We’ve got our ‘Welcome Jesus’ T-shirts on – bring on the Return of Christ!

Stephen Colbert Rapture T-Shirt

Zoners – I’ve been holding onto my ‘Welcome Jesus’ T-shirt since this site started in July 2006, and now I finally get to wear it! For those of you who may have missed last Monday’s “Yahweh or No Way” segment, Stephen made the announcement that according to his calculations (and the calculations from the Family Radio group), Jesus Christ should be returning on May 21, 2011.

As some of you probably noticed, I’ve been away a lot lately. Truth be told, I’ve been spending a ton of time at my new church with my new old-school Latin Mass priests, preparing my soul and my knees for the coming of Christ. And wouldn’t you know it, Stephen goes and verifies it as being next week. Talk about timing!

In anticipation of our Lord, Jesus Christ, the only Son of God, eternally begotten of the Father, God from God, Light from Light, true God from true God, begotten, not made, one in Being with the Father, coming again in glory to judge the living and the dead, we figured this would probably be a good time to wrap up our blogging here at No Fact Zone.

We’ve got lots of things planned for our End of the Blog World extravaganza, including many thoughts by those of us who have been fortunate enough to be able to contribute to this site over the years. But that’s not the best part. In anticipation of life as we know it coming to a screeching halt, Rev. Dr. Stephen T. Colbert, DFA has consented to granting your humble bloggers here at No Fact Zone his very final interview before his ascension to heaven, provided Christ can find him in the international waters during the boat race and the nut from Family Radio is actually right.

Yes, folks you heard it right – No Fact Zone has scored an interview with Stephen Colbert! We figured if we’re going out, we’re going out with a bang worthy of none other than Stephen Colbert himself. But we need your help! We couldn’t have spent the last five years praising Stephen’s name if we didn’t have the chorus of Zoners behind us supporting us and singing Stephen’s praises right along with us. We want to give you the opportunity to help us with our final post, which will feature audio from an exclusive interview by yours truly, DB, with our very favorite basic cable fundit, Stephen Colbert, on May 21, 2011.

If you have a question for the exclusive No Fact Zone interview with Stephen Colbert, leave it in the comments, and we might include it in our interview!


  1. Arkadina says:

    Is saying “Jesus Christ, DB! That’s HUGE!!!” appropriate at this juncture?! Never mind all that end of the world stuff that us atheists are letting everyone else worry about, but……STEPHEN!? Wow!

    • Well, and the end of the blog. That’s kind of big too.

      • Arkadina says:

        No, no, DB – I don’t believe in that either. I shan’t. I WON’T.

      • Mr. Arkadin says:

        “Well, and the end of the blog.”

        The sad thing about me & my life is: I could totally deal with the end of the world,but the end of NFZ would destroy me!

        • Aw, that’s so sweet! I’ll miss you guys too, but man, what a note to go out on, right? I hope you guys can come up with some questions!

      • WHAAAAAAAAAAAT?????? NO! NO! NO! NO! NO! (stamps feet, has a good ol’-fashioned temper tantrum)

        That comment was meant for “the end of the blog,” not the interview!

      • Arkadina says:

        And I’m so sorry, DB – this has been bugging me all day. I didn’t read your post fully this morning and kind of went in my secular way “Jesus….Jesus t-shirts?….end of the world? Bah! Ah yes, the day Stephen starts his boat thing….more end of the world…” and then I got distracted by the bit in bold. DB’s got an interview with Stephen! Whoooooop!

        It was 6am and I had just woken up. If I’d realised the seriousness of what I was reading, I would have yelled NOOOOOOO! well before I got to the bit in bold. I was just so excited for you! Apologies. *slaps own wrist and decides to never try speed reading within three minutes of waking up*

  2. somuch2kno says:

    Are you kidding me??!!!??!!!???!! (Runs to calendar posted on refrigerator to see if it’s actually April 1st.) The very idea is beyond awesome, and more than my exploding fangirl brain can deal with right now. But I’m sure as I’m drifting off to sleep tonight, questions both brilliant and bumptious will rise to the surface.

    And can I just say that I love the timing on this end-of-days thing – it means that my sisters both get to turn a year older (this week), AND I DON’T (HA HA!!).

    Seriously, as if the countdown clock weren’t enough to make me snort when the site came up, this announcement rocked my night. Congratulations, DB! I’m kvelling for you!

    • I can’t imagine a better way to end the site. I’m really excited about it!

    • lockhart43 says:

      “But I’m sure as I’m drifting off to sleep tonight, questions both brilliant and bumptious will rise to the surface.”

      You mean you’re going to be able to sleep with this news bouncing about in your head? I might as well put the coffee pot on, ’cause sleep’s not happening. It’s too exciting!

      • I’ve had this Dream Interview list of questions that has been on my iPhone for years. I’m so glad I will actually get to ask the questions before we officially retire the blog. I hope you guys come up with some questions, too! This is for all of us!

  3. eirracoes says:


  4. lockhart43 says:

    This is why I love this site.

  5. Long-time reader, first-time commenter. (Ahem.)

    So, as a question for Stephen: “It was great seeing you alongside Carell, Hamm and Fallon on the live-action Ambiguously Gay Duo last week on SNL. It made me wonder: Do the time constraints of producing ‘The Colbert Report’ make you wistful for more free time to do other projects like that?”

    • Happy to see you here, Devin – it’s nice to see a “reel genius” participate! (And OT: how could you forget “The Singing Detective”?)

      • I never think of the (oft-delayed) American version when I think of “The Singing Detective.” Honestly, I didn’t think it ever got a theatrical release. I’m more miffed I didn’t put “Signs” in there, because, even though it was the first time I started getting leery of M. Night, I saw it on opening weekend.

    • *hugs*

      One of the reasons I’m retiring the site is so that I get to see wonderful people like you and Mark and John P. and Holly and Cali and all of my other IRL friends in other times than WordPress meetups. So once this thing wraps up, I am totally stalking you. I hope your wife (and Dan) don’t have a problem with that.

  6. An interview with Stephen is going to happen! Yes!
    The end of the world is going to happen? No.
    The end of this site is going to happen? NOOOOOOOOOO!
    At least turn it over to us sinners who are left here on earth after the rapture! I mean, we have to have something if not eternal rest.

    First question: Stephen, how much do you and your writers read this site, and have any of the responses here affected decision making about what material to do or not do on the show?

    Second question: DB, are you trying to tell us that No Fact Zone will become something even more wonderful on May 22nd? Like Super No Fact Zone? ‘Cause I’m with Mr. Arkadin on this one. If the world ends, it will happen to everyone. But if No Fact Zone ends, it will only affect the wonderful, smart, funny people who admire and respect your efforts and share a common bond in being it-getters. And what would we do without a Suit Report? Or Colbert Nation members to talk with half-way across the world? If the world was really ending, surely Stephen would take his whole family on that boat with him. If No Fact Zone ended, what boat could we all fit into?

