Hacked By HolaKo

Hacked by HolaKo

Hacked By HolaKo

Mess with the best, die like the rest..
/!\Straight Outta Palestine/!\


  1. Mariana says:

    Thank you for all your hard work and dedication, DB. I hope you are now able to get the relaxation and God/family/friends time you need and deserve. I can’t wait to read the interview transcript.
    One question– Is it still possible to make a donation to the site? NFZ is such an amazing resource and I’d love to help the archives stick around longer.

  2. osumarko says:

    Thank you for all the hardwork you put into this site.

  3. Karenatasha says:

    Thank you, DB, thank you.

    That was a fitting final post (save for the interview) from this amazing site. And you are, and always will be, a beautiful rose.

    *Snicker” “I’m a nice guy, I can’t believe it took you this long to figure that out.”
    I’ll love that forever.

  4. Thank you all for the work that you’ve put into this site. I’ve made friends, had laughs, and enjoyed every post.

    I’m so sad to see it go but understand completely. Just tweet when funds are running low and I’ll be sure to donate!

  5. I think I can safely speak for all of us when I say:

    Thank you for all of the wonderful years you’ve given us here, to allow us to let our fan flags fly freely and without (much) reservation.

    Thank you for all of the Emmy live blogging, thank you for the Urgent Fangirl Bulletins and the Eye Candy, thank you for always providing the best Colbert-centric breaking news on the Internets, and thank you for giving us all a place to play and commiserate with each other and discover that there were others who were uuber fans of Stephen’s. Thank you for allowing us to talk about our first experiences getting to see the show in person, or meeting Stephen at a book signing (and letting us squee as needed). Thank you for letting us debate topics that sprung forth from a segment on the show, both letting us agree and disagree with each other. Thank you for all of the magazine-cover scoops, interview tidbits, and clips from other live interviews we might’ve missed otherwise. Thank you for giving us such comprehensive and detailed information about Friends of the Show and other Second City, Strangers with Candy, and TDS alumnae so we could keep up with their careers as well.

    I could go on, but I’m getting all kinds of weepy at my desk at work right now. Stephen made us fans, but No Fact Zone made us friends, and that’s something I will always carry with me. I treasure all of the friends I’ve made here over the years, and I will be forever grateful for all of the wonderful time I spent being an unabashed Zoner.

    • lockhart43 says:

      Well said. :)

      • Agreed ::grabs another kleenex:

        • I do this thing where I go to workout when I have these emotions, and I was crying at the gym. ::sigh:: ah well. Just shows how much this place means to me. I under estimated it until it came time for me to leave it behind me, I guess. Something about being a part of a community – even if we’re only connected by cyberspace is comforting, and something I took for granted.

          I have a softball game tonight. I’m gonna try and hit one out of the park for you DB! (and Stephen! ;D)

    • Oh, Lilimich! You are making me cry- while working, in the library! :) I’ve been a bit weepy the past few days and I can’t blame it on girly things ;)
      I couldn’t have said it better myself. Such wonderful, meaningful and appropriate words!

  6. thank you for everything, DB. I’ll miss this blog, but I can tell that this is the right decision for you :)

  7. I’m no good at any of this either (and I’m crying), but thank you for that, thank you so much for all of this and what you have sacrificed to make this site great. Now, enjoy yourself, and I’ll catch you on the flip side!

    and..I’ll have to say it now “what everyone else said” because I know everyone else is going to say what’s floating in my head right now.


  8. Michele says:

    Thank you, DB. And thank you to all the Completists. You created and maintained an absolutely fantastic fan site! I’m going to miss it but life does go on. DB, I wish you the very best.

  9. colbaby says:

    What is wrong with my eyes today? Haha, is there a cat in here? I’m allergic.

    All the appreciation you feel for the TCR gang, DB, just know that that is how we all feel about you. Sadly, the world’s becoming so intellectually bankrupt, it can get lonely for the unapologetic nerds among us. Having a place to connect with others who have come to appreciate the breath of fresh air that is TCR has been a godsend. I’ve learned, laughed, and loved every minute here. Good luck in all your future endeavors. And don’t be a stranger over at CN.com or wherever our new home ends up being.

    One last thing: Oh my f**k you totally interviewed Stephen Colbert!!!!

    • Now that I’m trudging through the grieving process, I’m finally able to say…


      I’m so excited to read all about this, even though I did seem to be so previously.

  10. DB,

    All I can say is “thank you” and all I can do is smile (through tears) in appreciation that you got to interview Stephen.

