Keeping in touch with our Zoner family

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  1. For folks interested in the more academic and geeky stuff on both The Daily Show and The Colbert Report, there is a LJ community: tds_tcr_academe. It’s been dead for a while, but it wouldn’t take much for the community to start back up.

    Yours truly is the owner and primary mod, although the lovely young woman who runs ColbertPics was a heavy contributor once upon a time, as well.

  2. Well, I guess I’ll dive right in. I’d love to be contacted by other Zoners after the rapture. My ColbertNation name is Susan WJ. You can email me at Some of you have already contacted me on ColbertNation, and it is much appreciated.

    Katt and Toad, please send out the word if you do in fact create a site or LiveJournal community!

    Thanks, DB, for creating a message board for us to exchange information. That original post about the rapture had so many hundreds of responses, it was getting hard to keep track of them all!

  3. What about using a listserv/group to keep in touch (google groups/yahoo groups/etc), until the community decides on a consensus place to go? It also would eliminate the need for everyone to type their emails here in public for spammers to get ahold of.

    • Karenatasha says:

      Great idea.

      Almost no one has sent me their address, so that’s obviously not going to be the place. It looks, however, as if there will be several options.

  4. True. I knew I was taking a risk there. Stay away spammers! This is for Zoners only!

  5. lockhart43 says:

    There have not been enough hours in the day this week for me to do everything I had intended, so I apologize for not engaging in the “where do we go from here?” discussion for the past few days. I do have an LJ account, under the same username lockhart43, so anyone can feel free to add me! I will also be getting an account on the CN boards soon. Anything to keep in touch with you beautiful people :)

    Karenatasha, I will also email you soon so that you have my contact info and email address (DB has it already).

    • I am sweeneytoad on Colbert Nation and LJ, that is also my email at (@) if you want to contact me about getting anything going.

    • Karenatasha says:

      Lockhart, I haven’t really done Live Journal. What do I have to do?

    • Karenatasha says:

      Lockhart, I’m on as Karenatasha now.

      • I’m at work, so I can only be reasonably bad (e.g., checking NFZ from time to time), but won’t be able to open a LJ account until tonight or tomorrow. I will plan to use my ColbertNation name though, Susan WJ, so I hope you will all stay in touch with me there, as well as at ColbertNation… Or wherever you all may roam!

      • lockhart43 says:

        Karenatasha, I added you :)

  6. I posted about this elsewhere here at NFZ before I saw this entry.
    The NFZ “Zoners-only” Alumni board at Colbert Nation is now up and running for you all to use as you would like.
    See the “Calling All Zoners” thread in the TCR section for details on how to access this NFZ subforum.

    • Karenatasha says:

      Truthi, I’m having trouble with it. It keeps loading and reloading, and every time I scroll down it jumps back up to the top again.

      • Hmmm, which browser are you using?

        • Thanks Roland!
          It just occured to me that people completely new to the Nation site might have a hard time finding the thread I referred to and I came back here to post the links but you got it covered :)

        • No problem. I had no problem finding the thread.. but did take a while to find the register function. There really should be a link in the to register/login. I couldn’t find either of those options (i went directly to forums.colbertnation not the community.colbertnation) quickly.

          Thanks for putting this together for us.

        • There is Log in and Sign Up functions at the top right of the forums, in the black bar that runs along the top of the page. However, some people have reported this does not show up for them and the black bar is blank.
          There was a remedy but I can’t remember what it is right now, it’s posted somewhere that I’ll try to find. It mostly happens with Firefox.
          Arrow, if you see this, I believe I remember you telling someone how to fix this in FF once yes?

  7. Karenatasha says:

    But I don’t see how to post anything–there’s no button or way for me to ask to join….

  8. Christiane says:

    Woot I’ll be tracking y’all down on LJ and Colbertnation! :D For anyone interested I’m Dazedpuckbunny on LJ, Twitter, and Colbertnation.

  9. Yay!!! I’m now an NFZ Fangirl!!! :) I’m Anais (with an umlaut (2 dots) over the “i” in my name) on ColbertNation and hplover7 on LJ if you want to find me!