    • Arkadina says:

      Yes, who am I going to talk about Stephen with? I’m the only it-getter on the Arabian peninsula…sitting here on my own in the sand….soon with no one to talk to…. *bursts into a petulant fit of tears*

      • Here, take my tissues. I have plenty of them in use at the moment. Arkadina, I know I’m not in Dubai, but I’m only a few clicks away on the computer, and if we can figure out some way to keep in touch, you can talk with me about Stephen, or anything, anytime.

    • I’m not 100% sure I can make it but will try. If you just want a coffee shop, there is one on 52nd and 8th called Cosmos Diner, I believe. Just a generic NY style coffee shop but not very expensive.

      • Let’s see how many people we get. That diner has been around forever and is in a great location, but I’m hoping we can get enough people to need more than 1 or 2 tables. Good, central location though.

  7. Wow. This has been the best fan community I’ve ever been privileged to be a part of. I’m devastated to see it go, but so proud to see such a finale! an interview with the man that we’re all here for! DB, I admire you!!! Thank you for giving us a place to be together and share the love. I can’t imagine how you’ve struggled with this, but you deserve to be done. The last three of the five years I’ve been able to experience of the NFZ community, have been delightful. Finding so many people and building lasting friendships with them is something I am very grateful for. Gosh. Talk about bitter sweet. I can’t wait for you to have some much deserved interview time with Stephen. Thank you fellow “it-getters”, for existing. :) It’s been fun!!!

    • Christiane says:

      This community is the greatest! I lurk far too much, way too wall-flowery and all, but still, I just love how everyone here are great fans, and loving fangirls, and buddies, so far as I can tell there’s none of that insane psycho catfight drama that can go on in other fandoms.

  8. Christiane says:

    First off! Sweet effing baby Jesus in the crib WHUT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I almost lost control of bodily function, not gonna lie.

    Wait….ending the blog? I refuse to believe this. I need a reason for being…oh wait, end of the world etc…there is going to be no more being. Carry on!

    Questions for Stephen? Hm.

    Well how about an end of the world one.

    Hey Stephen! Illuminati depopulation, a great idea or the greatest idea? Also, if you’re in on the depopulation scheme, will you at least save a room for the Zoners? I mean you’re gonna need the choir to sing your praises am I right?

  9. So, if this NFZ ending business is serious, and it is sounding increasingly serious, can we figure out some way for those of us who want to stay connected, to stay connected? Because I am seriously trying to stop myself from getting very emotional right now.
    This is not the best time for me to hear this. Sadly, my beloved cat of 14 years passed away this weekend, and just as I was trying to deal with that soft presence being gone forever, I am now thinking of how my very short time here at NFZ has meant so much to me, and I don’t want to lose that either. Another soft and wonderful presence. I know I’m being selfish. Oh, DB I am so happy for you and for all that you have achieved, and for the excitement of the upcoming interview. And I am trying not to be selfish. But this has really felt like a real place to me.
    And, well, it is. So please forgive my selfishness… But there is nothing that compares with the specialness of this place and the people in it.

    • Christiane says:

      For some reason I am refusing to believe the blog is ending, or that if it is here, that a new site is quickly going to be set up. Have faith! Of course I could just be in severe, severe denial. *hugs*

      I am so sorry about your kitty. :( I feel your pain, dear. Cats are our most precious friends, both of mine are pushing 20 and and I feel like clinging to them every second of the day. You’re not being selfish, you’ve suffered a great loss and I’m keeping you in my thoughts.

      Do you twitter or facebook? I am @dazedpuckbunny on twitter if you want to hold onto a fellow fan.

      • Thanks so much for your kind thoughts. I have to get myself on twitter. I’m going to have to start a list of addresses, emails, FB friends, etc. until we can all meet in one place again.

    • Arkadina says:

      SW, darling, I know exactly where you are mentally right now. *hugs* My beloved horse was put to sleep two weeks ago after it turned out he had cancer, and being with him at the end was the hardest thing I ever had to do. He went peacefully. I howled all over the floor. I though THAT was the end of the world. But now…THIS!

      • Oh, thanks, Arkadina. I am so, so sorry about your horse. You’ve often mentioned horses and I imagine you have a special bond with them. I think it takes a special person to understand animals.
        I had to be the one to make the decision, which is part of why it hurts so much.
        I suppose DB had to wrestle with her decision too. And I’m sure it wasn’t easy.
        I hope we’ll stay connected.
        We have to figure out some safe way for all of us to exchange ways to keep in touch.

        • Arkadina says:

          Yes, we all have to make the decision to give up something we love at some point, but we have to do what’s for the best and be brave about it. And support others going through the same thing, whether it be regarding animals, vegetables…or blogs.

        • We should set up an alumni group on Facebook or something :)

      • Karenatasha says:

        Arkadina, I just noticed your post. I am so sorry about your horse. It’s just heartbreaking to lose an animal. I don’t trust people who can’t understand that.

        • Arkadina says:

          Thanks, darling xxx. All my life I’ve wanted a horse, and every year, in some long-running family joke, I’ve asked my mum if I can have a pony for Xmas.

          Except last year. You see kids, dreams CAN come true – if you grow up, earn money and buy your own damn presents! And that dream was wonderful while it lasted.

    • Mr. Arkadin says:

      My condolences about your cat.

      • Thanks. And by the way, since I’m getting all sentimental, I still remember that you once said you can see me through my window when you adjust the aluminum foil antennae on your head. Or something like that. Thank you for making me laugh.

        • Mr. Arkadin says:

          “Thanks. And by the way, since I’m getting all sentimental, I still remember that you once said you can see me through my window when you adjust the aluminum foil antennae on your head. Or something like that. Thank you for making me laugh.”

          On my head?! :)

          That’s very gracious of you to say. Especially under the circumstance. Thank you.

    • Karenatasha says:

      Oh, SW, as the owner of kitties I so understand how terrible this is. My sympathies, and warm hugs to you.

      There should be a way for people to stay in touch. And I Tweet (sort of) and am on FB too.

      • I will learn to Tweet… and I’m on FB as well. But we still all need a place to meet together, I think. I wonder if Stephen knows what his work, and presence, and spirit has brought out in people. DB gets 100% credit for this amazing site… but Stephen is pretty amazing too, to draw all these wonderful people together.

        • Karenatasha says:

          We New Yorkers at least should meet for a drink.

        • Yes! There are so many posts, that this may have been lost in the dozens and dozens of them, but I posted recently that I’d like to meet up with NY area Zoners on Sunday, May 22nd in the evening, to commiserate and share and finally meet face-to-face. Rosie said she’s in. I haven’t heard from anyone else yet, so please come! Three’s company! How about three more, and three more…
          We need to pick a centrally located place that’s quiet enough for conversation (I bet every one of us likes to talk) and isn’t too expensive.
          (Stephen, if you want to offer your office, we’re game! And you’re invited!)
          Just kidding. Sort of.
          Anyway, yes, let’s meet. Is anyone else interested?
          p.s.- Karenatasha, you mentioned you might like to see the show I’m doing in NYC in June. Did you see my post with the song from the show. There are so many posts at this point, it’s hard to know what order they’re even in.
          p.p.s — I haven’t appropriately said thank you for your work as a Completist, which is much appreciated. It was great watching you at the Comedy Awards. It would be great to meet up with you, and all of us non-completists!