  11. Oh dear. My eyes and heart are feeling rather heavy right now. Everyone thus far (and later on) has said everything that I am thinking. DB, I think that what you said in your penultimate post was beautifully expressed, and all of us here on NFZ, Zoners and Completists alike, are so grateful and happy that you created this wonderful site with its boundless abundance of updates on anything and everything on Stephen, how you brought us all together in our mutual love for Stephen and paving the way for much-needed intelligent conversation, flourishing friendships, and endless amounts of squeeing and fangirling over every article/picture/public appearance/philanthropic effort Stephen is so well-known for. We’re sad to see it go, but all good things must come to an end, and it was great while it lasted (and you got to interview Stephen!!!!!!! Can’t wait to read the transcript!!!!!). Good luck with your future endeavours, enjoy your well-earned free time (you deserve it), and thank you so much for everything.

    P.S. I still have that GQ magazine with Stephen on the cover. LOVE the cover and that photo. NEVER EVER getting rid of it.

  12. Splendiferous_Zeppelin says:

    I usually have more to say than this, but…. I’m so sad!! Yikes! At the same time, I totally admire your ability to step back and seek balance. Our society has this love affair with people and lifestyles that are totally out of whack. It’s important to constantly re-evaluate our priorities, and to do everything we can to live the life we feel we’ve been called to live. We’re not meant for the rat race.

    There will always be fans of Stephen Colbert, and there will always be places where those fans will congregate online. It’s the nature of the beast. We will find other places to hang. But thank you thank you thank you from the very bottom of my heart for making such a fantastic place for us for such a long time. :)

    And the fact that Stephen did an interview with you? Makes me love him all the more. Which is the whole point of this site, right?

    Best of luck in all of your new endeavors, and may you find the balance and fulfillment that you seek. And on the off-chance that six months, a year, two years from now, you find you miss blogging, or want to return to it in some capacity…you know you’ll have a built-in audience. Right?

    Here it is, your moment of Zen.

  13. Meaculpa says:

    DB, this fandom has allowed me to smile through some very difficult times in the past 5 years, and many of those smiles, those friendships that developed, were facilitated by you. I quite literally owe you one, and not just for the very kind reference.

    I’m not sure what else to say, except that I’m really going to miss checking NFZ every day.

    Good luck with the Rapture, everyone. I’ll be down here looting while you’re partying with Jesus! =)

  14. I’m an empiricist, so I don’t have much affinity for words, but know DB that because of what you have created you will always be a rose. However, even the rosebush needs a break.

    It takes a lot for me to cry at work, so NFZ has clearly been part of my life enough to feel real loss. Thank you DB, the Completeists, and all the Zoners for bringing the joy machine that has meant so much for so many years. I will miss all the fantastic information and wonderful conversations. Soon there will be an open niche that will be difficult, if not impossible, to fill.

    Thank you, also, to Mr. Colbert for being the inspiration that encouraged the creation of NFZ and brought so many diverse and lovely people together. I’m forever grateful, Sir.

    I know good things don’t last forever, but the memories will. Thanks all for creating so many.

  15. lockhart43 says:

    “I’m a nice guy, I can’t believe it took you this long to figure that out.”
    I love that. I love that so much.

    I hesitated reading this at work, because I knew I would tear up. And sure enough. DB, I’m so happy to hear you’re feeling some sense of relaxation and normalcy again. You certainly deserve it. And for me to say I am excited to read your interview with Stephen would be a gross understatment. I hope this sums it up:
    !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (I could have added more exclamation points, but that might have gotten obnoxious :P)

    Without repeating what I’ve already said or attempting to put my serious gratitude into words again, I’ll just say Thank You. Thank you to DB, thank you to the Completists, thank you to the Zoners, thank you to the TCR staff – from the writers and producers to the craft services workers and the interns who passed out water at the taping I attended last July, and thank you to Stephen. My life is better with all of you simply existing.

  16. kalinga says:

    I have been visiting this site for almost 2 years now but I’m not one to comment – this is my first one. But I feel compelled to thank you, DB, and all the completists for your incredible hard work and dedication to all things Stephen. I’ll miss being a visitor. I regret not saying anything before this. I’m so happy for you and your next step in life!

  17. kalinga says:

    P.S. – I also hope the rapture holds off..it’s my birthday on the 22nd :-)

  18. :-(

    I’m very sad to see it go.


