Eye Candy: Lord Fauntleroy

Stephen Colbert mocking the EnglishLittle Lord Fauntleroy is all grown up. The Space Between Us film trailer

Stephen learns not only the finer points of British etiquette but the specific refinements of meeting the Royals’ etiquette. Including but not limited to, how to eat tea, how to meet the Queen and whether or not to dress left or right.

Stephen awaited his Royal Wedding invitation which never came – the British disappoint, yet again.

Lord Fauntleroy fresh from the English Saddle
Stephen Colbert, Lord Fauntleroy
Boning up or perhaps getting the low down on Royal etiquette
Stephen Colbert speaks with Hugo Vickers
He knows his moves
Stephen Colbert displays his agility
And minds his waistline
Stephen Colbert minds his waistline
Asks the ever important question, “do I dress left or right?”
Stephen Colbert wants to know should he dress left or right
To help with the role play, Stephen steps up as the Queen
Stephen Colbert's impression of the Queen
Jon, eat your heart out … “Hellooooooooo”
Stephen Colbert's amazing Queen impression and I don't mean Freddy

It wasn’t Stephen; the Ghost is demanding the revenge of the displaced Irish
Stephen Colbert relates the story of his ancestor ghost who demanded he avenge his family's persecution by the English

Ah, ready at last for the Wedding, now where was the invitation?

Marrily Popp’in off to the festivities
Stephen Colbert, poppin' off to the Royal Wedding


  1. Mmm, what beautiful, beautiful eye candy this is! Thanks Gratefull!

  2. Arkadina says:

    “Hellllooooooo!” always, always makes me laugh on TDS. And indeed, here.

    I can’t look at these pictures without thinking “Poor Hugo Vickers”.

    And I’m also thinking…….um……er…….no, I can’t say that*.

    [*Ferheavenssakes, on The Last Day, please can we all be allowed to go mad and be as un-family friendly as we like, just for once. Who knows what we’ve all got bottled up!]

    Oh no, my recaptcha is “thatisid people” It knows, it KNOWS. Evil thing.

  3. colbaby says:

    I know what you’re trying to do. You’re trying to distract us from the sad news by saturating us with delicious delicious eye candy. Well it’s not gonna work, missy. You hear me? I HAVE AN IRON WILL…OMG is that Stephen in his undies?? How adorable!

  4. “It wasn’t Stephen; the Ghost is demanding the revenge of the displaced Irish” HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!

  5. lockhart43 says:

    Is it weird that I can’t hear “Little Lord Fauntleroy” without thinking of Stephen’s Letterman story about coming to baseball practice as a kid in jodhpurs and riding boots? ‘Cause I’m pretty okay with it. And frankly, Stephen can dress like an Englishman any time he wants to, cause he makes it look sooo adorable.

  6. Galadriel says:

    So I was watching “Mary Poppins” with my little one the other night, and yep, my brain-memes have been forever and ridiculously, deliciously messed up by Stephen, for the 567th time.

    I will never watch Mary Poppins again without s******ing inappropriately.

    Great screencaps, just lovely darling.

  7. All time favourite field piece. That’s all I can say. Plus some of the eye candy makes me smile (while others…um…more than make me smile). Hip hip, cheerio, Stephen! Eh, what?

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