        • somuch2kno says:

          I’m not even going to check to see what I’m doing on Sunday (if Sunday will even exist as such after the world ends on Saturday [or should I say worldS]) but I’m in! I’ll try to think of an easily accessible mid-town location that might fit the bill.

          Karenatasha – any suggestions?

        • So, as of right now, I think we have me, Rosie, Karenatasha, somuch2kno, and possibly Toad if she’s in the NY area (?)…
          Yes, somuch2kno, if you can think of a good location, that would be great. Although, once the pure, angelic people have disappeared into the great beyond, there shouldn’t be a problem getting a reservation.
          Oh, except this is NYC we’re talking about. So, it should still be pretty crowded. Scratch that.

        • Oh! And by the way! Several people have commented that they aren’t commenters. That they just “look.” If you’ve been just looking and you’re in the NY area, you are welcome too.

        • And if anyone out in the far corners of the world (London, Dubai, Paris, even the Himalayas or the Galapagos Islands — if they have WiFi!) would like to join us in NY for our get together via Skype, maybe we can work something out.
          Mind you, I make all these suggestions and I have no idea how to execute them.
          Oh God. I just described myself as a politician.

        • Karenatasha says:

          Whoops–with all the comments I didn’t even see that you asked for suggestions! This has been loading very weirdly, probably due to the way-above-average number of posts.

          Midtown is often very expensive, but depending on the time there’s a Greek restaurant on 7th Avenue between 55-56th with a bar area and mezzes (small plates with things like hummus). That might be a possibility.

          Another would be, appropriately, to find an Irish Bar to hold a “Finne-zoners Wake!” I have a friend who could recommend one.

        • Good suggestions, Karenatasha. You know, appropriately enough, right near where TCR is filmed, on 9th Avenue in the mid 50s, there are a lot of nice, moderately priced restaurants. On a Sunday evening, they shouldn’t be too crowded as there isn’t any theater on Sunday night. If anyone lives or works close to that area and knows of a place that could hold a bunch of us without our having to spend a fortune, please let us know!
          Also, didn’t I once read right here on NFZ that Stephen met a fan whose dad won an auction for “lunch with Stephen” at a fondue place somewhere in that same area? That sounds like it could work too.
          Back to 9th Avenue, in that same 50s area, there is a Mediterranean restaurant that also serves hummus, etc. I’ve never been there, but it has a bar and it looks quiet and quaint — and I don’t think it’s particularly expensive.
          Does anyone know any of these places?

        • somuch2kno says:

          SW – I wonder if the place you’re thinking about is Kashkaval. It’s a wine and cheese store/bar, with a shop in the front and a small eating area in the back. And they have fondue. I think it’s on 9th Ave. around 56th St.

          I also have a favorite restaurant – Sosa Borella – on 50th and 8th Avenue. They have a bar downstairs and a second dining level upstairs. I don’t think they’d mind us coming by on a Sunday afternoon/evening to sit upstairs and share appetizers and drinks. They have a garlic shrimp appetizer that I’d like to climb into and rub all over myself. And a few really good pizzas on the menu. I’m pretty sure both places have websites if anyone’s interested in checking them out.

          For a wake, we could go to – appropriately – McGee’s on 55th. I’m not sure how quiet it would be, but we can probably find a corner where we wouldn’t have to shout at each other (except in a primal/cathartic way).

        • Karenatasha says:

          Okay–I’m HOPING this is the best “reply” button to click on. I think at this point, guys, we probably should use my nofactzone email. I’m not really on Colbert Nation. It’s just getting hard to follow a thread anymore! Whoops–I just noticed you did, SW, and I’ll answer! SoMuch2Kno also has my “other” address.

          In any case, I like SoMuch2Kno’s suggestions very much and happy to go along with them. If it’s a favorite, it works for me. We could start out at Sosa Borella and maybe finish at McGee’s. Or not, if we’re comfortable where we are. Time?

        • Somuch2no, I love your suggestions! I’d take any one of them! Karenatasha, Rosie, Toad (?), possibly ER in Connecticut who may be joining us… any objections to any of these? Any preferences? And we still haven’t heard from a lot of people! We can’t be the only Zoners in the NY area!!!

        • Sosa Borella it is then! And then we can go anywhere else we wish afterwards and end up, if we choose, toasting in the appropriately named McGee’s. I think we need to come up with a special drink for the occasion, like the “Colbert Bump” or something. Then again, I’ll be driving.
          Can you post the address for Sosa Borella, Karenatasha? And are you getting more email addresses besides mine and ER’s?

        • Oh. Time. 6:30? I have a rehearsal at 4:30, so that would give me just enough time. Is that okay with everyone else? 6:30 at Sosa Borella’s?

        • Oh, Somuch2kno, I now realize that you already said Sosa Borella’s is at 8th and 50th. Should we pre-order that garlic shrimp for you?!? I’m a vegetarian — but I’m in this to see all of you, so I don’t really care what I eat! I am so excited! Something happy amidst this sadness.
          Again, calling all New York area Zoners! Please email Karenatasha who has been kind enough to allow us to do so, at Karenatasha@nofactzone.net.
          Karenatasha, let me know if you get more of us!

        • somuch2kno says:

          Sosa Borella (832 8th Avenue @ 50th Street, just north of the NE corner), 6:30pm. Sounds great! And, SW, they’ve got some great salads and veggie pizzas and pasta and, oh, don’t get me started! And I’m open to ending up at McGee’s. But we can play it by ear (or taste buds). If it looks like we’re going to be more than just this budding 6(?) of us, let me know and I’ll make some kind of reservation thingy so they have a heads-up we’re coming.

        • Poop. Another reason why I wish I lived in or close to NYC! I will be with you in spirit! :)
          If any of you are on the Twitter… I am @shellichelle

    • lockhart43 says:

      Sorry to hear about your cat, SW. I lost my dog Molly three years ago and it’s still something that I hardly talk about. I can’t physically hug you, so here’s hoping an internet hug will do. *hugs* :)

      • Your hug is felt and appreciated. I’m sorry to mention something so personal and non-Stephen or NFZ related… but all this loss is just a bit overwhelming. Even though I haven’t met any of you in person, I feel as if I have a sense of your personalities, and I always look forward to your comments. When I see your names pop up, I feel as if I know you a little… presumptuous though that might be.
        Thanks, Lockhart43.

        • lockhart43 says:

          “…and I always look forward to your comments.”

          Likewise, friend. And it’s not presumptuous in the slightest. Reading this made me smile. :)

        • Smiling back at you, Lockhart43.

    • I am so sorry to hear about your cat. My kitties are my children, and the ones I’ve lost, well – I am sending lots of hugs your way.