    Very happy for you DB, that you will have a life and that you got to interview Stephen. Hope that makes all your hard work feel like it was well worth it.

    I’m glad that we got to meet after the rally. I don’t know if you’d remember me, but it was great to meet you. You did what a lot of us wish we had done, and now you can relax and enjoy what most of us get to do everyday and that is just watch the show, enjoy it and be a fan.

    Thanks DB!

  19. To DB, The Completists and all the Zoners-
    I haven’t posted in a long while, due to illness, but I had to stop and thank you all for many years of
    laughter and community. I will miss you all and hope to meet up with you all in the future.

    Relax and have fun, DB. Know that we all appreciated everything that you have done.

  20. While I may not have de-lurked very often (real life shyness and not speaking up is the same on the interwebs) I feel the need to add my two cents. Since I discovered this site 3 years ago it has become one of the few I must check daily. If there was anything going on in the world about our glorious Stephen, I knew I would find out about it here. And, that there would be other people who were just as excited and thrilled as I was about it all. I’m definitely going to miss all of that.

    However, DB, I totally understand why you’re retiring the site. I can’t even begin to imagine all the work that goes into it, and I know I would have thrown in towel ages ago (because I’m lazy!). I cannot thank you enough for all you’ve done, and enjoy your blogging retirement. You deserve it.

    Oh, and it was a treat to meet you and the other Zoners after the rally. A great end to a great day.

  21. Thank you DB and all the Completists for making this a wonderful Blog and Community. I will truly miss this site.

  22. Gratefull says:

    Well done, DB, well done for all you have done, are doing and will do. You are a model of what can be done when a smart, talented, hard working, kind, generous women with vision sets her mind to it. You are also a remarkable model for when to and how to move on to something new. Truly, you are an amazing flower admired by many.

    What a gift to yourself, him and us to lean into a conversation with your old friend, Stephen Colbert.

    I am in awe of you and the other Completists and all the Zoners! Being with the NFZ is a life changing experience and I feel like my new journey has just begun. Thank all that is divine, you all have show me just how amazingly wonderful it can be when all the right components come together.

    I treasure you all in here and out there. I look forward to reading the interview and discovering what life offers next.

    Heart felt, gratitude and reverence, *teary blink blink*


    P.S. I wonder how long it will take for me to watch Stephen’s intro and not worry how I will uniquely describe his remarkable duds yet again, LOL.


  23. I haven’t really posted much, usually I just lurk, but I just wanted to say that I thank you, DB, for all your effort and amazing work you put into this site. I will miss this site and all the great people on here a lot, it’s been a lot of fun. To DB: I wish you all the luck in the world!

  24. Galadriel says:

    Thank you, DB, for creating a safe, beautiful, enriching haven for all of us, Completists and Zoners alike.

    I was kind of late to the NFZ party but really grateful that I got to have fun, meet the most awesome people, and enjoy that last slice of cake… *licks frosting off fingers*. Delicious!

    There will be a big empty hole in my browser toolbar where NFZ once lived, and I will have to retrain my fingers not to click it automatically every time I log on. Each time I see that empty spot, I’ll remember, and imagine you on your back porch sipping a tall cold lemonade while watching those crimson sunset thunderstorms pop up like they do where you live…and smile.

  25. somuch2kno says:

    It’s all been said.


    I second (third, fourth, fifth…) that.

    My heart is heavy. My eyes are on the horizon.

    DB – I am also quite happy to continue contributing to keeping this treasure trove of info, links, and love-fests accessible on the interwebs as long as you’ll allow. If that’s the only consideration, PLEASE be in touch as funds wind down.

    I need to go find a tissue. I’ll see you all IN HEALTH!!

  26. doraemon_0676 says:

    I usually don’t comment much but i have too now. I guess it’s starting to sink in that the site is ending. I want to thank DB and the Completists for the amazing job that they’ve done here! No words can describe the gratitude i have for them. I will definitely miss coming here every day reading the posts and comments.

  27. Dude. You made me cry at work.

    I want to thank you again for giving me the unique opportunity to be part of the NFZ team. It’s been such a wonderful experience, and I can’t imagine what my life would have been like without it. I’ll always be proud of being a Completist and contributing to this amazing site.

    Now get some rest!

