Tech Specs

For those who want to know some of the ins and outs of how I put this blog together, check out the following topics:


WordPress logoI built the basics of this web site in WordPress. What a wonderful content management blogging tool! It has been easy to use since Day 1, which is much more than can be said for other blogging programs I have attempted. I use a stand alone version of WordPress, provided by

To learn more about WordPress and blogging, I read these blogs regularly, and I would highly recommend subscribing to their RSS feed if you’re into such things:

I also attend WordPress Dallas meetups when I can, and plan on attending any WordCamp Dallas events in the area.


In working with other bloggers, I made a wonderful friend in Lorelle. She’s got an amazing blog, and she offered me an opportunity to do some blogging about the specific kind of blogging that we do – celebrity fan blogging. Here’s the links to the series if you want to hear more about the process of fan blogging, including how to start a blog, and the research process involved in keeping up with the news we provide here at No Fact Zone.


Here’s some interesting factoids on how much we’ve accomplished here in the first four years (7/16/06 – 7/16/10), taken from our Sitemeter account:


PAGE VIEWS – 5,131,820

POSTS – 5,743


In addition, I’m a huge supporter of a site tracking software called Woopra. Woopra gives me live-stats on who is visiting by location, and allows me to see the search trends on the site as they happen. I would highly recommend getting on the Beta if you can.


For the first two years of the site, I used some of the free themes available at I would still recommend those themes to new bloggers. However, I wanted more coding stability and more features than could be provided by most of the standard themes available for free. In January 2011, we upgraded to a new premium WordPress web template on the Genesis Framework.  Business theme designer, Scott Ellis, is responsible for the refresh.

I’ve added some blog-specific widgets and tools, such as a Google Calendar and multiple WordPress plugins (see below) to add even more functionality to the template. I also continue to tinker with the layout as the mood strikes me.


This site is hosted on Synthesis WordPress hosting.