      • Thank you. It’s funny how we rely on the day to day presence of the people, animals and things around us to make us feel safe and to give us our bearings. I never realized how my cat filled up the air around me when I was home, busily doing other things.
        And likewise, this place has been a presence, and the people in it, whether we’re agreeing, disagreeing, oohing and aahing, or laughing together have made a difference to me. Serious difference makers. The real kind.
        Thanks again, Toad.

  10. Mr. Arkadin says:

    Okay DB: The question I’ve always wanted to hear Stephen answer is about the writer’s strike. My admiration for Stephen as a major league broadcaster on par with the all-time greats (Kovacs,Steve Allen,Jack Paar) came after he kept TCR going at such a consistently high level in those weeks without writers. Especially in contrast to TDS & Conan, who both seemed lost without their writers. However. My question would be: Why did he decide to cross the picket line? Was he pressured by the network? Did he feel he had to stick with Jon? Was it a tough call for him? (Oops. That’s four questions. Sorry.) I don’t mean any of this in an angry or critical way. I’m just curious.
    Anyway with the end of the world coming, you can afford to offend him a little. ;)

  11. Ack, I’m going to have to come back for a question for Stephen. For now, let me just say that I can’t believe that I was only able to find this site three years ago. :(

    This is the first fan community that I really spent a lot of time on. Other sites I just read through quickly and then move on to a new link or site or e-mail. But here, I willingly spend lots of time reading through the brilliant episode guides and funny comments, playing and replaying videos, absorbing all the eye candy, replying to links that catch my eye…the list goes on! Thank you to DB and the it-getters and heroes for everything. Maraming salamat! Hugs to all!

  12. Caroline says:

    DB, I’m not gonna give you a prepared question, cause I think you should spend part of the interview just winging it. Listen to Stephen’s answers and ask follow-ups, you know?

    If you try to rush through a long list of questions, I think you may regret it later.

    Anyway this interview is a cool opportunity and you deserve it.

    Really sad to hear the site is ending, though. For good?

  13. I am supporting the ideas above (w/ DBs blessing) of creating a new space for it-getters. I know it will never match what DB started here but I think it is a testament to all her hard work, dedication that we continue to seek each other out based on the model she has set for us- a true community. ;)

    Thanks DB – I am at a loss for the words to express how much I have loved coming to this site and posting, reading, lurking, and smiling! You ma’am have created your own joy machine here for all of us!

    I will have to think about a question for our favorite fundit…

  14. Okay. Serious question for Stephen. I’m getting a hold of myself now. For a moment.

    Stephen, one of the things I admire the most about you is the way you take both emotional and personal risks. In comedy, you are not afraid to blur the lines between reality and political theater in order to convey a core truth. As an actor, you are truthful too. I was lucky enough to see you do the staged reading of Harold Pinter’s “Old Times” in New Jersey, and there I thought you allowed yourself to be very vulnerable and open. Your ability to do that — and all of the myriad ways that you jump in, stick your neck out, and try new things with passion and commitment — has been a great inspiration to me. Here’s the question. (I was getting around to the question, but the chance to tell you that you’ve touched me in all these ways was too tempting to resist.) Have you always been able to open yourself up and take risks both as a performer and as a person? Or was it something that you learned to do as you matured through life and with professional experience? What kind of a process was it to open up in that way and trust yourself, so that you could take these leaps both professionally and personally? Do you ever still wrestle with fears or doubts before you plunge into a project or role?

  15. Gratefull says:

    Dearest Zoners,

    DB shared the decision with us a few days ago so we have had a little more time let it sink in and honor it. And truly, I totally honor DB’s efforts and talent and vision and her new found adventures and desires to move on. It has been awesome to be a Completist and to contribute to this amazing site for all of you, Zoners I do hope we will find a way to stay connected because I totally agree – this community is very special and oh so very wonderful. I have too many questions to know where to start so I will throw a dart at my looong, loonng list and pick one-ish:

    I’ve noticed lately that Stephen has been making more LOTR references on the show. Here are a copule of LOTRs/STC questions: Mr. Colbert,
    1) If Peter Jackson and Stephen Sondheim or perhaps Andrew Lloyd Webber were to collaborate on a LOTR musical extravaganza on Broadway and they approached you first asking which character would you like to be and sing, which character out of all them would you pick?
    2) If you could interview AND perhaps even nail any of the LOTR characters in the Eagle’s Nest, which one would you pick?

    And I agree with Caroline, … DB, keep some of your time with Mr. C open so you can wing your questions given his sharing too.

    Humbly and gratefully,


    • Mr. Arkadin says:

      Holy cr@p! So this really is true?! No more talking to & reading what my friends are saying & thinking?!
      I feel sick.

      • Me, too, Mr. Arkadin. I want to write more about this wonderful site, but right now I’m just stunned.

        • Mr. Arkadin says:

          Even though it’s at the end of the NFZ, It’s still really nice to “see” you again, juice!

    • Maybe we could do a livejournal community? (If not a facebook one)

      • How does that work?

        • Well, I looked it up and someone would have to create an account as “the community” and basically be the administrator and monitor the community. You can set it up as open membership (anyone can join) or private – where the moderator approves everyone. It would be a good place post stories keep up with one another at the same time without having to deal with facebook for those who don’t want to.

        • Perhaps we need to get DB’s blessing on this, but this sounds like a great idea.
          Toad, do you think that we ought to have a separate thread here for the week, to plan our next step? There are so many posts here, it’s getting very confusing!
          If we had a “next-step” thread, we could really work on organizing something.
          Then this post could continue to be for consolation, thanks, and Stephen questions.
          What do you think?

  16. lockhart43 says:

    I’m gonna be honest with y’all: I’m crying right now. I will think of a question for Stephen at some point, but for now let me just say how happy I am to have found this place. This site has meant so much to me the past two years. Strictly Stephen-speaking, without this site, I would not have traveled to the Two River benefit to see him, talk to him, and realize that I was more confident than I gave myself credit for. I would then not have made the decision to travel to NYC to a taping of The Colbert Report, and later actually meet the person I sincerely look up to and have a great respect for. This site has made me love comedy more than I thought possible. And the friends I have made have left me eternally happy. The warmth and welcomeness of everyone here has really made it a special place, and it’s a place I’ve adored being a part of. DB, you deserve everything good that happens to you – I truly appreciate everything you’ve done and thank you immensely. And a giant hug to each of the Completists as well. Hopefully we all find a way to still stay in touch.

    I love each one of you guys; you’re all seriously wonderful people.

    • Your tears are in a puddle with mine and I’m sure many others. I am going to trust that if this many of us already want to stay in touch, we will find a way. It’s almost 2 in the morning here and I have to get up at 6:15, so I think I’m going to have to slightly medicate myself and get some sleep. (That is not a regular habit, but this is not a regular night.)
      I agree about letting Stephen talk, too, as was mentioned in earlier posts. Although I’ve no doubt that given the chance, he will. I hope that DB will tell him that there is a community of people who really love him — not just for those shots of him in various Brooks Brothers suits, or even in a suit of Doritos — but for bringing us all together. There is no way I will ever believe that we are just a bunch of fans.
      And now I’ve got to go to sleep.
      I have to also admit I’m thinking of Anais in Paris, who is half my age and who I know will be waking up soon to hear about this.
      I have so enjoyed getting to know each and every one of you. And I’m going to sleep on the thought that those of us who wish to keep in touch, will find a way to do so. (Although we will have to think of a way that doesn’t compromise anyone’s privacy… so that will take some doing.)