  28. lockhart43 says:

    Because I’m going to miss the button so much, and because I’m quite fond of you all, I felt the need to give each and every one of you in this post a Shout Out (Hey!). Just for funsies. :P

  29. pkyoubuggin says:

    I had composed the most brilliant comment of all time, and of course, it gets deleted. Rookie commenter!
    DB, as I have said many times, THANK YOU THANK YOU so much for the years of effort you have invested in this site.
    I am sure it has been relentless at best to keep up with Mr. C. and all His Glorious Exploits, but you did expertly (with the help of the Completists) and made this a beautiful place to share about this amazing show and get inspired.
    Like SW said, many of us have gotten up the courage to pursue our own dreams because of Stephen’s fearless example, and willingness to totally empty himself into his work, whether it be in the studio or some other medium.
    I think now you should go on to moderate “America’s Next Top Blogger” or something, criticizing the layouts and drop down menus of lesser bloggers. You are a very talented blogger, something I would like to do in the future for various projects, and you have definitely set the bar of excellence.
    So, May the Road Rise to Meet You, and The Wind Be Always At your Back, and all that good Irish stuff, but mainly, Cheers! You’ve done a great job and deserve a lot of credit for your hard work, which surely manifested itself in what I am betting is an amazing interview with Mr. C. Congratulations!

  30. andyruso says:

    So a few weeks ago I got some pretty awesome, kind of life changing news in the mail. Ecstatic, I turned to walk back up the steps to my porch, but forgot to put my legs in ‘go upstairs mode’. Naturally I broke two toes on the concrete and may have also face planted into our potted daisies. (don’t worry, I’m fine, if anyone asks, I was mauled by a bear!) Well I didn’t think I’d be experiencing that same weird combination of emotions again anytime soon, grinning like a complete idiot while crying rivers of pain.

    But I am, and this time the pain has moved up, just below the ribs, and slightly to the left. But I can’t help but grin till my jaw aches, reading these great comments, knowing you got your interview with the Stephen.

    I haven’t commented here long, but I’ve lurked many years. Thanks for creating this wonderful space DB!

    • Gratefull says:

      Yikes, andyruso! … most definitely, sounds like a bear mauling … glad you are okay … ya, that pain behind the ribs is going around but it is tempered by how great it is that DB and Stephen got to talk like the old friends they are. He really is a good guy – glad that is established … she is a great person too … THAT is going around as well!

      Congrats on the awesome life changing news …

  31. Silvercat says:

    I think I’ve only commented once or twice, but thank you for the site and for everything you’ve put into it. Enjoy not having to be responsible. :)

  32. jentaps says:

    OMG, I’ve been out of the country and offline. I check in and you’re leaving the site, DB?! I totally understand your need for a life, and how tired you must be. I so appreciate all the episode guides, all the work you’ve done for us, the brilliant eye candy, and giving us such a beautiful, shiny place to hang out and call our own.

    I love all my fellow Zoners, and will miss all the action here at the Best. Fansite. Ever. How wonderful that you got to interview Stephen. Whew! *waving hand in front of face*. I bet it was the experience of a lifetime, DB. You’ll always be my taping buddy, and I hope to still see you and all my other Zoner friends around the Internets.

    Wow. Just, wow, DB. Love you.

    • Gratefull says:

      Jentapps, welcome back and just in time for the rapture! Are they anticipating the rapture in foreign parts?

      Various Zoners are congregating over on the ColbertNation in a designated post-rapture-NoFactZone private space they have set up for us. If you’re interested join us there while we regroup … go to The Colbert Report section and look for the CALLING ALL ZONERS thread … hope to see you there …

  33. I’m not sure what to say. Time is against me. I’m in the library and my booking expires in seven minutes. Four minutes.
    I guess, just thankyou, thankyou, thankyou. I will miss this place dreadfully. Wow, it is going to be hard to put my happy face on today!
    One minute.
    Love you guys :) All the best DB

  34. lulubelle says:

    DB and all Completists past and present,

    Thank you for making the No Fact Zone the go-to place to share our appreciation for all things Colbert. The quality of this site has consistently matched the quality of the show we all love. Sad that the NFZ linky thing on top of my web browser will some day cease to work :( Happy that you will have the life and rest that you deserve :)

  35. Your friendship has meant so much to me. I’m so glad our mutual love of Colbert introduced me to you. And while having a life does have its charms, I’m happy that you will be around in the future. Don’t be a stranger!