    • P.S. Whoever has already put down their LJ name, I’ve just added you all! :)

      • Okay. Here’s my clearly-I-only-speak-one-language and I’m-not-a-computer-person question. How do I get the umlaut over the “i?” I hope you don’t mind that I’ve been writing to you umlaut-less.

        • Oh, don’t worry about not adding the umlaut! Sometimes when I’ve tried to type the umlaut in my name on certain websites online, either they won’t let me or once my name has been accepted, their system doesn’t recognize the umlaut and my name ends up having funny symbols in place of it (example: Ana%&s. Hey, with a unique name like mine, you come up against all kinds of wacky spellings), so most of the time I do without it (except when I handwrite my name, of course). When I joined NFZ, I decided to play it safe and make my name umlaut-less to save myself some hassle. On CN, I actually signed up by syncing my Facebook account with CN, which is why you’re seeing my Facebook profile pic and somehow it’s fine with keeping the umlaut in my name. But if I do want to put in the umlaut and it will be accepted, I do it the old-fashioned way because the short cut isn’t possible on my laptop. I just go to Start, All Programs, Accessories, System Tools, and Character Map. The letters with symbols over them are in alphabetical order, so just go to the “i” section and you’ll find the “i” with an umlaut (a.k.a. Latin small letter i with diaeresis).

        • lockhart43 says:

          Whenever I need to use one or another character symbol, I either do it the way Anais explained, or if I’m lazy, I just google the word (umlaut-less), and copy and paste the character or full word.

  10. somuch2kno says:

    I think I’m all hooked up over at CN; still somuch2kno. I look forward to continuing the joy over in the new digs (she says as she still looks fondly around the homestead while she can).

    Long live No Fact Zone!

  11. Here’s my info:

    luvtcr on the CN Boards
    @shellichelle on the Twitter
    shellichelle on LJ ( just joined)

    Eventually I will sync up my online identities ;)
    Funny story, I signed up for a CN account tonight under shellichelle but then remembered I had joined a while ago (2 years!) and forgot my log in so for a brief time tonight I had two accounts w/ each name. Deleted the newer one. Ugh, technology!

    See you all wherever!

  12. TruthPower says:

    I’ll just make a short post here because I should be sleeping. Does this mean there will be NO more NofactZone period? What is happening here?

    • Here is DB’s post:

      The short answer is yes–no more NoFactZone updates after tomorrow I believe.

      It looks like the domain will expire July 12 of this year, so at the very latest the site will no longer exist then.. but its possible that the site could go down before then depending on what DB has worked out with the company who is hosting the site.

      • Is there any way to copy information from NFZ archives into our own personal computer files if we really like and/or want to remember something?

        • If that is even feasibly possible, then that would be dangerous for me because then I’ll want to save EVERY LITTLE THING from NFZ, from start to finish, at which point my hard drive would explode.

        • Well I’m trying something now; I hope DB and her webhost doesn’t mind. I would suggest not doing any archiving of your own and if I’m successful and DB gives permission I can upload the file for ya’ll to download from a 3rd party so it does not put any more strain on nofactzone’s resources.

    • colbaby says:

      DB’s closing up shop. We’re in the final days of NFZ. BUT, she scored an interview with the man himself, Stephen Colbert, that should be posted shortly. What a way to go out!

  13. doraemon_0676 says:

    Hi guys, i’d love to keep in touch with you guys even though i wasn’t very active in commenting here. Feel free to add me.

    I’m doraemon_2000 on LJ

    doraemon_0676 on Twitter and the CN boards.

  14. colbaby says:

    I’m Mel over at (Just joined.)
    And melcox212 on the Twitter. (Just joined that, too. See what I do for you people?)

    I’m also on Facebook, though I’m not very active on my account. But I’d be willing to change that. I’ll shoot Karenatasha a message with my email and facebook info if anyone wants it.

  15. somuch2kno says:

    Can someone tell me if there’s any good reason to join LJ? No disrespect intended, but I’m trying to decide if it’s worth adding yet another site that I’ll need to slavishly check. I’ve signed up at CN; I refuse to get a Twitter account; and I struggle with jetisoning my FB account every day. I’ll trust you guys if you tell me it’s worth it.