    • Christiane says:

      :( I am crying now too. Oh my goodness. I just….we have to all create a facebook community to keep in touch or something. SOMETHING!

  17. One last thing. I posted this earlier somewhere else, but I think it got buried amidst many other posts. I wrote a song for Jon & Stephen as part of a one-woman show that I’m doing in NYC in June. It would really mean a lot to me for you to hear it. Especially now. And that’s me singing it. I feel like it’s especially appropriate tonight, and I hope it will cheer us all up a little.
    Here it is:
    I hope you like it. It’s my gift to all of you.

    • Brava, SW! I love it! A Difference Maker, indeed!

      reCaptcha: floopon essay

      • Thanks Juice. Funny, I just woke up and turned to NFZ on my laptop as I started eating cereal. Your comment made me smile. So, it’s nice to start my day with you, Juice. Bad, but sincere, pun intended. I hope you’ll share the song. This thread will probably be so long in the end, that my post will get lost again. I hope you’ll be part of the community of NFZ’ers who stick together.

        • Juice pun – LOL
          Oh, & I wish I could meet up with all you Noo Yawkers on the 22nd, since I’m on the NJ side of Philly. Alas, I have a prior commitment. Tell me more about your show in June, though. Maybe, just maybe, I can make that.

        • Oh, I’m sorry to hear about your prior commitment; however, it’s good to know you’re relatively nearby, because hopefully this will not be the last meeting of NFZers No-Longer-Anonymous in NYC. You might want to email Karenatasha anyway, just so she’s got you on a list in case we all decide to meet again sometime soon!
          My show is called “Crushed: A Life of Infatuations” and it’s at the Laurie Beechman Theater (downstairs at the West Bank Cafe) on Saturday, June 25th at 1:00 p.m., and Wednesday, June 29th at 9:30 p.m. The address is 407 W. 42nd Street and it’s off 9th Avenue, just a block from Port Authority, on “theater row.” There is a $10 cover and $15 food/drink minimum, and they offer a full lunch or dinner menu (It’s actually a very nice restaurant). Reservations are required, and you can phone them at 212-695-6909.
          The song I wrote for Jon & Stephen is the only one specifically about either of them in the show, so I don’t want to misrepresent what the show is about. The show is about infatuations in general, and mine specifically, and it’s about 1 hour long, with songs and monologues. There are 2 original songs, and 10 songs by various well-known and lesser-known composers.
          This is my first time getting my feet back on stage in 9 years, so it’s a rather large step for me. And while I posted something to this same affect on ColbertNation a few days ago, it bears repeating: Stephen was a major inspiration for me to get the courage to do this. Many of you may be tired of hearing me say that I saw Stephen do the “Old Times” staged reading in New Jersey, but I can’t overstate how touched I was by his performance — and beyond that, his courage in opening himself up and making himself vulnerable when, given his celebrity status, there was no necessity for him to have done so. I watched him on his knees, emotionally drained at the end of his performance, having given 100% of himself and having taken emotional risks as an actor, and I thought to myself, “I need to do this. If he can do this, I can do this.” And whenever I felt scared about getting back on stage, I would close my eyes and remember that image of Stephen at that reading, and in a very profound, and I have to say spiritual way, I felt that his performance that night guided me and gave me strength. I didn’t mean to go on so long… but I still get carried away when I think about it. At any rate, I can’t guarantee the nuanced performance that Stephen gave that night, but I will do my best. And for better or worse, I don’t write enigmatically like Harold Pinter, so I’m much easier to understand (!)…
          It would be wonderful to see you, or any other Zoners there.
          Thanks, Juice. Hope you can make it. Sorry we won’t see you on the 22nd.

    • Karenatasha says:

      I never responded to you about this, as I was on vacation when you sent the link–but it’s fab!

  18. ya’ll can just move into my place. i’ve got Stephen eye candy on the wall. a dvr set to record TCR and a whiteboard for comments.

    • Arkadina says:

      OK then, thanks, adeline_sky! Assuming we all survive the armageddon thingywhatsit, we’ll all be over at the weekend, wrapped in our Coma Cozies and clutching boxes of Kashi cereal, pens at the ready for the whiteboard.

  19. lockhart43 says:

    I really thought I was going to have to think a lot longer before I came up with a question, but then this one came along and it just felt perfect. So here’s my question for Stephen:

    How do you stay so happy? I know one can’t be happy all of the time, but you really seem to be a truly kind, joyous person who loves life and loves people. Did you make a conscious decision in the past to be an optimist, or do you still have to work on not letting the little things in life get to you?

    Stephen, I want to thank you, for simply being you. For never ceasing to make me laugh. And for somehow helping my life make more sense.

    • colbaby says:

      My favorite question so far. Well this, and Monica’s husband’s question, “How?” I guess I would also like to hear his answer to something discussed on here recently. That is, I know you’re an extremely busy man, but would you ever consider writing a perhaps David Sedaris style book out of character?

      *sigh* This would be a lot more fun if not for the bittersweetness of it all. Me for the last couple hours:

      : ) Denial
      > : ( Anger
      : I Bargaining
      : ( Depression
      : ( Depression
      : ( Depression
      : / Accep…
      : ( Depression
      : ( Depression

      • lockhart43 says:

        Your question is actually the one I was planning on asking him, until the other one popped in my head. I’m becoming more and more convinced that you are, in fact, psychic. Or it’s our magical BFF powers at work. And your scale of feelings pretty much matches mine as well – I’m slowly moving towards acceptance though. Maybe. I might just be lying to myself.

        Sorry, DB – I’m all sad when I should actually be saying: “Holy crap you get to interview Stephen!! I’m so excited for you!” And I am. I just need a bit for my elatedness over this huge opportunity to catch up to me.

    • lockhart43 says:

      I thought of a couple more questions, and figured it would just be easier to reply to my first one:

      – A few years ago, Amy Sedaris was asked at a book signing Q&A if she would tell an embarrassing secret about you, so she said that you cannot cook. So, two things: (1) Is there any truth to that? Are you really just an excellent cereal maker? and (2) Do you have an embarrassing secret about Amy in return?

      – This was also discussed on the site recently: if it was ever able to fit into your schedule, would you ever want to guest star on Mythbusters? Was it fun interviewing Adam and Jamie last month and getting them to come to the Rally?

      Again, thank you.

  20. Josh F. says:

    Question for Stephen: Since the beginning of the Report, you’ve rallied the Colbert Nation around everything from a sports mascot to ColbertPAC, not to mention all the DonorsChoose.org projects. Are you surprised by how active a fanbase you have?