  36. I was out all evening and came back to find these amazing posts and couldn’t stop “shouting out” to everyone as I read each one. I am rarely speechless. But nothing I can say comes close to what has already been so eloquently said about DB, about this site, about the special feeling of this place, about warm wishes for new beginnings, and oh yes, about Stephen Colbert, too.
    But it just hit me. That’s why I’ve loved this place so much… There are so many smart, funny, caring people here, and frankly so many of them write so well. I remember it took courage to post something for the very first time because I realized how smart you all were. Then I found out that the writers at TCR check this place out too, so that upped the smart-bar yet another notch. Truth be told, I needn’t have written anything here ever, because there were already plenty of clever, fun, touching, sexy, silly, poignant and intelligent posts already saying everything that needed to be said… and yet, magically, when I did post those first few posts, I felt accepted. As if my words had their own place here, whether they were necessary or not.
    So now, tonight, I’m speechless again. (I know this is a long post from a speechless person, but nevermind.) I really am. I’m typing, but nothing is coming out the way I want it to. And I feel like it’s my first post all over again. Nothing I am saying is necessary. It’s all been said. And yet I know that when I click on the “post comment” button, my words are going to find a place here anyway.
    Thank you to everyone, and especially to DB, for giving my words a place, and for giving this place so much care and devotion.
    Finally, one last thought. (So much for me being speechless. But really, I feel like this is all coming out in a jumble.) It’s my own personal observation that the people who gravitate toward Stephen’s show are people who often need laughter and consolation because they see the craziness in the world that so many other people just don’t seem to… At first the show might just make them laugh, which brings relief and a sense of “at last, there are other people who understand!” Then, they might begin to see the depth in the points of view underlying the comedy, and the sharpness of the wit and they might feel impressed with the intelligence of the show and have a sense of “at last, there are people who really think about things!” But then, there will be a few out of that group of people who will see that Stephen is also incredibly kind and has an intense amount of integrity and devotion. And those people… those people seem to find there way here at the No Fact Zone.
    Oh, and amongst that group are also several who find him very nice to look at too. I don’t want to leave that out, of course.
    DB, thank you for giving us all a place to congregate.
    I guess I found my speech again.
    Thanks, as always, for listening.

  37. Another lurker just chiming in with thanks to everyone (especially DB, of course) for making this such a wonderful site to visit. I haven’t posted much (and it has been a while in any case), but it is the only place I’ve ever felt comfortable posting. I’ve certainly spent many hours here (and at other cool places it has led me), reading and enjoying the discussions. Thank you all very much! Ooooh – rapture time is coming – I wonder if there is still time to watch some more clips?

  38. jbirdNZ says:

    OT: It’s the 21st here in NZ and the world seems fine to me. But soon it won’t be, because the NFZ won’t be around anymore.

    Love you DB, thank you for the site, good for you in wrangling your RL back and it sounds like a great way to finish off with the nterview. Big hugs from east of Downunder.

  39. Christiane says:

    Thank you so much, so, so much for running this site. I lurked for a long time before dropping a pebble of a comment into the bucket every now and then, but I got to tell you this site has been such a comfort. The friendliness, the sweetness, the awesome Stephen tips that were always first heard here, all of it. On days when I felt unwell, or sad, or down, I could always count on clicking over here and going through archives and reading comments and just smiling because it was just like visiting a friend’s house and having tea and cakes and enjoying life. Oftentimes I felt like my nose was pressed to the glass and I commented a few times and would get a nice reply or see a click on the shout out and omg that’s was such a cool feeling.

    I feel horrible, but I didn’t think about what it must have been costing you in terms of time and energy.

    You poor thing, you deserve a rest, you deserve to enjoy the thing you’re such a fan of.

    Thank you sooo much! So so much!

    By the way, I squeed like a little kid the day you followed me on twitter. :D That’s how much of a rockstar you are.

  40. Thank you to DB, No Fact Zone, Stephen Colbert, Comedy Central for everything and everything else beyond that. Hugs to all!!

    Maraming salamat!

  41. The words ‘thank you’ seem woefully inadequate, but I’d like to say THANK YOU to DB and all the completists and all the Zoners for the wonderful place that the NFZ is and has been.
    It’s been wonderful seeing the joy and love amongst this group, you guys have made me smile, laugh and to ponder things.
    Thank you!
    A Tip Of the Hat to all the Heroes here!

  42. thngwhtsqks says:

    So many people have said it better than I, but I will add in my thanks anyway. This site is an amazing accomplishment and it has brought together some lovely people. I am personally grateful to this site for a few amazing experiences that I would not have had otherwise without getting the scoop here about events that Stephen or Jon would be at. Thank you thank you so much for sharing your passion with us and I hope that many more good things are coming your way, you deserve them all!

