A Few Fun Clips

Hi Zoners!  For my final NFZ post, I just wanted to share three of my favorite Stephen moments with you.  IT’S HAPPENING.

Stephen’s Laws of Love (Filliam H. Muffman):

Columbus Day (TDS Toss):

We Shall Overcome (Harriet Tubman’s Intergalactic Space Train):

Love you, Zoners!  I will see you around! ;D


  1. Excellent post, Justine Marie!
    “But some people don’t want to see Harriet Tubman in a Space Train” is probably the most ridiculous statement ever. And ‘Filliam H. Muffman the greatest answer to Brangelina.

  2. Galadriel says:

    Thank you for the lovely appetizer, entree, and dessert, Justine Marie! I had never seen the Harriet Tubman on a Space Train clip, so as you can imagine, the smile on my face right now is nearly as big as Stephen’s. :-)

  3. I always thought the Columbus Day yoss ranked up there in the top 10 funniest tosses :) Thanks for sharing that!

  4. Karenatasha says:

    What a tasty treat! Just loved Stephen rubbing his chin, straightening his glasses and doing everything he could to mark time while he stopped laughing.


  5. Gratefull says:

    HA! I have seen that break from the Harriet Tubman piece but only out of context … now I see where it came from! Oh, thank you!!! … *sigh* … take care!

  6. lockhart43 says:

    Filliam H. Muffman. I still want to hug whoever came up with that. And the Columbus Day Toss is PURE. JOY.

    Thanks justine marie!

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