  21. DB, I am de-lurking to salute you for all your tireless work in honor of the esteemed Mr. Colbert. I read your blog every day and will be saddened to see it go. However, nobody deserves this interview more than you, and I really an pleased to see you are going to get this chance. I wish you all success in your future endeavors.

    My question for Mr. Colbert is actually one I began researching when the audiobook of “I Am America (And So Can You)” came out. To this day I still don’t have an answer and I still want to know it. Here goes: “What is the piece of classical music being used to introduce the chapter on Class Warfare?” At this point I seriously believe he is the only person who can answer this for me.

    My husband Eric has one question for Mr. Colbert: “How?” Yes, just that one word.

  22. colbaby says:

    Woah! Woah! WOAH Back up the train for a second. I go to sleep for 8 hours and wake up to find not only the world ending but NFZ ending as well?! First I thought that bit was a joke and I was all excited for The Interview, and then I read the comments. I went from :D to D: in about a millisecond. I have to say, with your absence lately DB, I’ve had my suspicions. But I locked that upsetting thought away in an empty Altoids container along with my reservations about the Iraq War. (A cookie to anyone who gets that reference.)

    I guess my question to you, Stephen, would be this: are you in need of a technology savvy, smart, talented, dedicated young woman to keep your profile up on the interwebz? Perhaps in blog form? Because I know someone who’d be perfect. Actually, she’s talking to you right now. (Here’s where you wink, DB.) Hire her and we’ll all be…er…you’ll be glad you did.

  23. leorabk says:

    I’m so sad! NFZ has been my go-to colbert place. Because i only started watching tcr 2.5 years ago i’ve really used nfz to catch up on any missing info. I’ll miss the recaps and the conversations that go on below. But DB i understand your decision.
    I’d like to thank you DB for creating such a wonderful fan-site and for running it in sucha professional way. I totally appreciate your effort!

    I can’t wait for the interview!! It will be EPIC!!!! I can’t think of a good enough question now (besides for: stephen can i be your slave?!!) but I’ll come back soon with one.

  24. *speechless with shock* No…no…no!!! For the love of God, NO!!!!! *collapses onto the ground in hysterics, crying in devastation* Please…please…it can’t be over. It just can’t. It feels like only yesterday that I found this website and then finally became brave enough to let my presence be known. Forget about my exams for a moment. This is more important. Why did I discover Stephen too late?? Why did I become a Zoner too late?!?! This happens to me every time. EVERY TIME. All my life, moving from country to country, continent to continent, coupled with my poor social skills, crippling shyness and being a misfit all my life, whenever I find something or someone special, I lose it. I found this wonderful site with these smart, funny, and genuine people with whom I could share my love for Stephen that I can’t even do with my best friends, and it’s all about to disappear. In my very short time of being here, I’ve loved every minute of it, and I can feel it slipping through my fingers. And you guys…I can’t even begin to tell just how important this site and you all are to me. With my histrionic, volatile, emotional temperament, you weren’t disturbed or put off by it like most people. Instead, you welcomed me with open arms and loving understanding, and for that I am eternally grateful and appreciative. Please…please…if you want to stay in touch with me, let me know, but only if I’ve touched your heart and soul. I understand that I’m not always a well-liked person and that I come off strong with my statements, but I do what I’ve always done: speak from the heart and open myself to the stings and injustices of the world, no matter how much pain I go through. Anything is good with me. I have e-mail and Facebook. I’m considering doing Twitter. Just please don’t give me the satisfaction of knowing that this will all just a memory, much like many things I’ve lost while moving around in the world. I need to take some time to think up some questions for Stephen, but just know that I love and appreciate all of you so much and would love to stay in touch and maybe even meet each other in person someday. You’ve provided me a platform of support and love while I’m away from friends and family as a stranger in my own hometown. I’m going to miss this site so much. *HUGS + LOVE FOR ALL* I’ll be back later. *shakily gets up off the ground and walks slowly away, tears still pouring down the face*

  25. Well, since you posted twice, I will say this twice.
    You are a well liked person.
    You are a well liked person.
    Look back at my earlier posts last night. I was thinking of you out loud!
    Chin up. We will stay together!

    • Thanks, SW. *hugs* I’ve just finished reading all the comments, and I feel like my head’s about to explode from all the diverse sentiments that everyone’s expressing along with what questions they’ve asked and trying to figure out what threads are part of a conversation, on top of still feeling devastated. I can’t even concentrate on studying and my 1st final exam is tomorrow afternoon. *sigh* Dammit! I HATE living overseas so that I don’t find out about something and then when I wake up and do I’ve missed out on a discussion or more. I hope we can find some other way of continuing a plan to stay in touch. I don’t want to miss out. By the way, to add to the other condolences, I’m sorry about your cat. *extra hug* Being a cat owner myself (16 years) and getting constant reminders that he could keel over any day really twists my heart strings, so I know how you feel and will probably go through the same thing in the future. Oh God, why is this happening?…

    • This was meant to be a direct reply to Anais, but somehow it ended up down here. Anais, I’m glad you understood that I was directing this to you. I worry about you! I am picturing you as this little waif from “Les Miserables!” Please stay in touch and feel good about yourself!

      • Yeah, I’m a little confused myself. I just realized that one of my double posts was deleted along with my comment apologizing for it, and now when we reply to each other, we end up at the very end of this post. Strange. But anyway, I’ll be okay, SW. I’m just deeply affected about this whole thing like everyone else, of course at a more extreme level. But I appreciate your concern. It was also sweet that you thought about me when this whole thing first started. I didn’t expect that, and of course it made me cry even more but I think the initial shock and devastation is fading, though sadness still lingers. I’m just already stressed enough because my final exams start tomorrow through next Wednesday and I don’t feel too prepared for them and then this on top of it made my world go kablooey. I’m hoping to have a talk with my father tonight to put my mind at ease so that I can at least actually study a bit for my exam tomorrow, but this is another reason why I’m not liking being overseas. I have to say I did chuckle a tiny bit at the Les Mis waif thing. Believe me, I’m far from homeless and I do wear clean, nice clothes. Don’t forget, I’m an artist. It comes with the territory. Please stay in touch as well and maybe, when I finally come home, we can meet up!

        • lockhart43 says:

          I think your comments got bumped because when the double comment got deleted, SW’s reply didn’t get deleted with it – it just moved to the bottom of the page. :)

  26. Another Stephen question.
    Stephen, you have talked about your faith on and off in various formats, sometimes saying you’re not “terribly religious,” but in other contexts being very open about and proud of your love for your Church. My question is, does your faith inform your comedy and your choices about what you do on the show? Has it helped you in other areas of your life? (Apropos of an earlier question, is it what helps you to remain happy and self-assured?) Also, I’ve heard people on the internet speculate about what “kind” of Catholic you are. Some say you must be a very liberal Catholic, while others say that’s not necessarily so. You’ve said that you grew up learning that you could be a Roman Catholic and still question the Church. Can you expand upon that? I’m a Jewish middle-aged woman with a life long history of personal spiritual exploration, but you seem to be a man whose faith informs him, and I find it more touching than you can imagine. I think this fan site exists, in part, because people feel a spiritual connection with you. Is it too personal to talk about your spirituality? If not, please share some of this with us.

