple of different options for receiving event reminders. You can choose to receive your event reminders via SMS messages, emails, or pop-ups within Google Calendar itself.

To customize your reminder settings:

  • In the calendar list on the left, click the down-arrow button next to the appropriate calendar, then select “Notifications.” (Alternatively, click on “Manage calendars” at the bottom of the calendar list, then click the appropriate “Notifications” link.)
  • Select the default method and reminder times for events scheduled on that particular calendar in the “Event reminders” section. On this page, you can also set the appropriate reminder in the “Choose how you would like to be notified” section.
  • Click “Save.”