    I have to mention that the countdown clock is starting to get me agitated. And yet, at the same time, I think I need to be back here by 11:55 tonight as it runs out.

    • lockhart43 says:

      Regarding the rapture countdown clock – I think I heard somewhere that the end time is actually tomorrow at 7pm, so we’ve still got a little time. :)

      And if you don’t feel like getting an LJ account right away, don’t feel pressured. Starting an LJ community is just an idea that’s being thrown about. Once everyone gets acclimated over at CN, there might not be a need for one; but if the majority still wants one, it can definitely happen. For now though, LJ is useful for those people who have an LJ account who want an extra way to keep in touch.

      • somuch2kno says:

        Thanks, lockhart43! Silly me, I seem to have gotten an LJ account years ago and forgotten about it. I’m hoping the CN option, or one of the other proposed blogs, works out. Since I’ve gone without using it this long, I can probably stand forgetting about it for another few years. ;-)

  16. I’m on Colbert Nation as W&M_NU.
    I’m not sure I’ll be joining LJ, but if I do, I’ll keep the same handle. I’m still refusing to get a Twitter account – too much of a “clock go bbler” I’m afraid.
    I hope to see you over at CN!

    Thanks again for everything DB and the Completists, I’ll miss you.

  17. Hi Everyone,

    I’ve been a lurker for some time, but the thought of losing my Zoner family just breaks my heart something awful. So I’m @Lilimich on Twitter and on the message boards.

    Please find me. I’ll reach out and find you… I don’t want to lose you guys. *sniffle*

  18. I can best be reached at Having issues with my gmail account. Another sign of the appocalypse.

  19. I’m marleygirl84 on the CN boards….I mostly stay in the fangirl section, but now that there is a Zoner alumni section, I’ll probably go there too.

    I have a livejournal account too, bettyblueeyes.

  20. I definitely want to stay in the Zoner loop! So here’s where you can find me:

    @anngetty on Twitter (or just click on my name above, the link is for my Twitter account)

    I’m alien_ceilidh on LJ. I’m not really active there, but I’d join a group if there is one.

    I have an account over at CN, but it’s under another name and I’m not sure I want to keep going under that identity. I’ll figure it out later when I have time. But I will definitely find my way over there eventually.

  21. I am in the process of starting up a new Colbert centric blog similar to NFZ. It will feature the latest news updates, and regular posts similar in nature to those of NFZ. A number of the current Completists will be staffing the blog, and we will be introducing some new exciting posts and features over the coming weeks and months. I am also hoping to incorporate a media archive similar to the old Colbert University site, but that will be a work in progress.

    I am hoping to get the basic’s of the blog set up over the weekend, and start posting new content (especially anything that comes in on Stephen’s trip to Bermuda) on Monday.

    If you are interested in helping out with the blog, whether it be full time, part time or sometime, expert or beginner blogger, please contact me at:

    The working title of the blog is “Colbert News Hub”, and will remain so until we can think of something catchy, imaginative and Colbert related. If you have any suggests please feel free to comment or email them to me.

    I look forward to seeing you all there, and hope that I and my fellow staff can create a great new Colbert community for you all to be apart of.

    You can also keep in contact with me via Twitter @Katt_25

    • lockhart43 says:

      Katt, I don’t know if you realize how happy you’ve just made me! I can’t wait for this! And with the the new forum set up on CN (which I will happily remain to be a part of after this is all set up), us Zoners will have TWO new homes. The door that is NFZ may be closing, but it would appear that two windows will be opened.

    • colbaby says:

      Oh hell yes. I like the sound of this. This is the kind of post/announcement I’ve been hoping for.

    • Thank you thank you thank you, Katt!! You just made my spirits rise! :) I can’t WAIT for this to become reality! And lockhart43, that metaphor of yours about NFZ closing its doors for good but the new CN NFZ Forum + this eventual new blog home for all Zoners as open windows towards a new beginning is SO appropriate! I couldn’t agree more!

    • That’s fantastic Katt. Thank you!

    • Yay! That’s great news. Thanks!