  27. Oh, DB! I’m so happy for you that you’ll get to sit down with Stephen and then after that, you can have your life back. I know that this blog takes up a lot of your time and energy. However, as everyone has already said, I’m so sad that this will not be here.
    I have a couple questions, Can someone else take over and keep it going? Also, if not, will this still be up so that we can still read past episode guides and look at all the eye candy?
    I really hope that this will still continue either in a new blog or someone else takes over here.

    Thanks for all you’ve done, DB! I will miss what you bring to my life and the lives of everyone who comes in here.

  28. Lilimich says:

    Clearly, I am way too depressed right now to be excited about the interview. Hopefully, sometime before the end of the world, and this blog, I’ll be able to be somewhat cheerful. But for now, I’ll just stick to sulking in the corner and sobbing.

  29. pkyoubuggin says:

    I am really sad right now. I have enjoyed reading all the posts, all the contributions from the bloggers and commenters. I hope we will continue to enjoy the show together, in some form or facet, and I hope TCR endures for many a year to come.
    I have some questions but I lost my train of thought in my sadness; I will be back with those.
    I am so excited to hear DB finally interview Stephen! This is going to be epic. I know she will ask really good questions, better than any other “proper” journo.
    God willing, we can find another forum to comment on the shows and try to keep up with Stephen.
    God bless all of you!

  30. It took me to read the entire post twice and all the 50+ comments for me to get that the blog is really going to end, instead of a joke. I hate it that my first comment here has to be about this sad news… Sorry for being a silent reader all along, and never really be part of the Zoners community.

    I only started watching Stephen last September, after he testified in Congress. And found out about this wonderful place and you wonderful Zoners even later than that. It’s really a short time. But I really want to let DB, all the completists, and everybody here know that you people are such a wonderful crowd, and I love this place.

    During these few months, TCR and NFC have become part of my daily routine. Everyday came back from college, I will turn on the laptop and watch TCR on the internet, Friday and weekends are days I look through the older clips from past. Every morning, for the 10 to 15minutes time between the alarm rings and me actually get off my bed, I will browse through NFZ on ipod, and hopefully a suit report or any eye candy will wake me up (I live in Japan, so the time for me to catch up with TCR and NFZ is a bit different. ). I love reading all the witty, funny blog posts and comments, and even get some surprise knowledge. I especially remember the episode with Martha Steward on, the Kool Aid part picked up by Pop culture reference post, got me to read the entire story of Jonestown. Ah-mazing experience. And more recently, Pat Paulsen. I’m not American, so all these are really interesting and fresh to me.

    So thank you Zoners here, big HUG to all!! I hope the the community can carry on in some form or another, and I can join in the fan-girling next time =D

    Oh the interview, it definitely going to be a great interview, or the greatest? =D

    • lockhart43 says:

      “…Sorry for being a silent reader all along, and never really be part of the Zoners community.”

      See, that’s the thing. You were still a part of it all along, even though you’ve never commented before. So a big hug back to you, friend of friends! (Sorry. I’ve got that ambiguously gay duo SNL clip on my brain, ha)

    • somuch2kno says:

      Welcome Fangz! In Quaker Silent Meeting for Worship, it is said that if you feel you have a message to share with the congregation, but after dwelling on it for a long time, you still don’t stand and say anything, your message is heard anyway. So (as a borderline lurker myself), I guess what I’m saying, along with lockhart43, is that your presence was felt. Come on in, the water’s fine!

  31. pkyoubuggin says:

    Ok, I am feeling better and am remembering my questions.
    Stephen, when TCR started there was significant skepticism–not about your abilities, but about you ability to take this kind of character and stand him for a full half hour every night.
    Did you ever have doubts about the viability of this concept when you started the show? If so, was there a moment in the beginning, whether be in a particular episode or moment, where you realized, this is really going to work?
    My second question is—how do you and Paul Dinello keep the spark alive after all these years? Those of us in long term relationships long to know.

  32. Oh wow, DB – on so many levels.

    Congratulations on getting an interview with The Man himself. Usually I have all sorts of questions for Stephen, but I’m so excited about this I’ll have to think of a good one and post here later.

    As excited as I am about the interview, I am devastated to hear that this will be the end of NFZ. My life took a crazy turn last year, so I went into hiding here. However, I came to read the posts and comments every day. In fact, NFZ is my home page because I always know that something here will make my day.

    Stephen has been my inspiration for many years now, but so have you DB. You have managed to bring together one of the nicest, most genuine communities on the interwebs. It’s the only blog or forum on which I will participate because I’ve always felt this is a “safe” place. The amount of effort and dedication on your part to create this world is second to none and I hope you will continue to use your social connection powers for good and not evil :)

    I wish you and the Completeists all the best in your new endeavors, but I will miss dearly the wonderful information on Stephen, the Zoners, and the amazing community here. At a minimum, perhaps a Facebook group (or something similar) as mentioned earlier would allow the Zoners to keep in touch.

    Thank you for bringing such joy to so many for so long. You’ll be sorely missed.

  33. pkyoubuggin says:

    Is there a plan to keep NFZ available in the archives?

    • As I understand it (and DB can correct me if I’m wrong), the site will stay up for a while, there just won’t be anything new added to it. It won’t disappear right away. How long it will stay around, I’m not sure.

    • Lilimich says:

      I’m pretty sure I would do just about anything to keep the site at least archived in some way for a time. For our favorite (and only) place commiserate about our favorite pundit to FINALLY get an interview with our beloved Stephen, and then have it disappear from the Internets as if it never happened a short time later, is almost as sad as the Blog ending all together. Please don’t misunderstand me — I’m thrilled that NFZ finally gets a chance to interview Stephen, but it hurts to think about the possibility that this truly elating moment won’t be saved for posterity, to document that it ACTUALLY happened.

      Is there anything we CAN do? Anything?

      • Arkadina says:

        That the blog of the people, by the people, for the people, shall not perish from the earth……let’s storm NFZ and claim it as our own! Equal posting rights for all!

  34. Galadriel says:

    Here’s mine:

    “What motivates you the most — in other words, what keeps you saying “YES, AND…!” time and time again?”

