Episode 7067 (5/18/2011) – Austan Goolsbee

Colbert Report Episode Guide 150pxEPISODE NUMBER: 7067 (May 18, 2011)
GUESTS: Pander-tron 8000, Austan Goolsbee
SEGMENTS: Osama bin Laden’s Replacement, Tip/Wag – Ohio Legislature & Facebook, Breaking Newt – Pander-tron 8000
VIDEOS: Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Be sure to check out the web exclusive and unedited Austan Goolsbee Extended Interview Parts 1, 2, and 3. I definitely have to see that toilet everyone’s talking about!

I can’t say anything about the rest of the episode because colbertnation.com appears to be reeeeeallllly busy right now. I’ll have to catch the rest of the show later. Meanwhile, tell me what I missed in the comments below!

Osama bin Laden's

al Qaeda's Casual Friday Denim Jacket


  1. Gratefull says:

    Soo glad that they are posting the full 16 minutes on the interwebs. Love the energy between Stephen and Austan. Austan lists improv as one of his interests and the way he “Yes, and”-ed the “five words or less” challenge shows he leans in to play the game and still communicated really valuable information on point … so great, just so great!

  2. colbaby says:

    I love the idea of Stephen’s wife saying, “Bring me home some raw footage of Austan Goolsbee.”

  3. Mr. Arkadin says:

    I was floored that in pt. 3 of the extended interview, Goolsbee wouldn’t knockdown “Stephen’s” contention that the government never created a single job. WTF!? What’s the point of a Democratic party if their president’s chief economics adviser can bring himself to say that!
    I prefered the Tip o hat/ Wag of the finger segment. Loved seeing Sweetness again! It’s been way to long! And Stephen and Sweetness on the kiss cam? Awesome!
    Bubp. Bubp? Bubp?! Don’t you think his lack of vowels would cause him to urinate in the family circle?

    • I, too, have missed Sweetness!!! Where has she been hiding?!

      I totally agree with you- I was waiting for Goolsbee to redirect and mention job creation. Perhaps he was attempting to think a step ahead in order to keep up with Stephen and it fell to the wayside. I mean, he acknowledged he may be put off his game from the moment Stephen sat down and asked, “You know what I’m gonna do?” Goolsbee muttered, “Oh, no…”

      • Mr. Arkadin says:

        “…Where has she been hiding?!”

        Well, she did look quite fit and firm for a gun who’s a recent mother. Would it be untoward to suggest she’s had some work done?

    • Karenatasha says:

      Totally agree. Not able to say that the government has created ONE job? EVER? What about cops, firefighters, and teachers? The military, which is run by the government? Spies? All the auxiliary personnel who keep things running? The IRS?

      And what about the New Deal, when loads of jobs were government created, from building bridges to putting on plays?

      It’s said he wouldn’t commit to that. I suspect Stephen was a little surprised, too.

      • Mr. Arkadin says:

        I think you are right. Stephen’s voice sounds incredulous when Goolsbee doesn’t simply scoff at him. I really hope this isn’t a sign of how Obama is going to run for re-election?!

  4. Galadriel says:

    Ok so this is totally fangirly of me, but I really enjoyed the closing segment where Stephen was *almost* completely out of character, just talking to the audience with that huge smile on his face the whole time.

    Tip/Wag was great fun too, as it so often is.

    • Mariana says:

      This fangirl agrees! I’ve rewatched that clip a few times already!

      • Yeah, this Fangirl agree’s also. He just looked so adorably cute with that big smile on his face.

    • lockhart43 says:

      You took the words right out of my mouth. That was actually the best part of the show for me. To see him completely drop character for the sign-off was SO rare, it was adorable to see him like that.

      When I saw the “For the full interview, go to colbertnation.com” graphic pop up during the Austan Goolsbee interview, I cheered! I’ve been wanting to see an extrended TCR interview for so long, and now I finally can. I haven’t had time to watch the full interview yet unfortunately, but I will definitely watch it soon.

    • I was going to say the same exact thing! I had to rewind and watch it again…he was so cute! That sincere smile and the glint in his eyes and that soft voice…….sigh…….

  5. i loved the sign-off too, because I’m so used to the daily show uploading extended interviews, It seemed so weird to see stephen talking (babbling? ^^) about putting it on the web… so CUTE ^^

    • I know, so adorable. He said as many “ums” as I think I did in an interview Monday afternoon! It actually made me feel better about the interview because if Stephen can use it to collect his thoughts then I probably didn’t sound that bad! :)

      • Karenatasha says:

        Ummmm….I’ve never heard him do that before! I was so surprised.

        I’m glad he may be starting to go the way of Jon with longer online interviews. Jon is doing it about one a week or more now, and I’d like to see Stephen continue his interviews as well. He’s always given us extra with the musical numbers.

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