Comment Policy

Our community here at No Fact Zone is one of the biggest Colbert fan communities on the web, and as such, requires structure to help keep the members comfortable and the environment non-threatening. Please understand that we, the No Fact Zone Completists, take these guidelines with the spirit that any changes we make to the contributions made in the comments are for the health of the community.

We will continue to reserve the right to edit or delete comments as we see fit to preserve the integrity of the blog.

The Ten Commandments of the No Fact Zone community

1) Stephen is our pundit. We shall celebrate Stephen Colbert and Him only shall we adore

It’s always good to remember that the number one reason for our community is to sing the praises of Stephen Colbert, all praise and glory to his name, peace be upon him. Everything else we report, while to the interest of the community, is definitely not our primary directive.

2) Thou shall not take the name of Stephen Colbert in vain

Yes, there are lots of things to name, and lots of causes that need donations. However, we use every resource we can to support Stephen and his antics in the challenges he has set for us. We at No Fact Zone simply do not have time to participate in every naming contest, every charity, and every internet meme that comes along.

Also, it’s one thing to do something in the name of Stephen Colbert and the Colbert Nation because Stephen called it, and it’s another to take Stephen’s name in vain and say “I’m doing blah blah on behalf of the Colbert Nation.” We never presume to know what Stephen wants. The absolutely lovely thing about being a Stephen Colbert fan, though, is that if he wants us to do something, he has no qualms in telling us.

3) Remember to keep holy the evenings of Monday-Thursday from 11:25p-12a EST (gotta have that buffer in case there’s a toss.)

Once you’ve watched the show, come over to the site and talk to other Colbert fans about them in the nightly Episode Guide. Keep the focus on topic for these guides, and the community will continue to thrive every day as we discuss Stephen’s latest antics.

4) Honor your Completists and your Zoners

The most important asset we have is our community. Our site is nothing without you. When you comment, think about what you are going to post, and how it’s going to help contribute to the dialog going on about the subject at hand. Make each comment count towards making the conversation flow and expand.

We respect each of you, and ask that in return you act with respect and integrity. Be respectful of other’s opinions, even if you don’t agree with them. Also remember that the Completists all do this out of the kindness of their hearts and the passion of their fandom, and be gentle when you feel the need to address issues about the site.

5) Thou shall not troll

One of the things that sets us apart in both the ‘Colbert Report’ fandom, and apart from most fandoms in general is the fact that our community is a shiny, happy place. We get along, we support each other, and many of us have built real relationships that we’ve taken both away from the site in the internet tubes as well as meeting these special friends in real life.

That’s why running across a hateful, snotty, rude comment is so jarring. Because it simply doesn’t belong in the culture here that we’ve worked so hard to cultivate. If a comment is pointless or negative (i.e. “Hey, loser, get a life.” or “Colbert suxxx”), it goes away. We don’t allow cursing or excessive snarking in comments either. The cursing part is because I want everyone to feel comfortable, and it’s just easier to keep everyone’s tongue in check. Quite simply, we don’t tolerate abuse of any kind.

6) Thou shall not scoop the blog in its comments

We could not do this site without tips – we depend on each of you to help us. But please give the courtesy of clicking the “Contact Us” button at the top of the page and sending us those links so that if we are working on a post that we don’t have to modify our even scrap our post due to the frantic activity already happening in the comments. So be courteous to the Completists and other readers and send in tips instead of commenting them.

7) Thou shall not steal from other posts you’ve made on the Internet and post them here as well

We know how long it takes to write a long, involved and complicated taping report, or event review, or other writings in the fandom. However, many of the readers here also read the boards, and the LiveJournal boards, and the TWOP forums. If you post the exact same thing in our comments that you post in your LiveJournal, it dilutes the original content in your own blog, and also makes it difficult for these cross-platform fans to participate in your story.

Instead of reposting a report you’ve already posted somewhere else, write a comment about a specific, unique incident, or about the way a particular thing made you feel.

8) Thou shall not bear unverified witness against the show

We don’t publish rumors, and we will not allow rumors to sit idly in comments while readers comment and speculate on them. If there’s a story there, we can verify it, and we can get that story to our readers with full credit to the person who brought it to us. But we have not, nor will we ever, participate in rampant paparazzi and rumormonger behavior that permeate other fandoms. Because, quite frankly, we’re better than that.

9) Thou shall not speak irresponsibly of Stephen’s wife (or kids, or family, or anything else about his personal life)

Along the same lines as the above commandment, one of my objectives with this site is to treat the subject of Stephen Colbert with respect and dignity, and that includes protecting the privacy of Stephen and his family. On rare occasions, we do a post about his family, but for the most part we focus on his professional life while leaving his personal life private.

As Stephen said in a Q&A before a show once, be gentle on the internet – his mother has a computer and she knows how to Google.

10) Thou shall not covet other fandom member’s experiences

No one has “better” fan experiences than someone else. A fan who has just started watching the show last month is not any less of a fan than someone who has been watching ‘The Daily Show’ since 2000, or someone who has flown across the country, or across borders, to see a live show. Heck, DB founded this fan site and has only been to one taping of the ‘Colbert Report’!

It’s not how much money you have to fly, but how much passion you have in your heart that matters. And here, you are welcome to let your fandom flag fly!