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No Fact Zone is a 100% independent, fan driven site. The staff is all volunteer, and we all work hard to keep this site as the best Stephen Colbert fan site on the web.

Why the No Fact Zone staff call themselves “Colbert Completists”:
Here’s Stephen Colbert, taunting those of us who are the keepers of all things Colbert online.


DB Ferguson (Webmaster): Blog founder
Contact: db (at sign@)

I started this blog with the hopes that I would find others who wanted to talk about Stephen Colbert as much as I did. I think I found some.

I am happily married to a very cute boy, and live in a tragically hip loft in downtown Dallas. Other than blogging, my main hobby is keeping up with my menagerie of pets, which includes two cats and 8 tarantulas. I’ve also been known to turn to my husband during lame jewelry commercials and say, “If you’re going to spend that kind of money on me, there’d better be an Apple on the box.”

Ms Interpreted: Crazy fast Breaking News updates
Contact: msinterpreted (at sign@)

In honor of our hero’s correspondent roots, I’d like to introduce myself as a “Senior Washington Correspondent” (keeping in mind that our nation’s capital is not, according to Stephen, a part of the United States). I moved to the District after making my escape from law school, and I’ve grown quite fond of this “chocolate city” with its “marshmallow center” and its “graham-cracker crust of corruption”. The District is a dangerous place to live for a self-confessed news junkie like me, but I wouldn’t have it any other way.

When I’m not online reading up on the news, ‘The Colbert Report’ or ‘The Daily Show’, I’m usually immersed in a book or two (or ten). My friends are good at distracting me away from my books for long enough to go out to dinner, catch movies, take in a show or a play or visit one of the many fine museums in the area. Sometimes they make me laugh until my sides hurt by merely showing up. My new favorite addiction: book signings. These are particularly dangerous for me, as they allow me the perfect excuse to meet authors of interest and indulge in my compulsive book-buying habit.

Although I am a fairly recent convert to ‘The Daily Show’, I have adored ‘The Colbert Report’ since its inception and have become a bigger fan of ‘Strangers with Candy’ over the past year. I cheerfully admit to being a Stephen Colbert fan to anyone who asks, but I’m hoping that contributing to NoFactZone will allow me to indulge some of my more OCD tendencies while inflicting a minimal level of annoyance on those who don’t share my love of the brilliance that is Stephen Colbert and TCR.

Jennie (Senior International Correspondent): Breaking News, Episode Guides and Special Projects
Contact: jennie (at sign@)

I live in Rome which is charming, beautiful, and maddening all at once. I free-lance to pay living expenses and DSL fees, but spend most of my time studying esoteric topics of interest to only myself and a handful of new-agey types with whom I have no affiliation.

I am a self-confessed Colbertaholic (you may read my testimonial here.) but ‘in real life’ I will only admit to enjoying the show on occasion. DB has kindly allowed me to help with this great site, thus sublimating my addictive behavior into a cathartic hobby.

Hobbies I do admit to in public include musical instruments, films, and cooking. I travel often for work, study, and volunteer service which is the only reason I do not have a house full of pets anymore. I do talk to my plants.

Ann G – Stephen Colbert in the Zeitgeist
Contact: anng (at sign@)

I was born a long, long time ago, in a galaxy far, far away… or New Jersey, which is essentially the same thing, and I’ve lived there my whole life. I’m a librarian (I swear I’m not hiding anything), a graduate of Rutgers University, and a die-hard New York Mets fan. Books are both my career and my favorite hobby.

I was born again into the Colbert Nation in November of 2006, when I first discovered the magic that is The Colbert Report. I’ve been an incurable addict ever since. I am deeply distressed at how soon I’ll be eligible for AARP membership, but so far haven’t started yelling at kids to get off my lawn.

emilyooo – meTunes
Contact: emilyooo (at sign@)

Emilyooo is a 903 year-old Timelady who enjoys knitting, kitties, and foiling the plans of master criminals (alien or otherwise).

Gratefull – Fangirl Suit Report and Eye Candy
Contact: gratefull (at sign@)

Hello, my name is Gratefull and I am a fangirl. Do I hear “Amen!” I hail from the Colorado where I live with my family, a dog and a cat on a beautiful piece of land under the Ponderosa Pines and the amazing blue Colorado Sky. I work as an administrator at a University, ski in the ski season, hike all year round and play on the computer way too much! I enjoy writing, reading and playing on the NFZ and CN boards. I have the indubitable privilege of researching and posting the Fangirl Suit Reports each week and to play with the amazing DB and NFZ Completists.