    • pkyoubuggin says:

      I was trying to start up a blog, but had trouble with the layout on typepad, so I just tabled the idea, but I wanted to call it colberts the word dot com. Is wordpress better as hosting site? I am not horribly familiar with it. Thank you Katt for keeping the torch going, I know you are a great fan! I look forward to supporting you.

      • pkyoubuggin says:

        I had an idea for some segments…instead of “Klassic Kolbert,” I would call it “Again, a Look Back.” I would love to do epi guide or something, if you would like. So exciting! There’s a happening, happening!

    • Arkadina says:

      YES! I like it, Katt. I like it a lot.

      But in the meantime…
      CN: Arkadina
      LJ: arkadina_x [just added several of you]
      Twitter: ArkadinaX

  22. YES!!!! YES!!!! YES!!!!

    • Arkadina says:

      I’ll have what you’re having….!

      • I was thinking, “Katt and other Completists are going to create another site?”… So THIS is the rapture! Only it’s for it-getters!
        Well, and yes I was also having some sort of Colbertgasm, it’s true.

  23. I went ahead and made up an alumni group at LJ

    It’s very barebones, I just started it, but if you wish to join and contribute, feel free. I am sweeneytoad on LJ.

  24. Arkadina says:

    I got the last post before the clock ran out, with two seconds to go…

    *looks around*

    Now what?


    Hello? Is there anybody there?

    *blinks again and shrugs*

    I’m going to make a coffee….

    • Karenatasha says:

      Coffee? Did someone say coffee? I’m still here. Trust me…I’m NOT getting beamed up in the Rapture!

      • Arkadina says:

        And bagels!

        I refuse to be beamed too. The only beams I’m going to be experiencing today is this warm morning sunshine…

        • I have two thoughts. First, I am jealous that you’re having warm sunshine because we haven’t seen that yellow object in the sky in New York for several days. Although apropos of the rapture, I hear tomorrow will be sunny. Second… You can get bagels in Dubai?
          Sunshine and bagels. Put up that pot of coffee. I’m coming over.
          If only.

        • Karenatasha says:

          Well, then the Rapture must have happened, because that sounds like heaven!

          Yes, sunshine. I remember it well, from when I was a small child.

        • Ugh. Of all dates to have to work on Saturday. I have to work one Saturday every 3 months or so, and this is it. I must go to sleep. But my eyes want to stay open so as not to miss one more moment of this. Karenatasha, I look forward to seeing you on Sunday — Hope we’re still on…
          Yes, sunshine and bagels sounds divine. All those poor raptured people don’t know what they’re missing.
          Okay. Sleep now. See you all somewhere soon.

    • *waves* Hi guys! I especially got up at 5:45am (on a Saturday…before I have my 3 hour French written exam later in the afternoon…) just to read all new comments for anything and give Shout-Outs (Hey!) to every one of them as well as watch the time clock run out. AAAAAAND…nothing. I’m going back to sleep for another couple of hours. *goes back under the covers*

      • Hey, you only missed me by one minute! Wait. It’s 12:28 NY time. And I’m still posting on No Fact Zone. Have I been raptured or left behind?

        • Arkadina says:

          You’ve been left behind with the rest of us sinners….now we can take over the planet

          [And why yes, we have bagels in Dubai! I know because I got a bag of ’em from a place called Bagels & More. And we have around 350 sunshine days a year. I’m prepared to give up a few and send them over, if you’d like….]

      • Karenatasha says:

        Bonjour…et bonne nuit, Anais! J’espere que tu fasses bien sur ton examen.

        SW: I think the rapture’s meant to occur later in the day. But I still expect to meet you tomorrow!

        • Merci, Karenatasha! Je suis inquiete, mais meme si je ferai la moyenne de l’examen, je pense que cela sera bien.

  25. I’m @halfloves on Twitter, as my screen name is too long, so I had to cut it. My email add is my screen name

    Do keep in touch, all of you brilliant, lovely, fabulous people.

    Hugs to all!!

    P.S. My birthday’s coming up (June 21, to be exact), so I’d love it if I could get postcards from my Zoners. Please e-mail me and I’ll send you my address. Thanks!! :D I’ll send postcards on your birthdays, too! :D

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