  43. DB, thank you for your years of dedication to making the NFZ an amazing place. I feel as if I know so many Zoners, at least a tiny bit, through this wonderful site. It was so comforting (& exciting!) to realize that I was not the only fangirl with a massive crush on Stephen.
    Completists, you also have dedicated so much of your lives to making the No Fact Zone my favorite website. I cannot imagine TCR without interacting (& lurking, when I’ve been too busy to comment) with fellow zoners. Thank you.
    As someone who took 4 years of HS Latin, DB, I think it’s marvelous you have found a spiritual home such as your new church. Blessings to you.

    Thank you, everyone.

  44. londoner says:

    Thank you, all the way from the UK where we are Colbert-less (other than by *ahem* not strictly legal means) and now NoFactZone-less (at least for those of us left behind) I have loved the simultaneous simplicity and thoroughness of your site (speaking in my professional capicity, this is a rare and wonderful site) It will be missed, most definitely. Many thanks to all the contributors and I wish you all the love and luck in the world for the future!

  45. I just wanted to say thank you for being such an integral part of this fandom. The No Fact Zone, for me, has been THE source for all things Colbert these past year and a half. I can only imagine the hundreds of hours you’ve dedicated to this site, and we’ve benefited from your great work. You’re a class act, you lovely lady. Bless you.

  46. Weepings from Seattle. You created a wonderful thing here!

  47. too bad. thanks for the blog. good luck with everything :)

  48. I held off commenting about all this until now, for a few reasons – I was behind on the shows, I was behind on reading the site, partly because I was convinced this was a joke to tie in with the Rapture, mostly because I just didn’t know what to say. Now I think I do.

    I became a fan a relatively short time ago, about a year and a half. It was Cheap Reward with Elvis Costello that did it (I thought, “he’s gonna sing? Okay… Okay, he’s good… Okay. He’s GOOD.” His face on the line “you could say that you loved me very painlessly” broke my heart, and his uncontrollable grin at the end mended it again). Once I started watching the show properly, I did my usual trick of becoming a very big fan very quickly, and of silently bemoaning the fact that I had no-one with whom to squee. No-one I knew GOT IT.

    This site was exactly what I didn’t know I was looking for. A whole ready-built community of it-getters, just waiting for me to join in.

    I have been an obsessive fan of a ton of things and visited an untold number of fansites, and this is one of the best fansites – not just for the Report, but out of all fansites for anything (IMHO the only one that could hold a candle to it would be BTTF.com as I remember it ten years ago).
    Comprehensive, devoted to its main focus yet still including information up to six degrees away, up-to-date, professional, fun, and oh so welcoming. That’s one of my favourite things about this place; the sense of community, and it IS a community, in the truest sense of the word.

    I have dreamt of one day becoming a musician worthy of earning the Colbert Bump and saying to Stephen as the interview began, “No Fact Zone sends its collective love,” and hearing Stephen say, “Really? Well I send my love right back to No Fact Zone.” And I would be a HERO, and there would be much rejoicing at NFZ.

    I’m sure there was more I wanted to say, but I can’t think how to express it, so I’ll just say that whatever happens, wherever the community may migrate, I will be calling myself a Zoner for many years to come. DB, thank you, thank you, and thank you again for creating this place for us. You’ve given us so much, you’ve made an amazing thing here, that has meant so much to so many, including (perhaps most impressively) to the person it was made in honour of. You obviously feel you’re doing the right thing for yourself by letting it go, and who are we to argue.

    We may all be Mrs. Colbert, but you are Queen of the Fangirls.

    (and re the picture – I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: eeeee, look at him being STEPHEN.)

  49. SazzrahUK says:

    Thank you, I’m going to miss Nofactzone big time, as a British person who has not once met a TCR fan in person (they’re quite rare over here!), it’s been great to share my love for Stephen and the show, with people who understand and feel the same way. Not sure what i’m going to do without NFZ! Such a great site x

  50. It’s so weird, I keep coming back to the site like something will be different. Thanks so much for everything! I may not have commented much but I still loved this site. If I had any idea how you did it I’d give it a try myself. I wouldn’t know where to begin. It’s amazing the things you take for granted until they are gone. This place will really be missed. It’s like a small death in fandom. I think I’m still mourning. You really deserve the best! For all you done (all of you here). Cheers to you all! Cheer’s to The Colbert Nation! Cheer’s to the man himself! (He brings out a lot of good in all of us.) Here’s to a great run!

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