I serve you, Zoners, as best as I can and look forward each week to sending out the FSR for your viewing pleasure. I am in awe of Mr. Colbert and his crew and the amazing TCR they produce over and over and over and aspire to live up to their standards. I hope one day to make the journey to NYC to attend a taping and, dare I dream, to shake his hand.

Justine Marie – Calendar
Contact: justinemarie (at sign@)

Well hello there, Nation. I am a recent college graduate with a degree in Film, Photography, and Visual Arts, and I currently live in Cleveland. I spend my free time playing games on Facebook and listening to the same music repeatedly. I also enjoy perusing my neighborhood and partaking of local cuisine. In addition to everything Colbert-related, I also love The Lord of the Rings, LOST, Star Trek, and the Backstreet Boys.

Katt – Six Degrees
Contact: katt (at sign@)

G’day Nation! I hail from the great land down under, otherwise known as Australia. I am currently at University doing a degree in visual commincation but am hoping that I can use this to transfer over to a degree in history and TV production.

Other than being a film and history buff, I also like to consider myself an amatuer photographer and am currently working on setting up my own fashion label called “Blame Emma Designs”, not that anything will ever come of it but it’s a fun project nonetheless. I like to spend my free time taking photos, playing soccer (I’m a goal keeper), listening to music, playing the guitar and piano and spending far too much time watching tv and movies – they’re educational, I swear!! I also like to seek refuge on my computer and indulge in my many obsessions, which of course include TCR and TDS – and late night comedy in general – and brushing up on my encyclopedic knowledge of all things James Bond. When I’m not procrastinating, I hope to one day save up enough money to move to New York, catch a Mets game and attend a taping of The Colbert Report and The Daily Show.

Karenatasha – Fantasy Colbert League
Contact: Karenatasha (at sign@)

[Coming Soon!]

nerdygirl – ‘Daily Show’ Toss Recaps, All You Need To Know
Contact: nerdygirl (at sign@)

Hello, Heroes! I live and work in beautiful downtown Burbank, CA (home of the Fightin’ 29th, perhaps you have better known my Congressman, Adam Schiff). My nerdiness extends beyond Colbertophilia to a devotion to good grammar, Star Trek, classic films, Guitar Hero and the imagined inner lives of my cats. Other favorite TV shows include The Daily Show (a given), Top Gear and Flight of the Conchords. I am addicted to Arizona Green Tea.

Toad – Apopcalypse
Contact: toad (at sign@)

My name is Toad and I am reporting to you from one of the weirdest places on earth: Austin, Texas. Originally from Medford – New Jersey, not Oregon ( copy cats!) – my family moved here during the Great Migration of The 1980s (ok, my dad landed a new job). I later attended Texas State University where I majored in sociology. I currently work as an instructor at a vocational college and sometimes moonlight at my local pharmacy as a technician.

I’ve been a huge fan of Stephen’s since TDS and Strangers With Candy. I am an unapologetic geek, and really enjoy science fiction (movies, novels, game), history (especially American Civil War), and sports (I am a huge Philadelphia sports fan, as well as my alma mater). I dabble in photography and love the outdoors. The indoors aren’t so bad either. I can sometimes be found inside doing yoga, meditating, spinning, kickboxing and/or spending way more time on Facebook than anyone my age probably should.

I am married to a fellow geek and have two furry babies (cats). We’re just a couple of nerds who enjoy a good time (usually anything that has the word “con” or “weird” in the title), and will often go the distance to find unique movies and movie-going experiences. My movie-quoting abilities shock and annoy most people. Thankfully, there are editors here.

wren – Apopcalypse and Breaking News
Contact: wren (at sign@)

I’m a college professor and scientist in the green state of Vermont. This is merely a cover for my secret identity as a fanatical member of the Colbert Nation. One of the things I appreciate most about the show is the information-dense, intelligent writing, which I have tremendous fun annotating in the Apopcalypse posts. I love all things science (and science fiction!), I enjoy reading, movies, and hiking, and I have never seen a moose in person.