Stephen Colbert and family: A Goofy bunch

Stephen Colbert and Goofy - Slide 3

Stephen Colbert is on the West Coast for the Emmys, as we all know, and it looks like this hard-working funnyman is also taking advantage of the opportunity to treat his family to a little bit of Disneyland fun. Good call, sir!

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Because Stephen Colbert is a man of his word: Sí, se puedewich!

Let it never be said that Stephen Colbert isn’t a man of his word. He said he’d be farm worker as part of the “Take Our Jobs” campaign, and he’s not one to go back on that promise.

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Stephen Colbert honors returning troops with two special episodes

Stephen Colbert - Steve Manuel for the Associated Press

Hot off the presses from the Associated Press, here’s some news about special episodes Stephen Colbert has planned for the troops returning from Iraq.

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Stephen Colbert to present at 2010 Emmy Awards

Stephen Colbert -- Emmys 2005

Finally! A reminder of why I might want to watch the Emmys this year: Stephen Colbert’s just been added to the list of presenters.

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Klassic Kolbert: Stephen Colbert, minus the suit

Well suited

Rimless glasses, aggressively styled hair, the WristStrong bracelet, and that Brooks Brothers suit: nobody can deny Stephen Colbert has a signature look. Seeing him in that ensemble means it’s time for The Colbert Report, no question about it.

But lest we think it’s just the clothes that make that funny, funny man, let’s take this break period to revisit some great scenes from the Daily Show and Colbert Report archives. Today’s theme: Stephen Colbert, beyond the suit.

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Preview Stephen Colbert chapter in ‘Faces of America’ book

Faces of America - PBS

I’m sure by now that the many fans of Stephen Colbert have watched his segment from the excellent PBS Faces of America series, but did you know that host (and friend of the show) Henry Louis Gates, Jr. has released a book by the same title this week?

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‘Colbert Report’ named for multiple 2010 Emmy nominations

2010 Emmy Award Nominations announced

Fans of The Colbert Report find continued reasons to be happy this morning as the nominations for the 2010 Emmys are announced.

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Klassic Kolbert: “The word ‘incredible’ is apt”

I know I’m not alone in eagerly awaiting Steve Carell’s inaugural visit to The Colbert Report; it’s really been too long since I last saw those two men share a television screen. They really shouldn’t let things go so long as that!

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Breaking news: ‘The Daily Show’ loves the ladies

TDS women banner

News flash, y’all: Jon Stewart is not a sexist prick!

If you don’t know what I’m talking about, then you’ve probably missed out on the Jezebel kerfuffle of late (you can look it up easily enough if you’re interested). But the good folks over at The Daily Show noticed it, and they’ve posted a lovely response.

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Stephen Colbert loves reddit ever so much

Stephen Colbert loves reddit - from Alexis Ohanian post

Users of reddit all but exploded with joy after Stephen referred to it so lovingly the other night in his Colbert Report interview with Nicholas Carr.

If you want more proof that Stephen loves reddit, check out this photo, which reddit co-founder Alexis Ohanian posted earlier today. Joy!

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