  35. Okay, I’ve had time to think over some questions for Stephen, and I’ll put in a little confession as a prelude to them. In January of this year, before I left to go to Paris, I wrote a handwritten letter to Stephen with the intention of expressing my respect and admiration for him, to let him know how much of an intelligent, handsome, talented, kind, loving, generous and funny man I think he is and how he represents the kind of man I wish there were more of in this world. He also inspires me to be a better person and to leave the world in a better place than it was before. But most importantly of all, he’s been a very positive presence in my life in helping me to laugh and feel happy by watching his show, especially when I feel that darkness is about to overwhelm me. Lastly, I wrote down 2 questions that I hoped he would answer. But considering that he has over 2 million fans and that he’s a very busy man, I’m resigning myself to the fact that he is never going to read my letter, but luckily I still remember what I asked so I’m going to take this opportunity to write down those questions here (re-written to remove any personal bits) plus a couple more that just came into my head and, if they are deemed worthy to be picked, hope they will be answered. If they don’t sound very thorough, I give permission for them to be re-written so that they sound better. So Stephen…if you ever read this…these are my questions:

    1) When you first decided to do theatre or to be a performer in general, did you have support behind you, or were you on your own? If you were, how were you able to cope/persevere no matter what the circumstances and consequences? What advice would you give someone (like myself) who has decide to do theatre/television/film/any other kind of entertainment as a career even when they have obstacles in their way like getting little emotional support from parents and are fully aware that they are taking a risk in working in fickle and unstable industries like theatre and entertainment?

    2) Everyone goes through a period in their life when they feel that their life is going nowhere and that they have not made the right decisions. Was there a point in your life when you felt unsure of what to do and which direction to go forth in and you felt, for lack of a better word,…”lost”? If so, what helped you through it, realizing that life would get better and there was hope? Can you give a word of advice to those who have always been misfits and are still trying to find their place in society?

    3) What advice would you give us single ladies who still haven’t met the right man and would like to meet someone like yourself?

    4) I also echo SW’s question on how much do you and your writers read the blog posts and comments and how much has that been an impact on what you do with the shows? Have you read anything that really struck/stuck out/touched/embarrassed you?

    5) Could you sing for us? Even just a little? So that we can hear your dulcet tones in the audio?

    So Stephen…I hope you understand and realize just how much I look up to you and how much you inspire me to go for what I want no matter what happens in my life. I love everything about you and am happy that you are around to make the world a brighter place to live in. I hope to meet you in real life someday to tell you all of this in person, but for now I think that this is the best that I can do. Until then, I wish you much luck, success and fulfillment with the Colbert Report and future endeavours, and I look forward to enjoying it all. And thank you once again for sharing your joy every night. Keep being your funny and wonderful self…because I and the other Zoners wouldn’t want it any other way!

    And again to DB, the Completists and NFZ…thank you SO much for all of your hard work and the wonderful things we’ve all experienced just by logging on here. Always know that this site will always be appreciated and I hope that you all go onto greater accomplishments. Much love to you all.

  36. Here’s a question about a subject that comes up here a lot. Character breaks! What usually triggers them and which are his favorites!

  37. Michele says:

    I’m not going to lie. Even though I’ve been reading far more than posting for quite awhile now, I’m going to miss this blog and I’m sad it’s being retired. But, I understand all the time and work that go into it. Thank you, DB, and all the Completists for all that hard work to make this such a great blog and great community. I wish you all the best in your future endeavors. And what a way to go out! WOOOT!

  38. Mariana says:

    I, too, am very upset. When I went to bed last night I thought it might still be a joke but alas. It’s a testament to the wonderful community you’ve created and your years of hard work, DB, that we are all so shaken by this. Congratulations on the interview! Others have already suggested some great questions and I agree with the suggestion that you see where he leads and ask follow ups. I also love the question about how he stays so joyful. That’s one of the things I love most about Stephen. Please someone think of a way for us to stay in touch!! I dont have any IRL friends who are it-getters or who understand how important Stephen and TCR are and it makes such a difference to be able to hear from people who feel the same way. And if there are any Zoners in San Francisco who want to meet up to see Company in June, let me know!

  39. friedthing says:

    “I’m sorry what’s happening??” Hm, not sure what to think about the blog ending. I admit I’ve been a bit (okay, a lot) behind on everything here and on the Report recently, with real life getting in the way and all, and I’ve been conflicted about whether or not that’s a positive development. Just thinkin’…. But WOW WOW WOW an interview with Stephen?!?! Let me go dig out my list of questions and I’ll get back to you with some! But I agree that just going with the flow of the interview and having an actual conversation is probably the best suggestion :).

    • lockhart43 says:

      “I’m sorry what’s happening??”

      I was waiting for someone to say that, so reading this really made me laugh. :)

  40. Just to let you all know how this has affected me in real life, and hopefully to make you laugh a tiny bit, here’s what happened to me this morning. I woke up after very little sleep, rushed to get ready for work and get my son to school. Barely had time to run to Starbucks for my chai-latte (but I needed it), then raced in my car to the hospital where I work. I raced in the door with my first patient waiting for me in the waiting room (I’m a speech pathologist in a rehabilitation center, and I work with many people who have brain injuries — you will see the irony in a moment). I unlocked the door to my office, when my supervisor tiptoed up behind me. And she said, “Um, you do realize that this is your day off, don’t you?”
    Yes. I treat brain injuries. You heard that right. So, clearly the shearing action of my brain bouncing around in my skull like Jello from shaking my head in disbelief last night, has wreaked some havoc.
    Well, what can I say. I went to Target for some unnecessary retail therapy. And now I’m home.

  41. Here’s a question for Zoners in the New York area: Would anyone like to meet up on the evening of Sunday, May 22nd after we’ve all had a chance to digest the finale of NFZ and the interview? Perhaps in a central location in NYC? It would be nice to commiserate and raise a glass to toast new beginnings… and to get to hear the sounds of your real voices. (I mention the 22nd in the evening, only because it’s the only night I’m free for some time.)
    Is anyone interested?
    And on a separate note, does anyone have any ideas for how to exchange info for keeping in touch?

    • I might be up for the 22nd. Although I might have created some enemies with my last few posts, Will there be a metal detector? :)

      • I’m not sure what you said that requires you to be armed, but rest assured, I’ve often worried that when people see my initials they think, “Oh, no. Not the serious one.” So you are in good company. One great thing about this place is how well we debate and disagree and still respect each other. The Middle East could learn a thing or two from us.
        Anyone else for the 22nd? Two is great, but two dozen would be even greater!
        Rosie, let’s think of a place that’s quiet enough to talk and not too expensive… And if anyone else has ideas, please post!
        I hope this works out!

        • No, I’m not threatening to be armed! I meant I may need to protect myself, Just kidding of course.
          So, where to we now post our taping reports? My friend has tickets for late June and I may get to go.

        • There is always the forums at Colbert Nation. I think people have posted taping reports there.

        • These posts are now officially all over the place due to an outpouring of love, loss, thank yous and questions for Stephen, but I think Karenatasha may be in on a NYC meet-up. Anyone else?

        • You guys are kidding right No one’s going to be here on the 22nd anyway!

        • Only the heavenly people will be gone. The rest of us can meet in New York City!

        • I just remembered….I’m Jewish! Unlikely I’ll be around on the 22nd. That sucks!

        • I’m Jewish too, Rosie. I think after the alleged rapture, it’s gonna be just us and the other heathens. So the 22nd is still on. And anyone who felt they were going to ascend, but were left behind, you’re welcome too. One other positive in all this: no more shopping days till Christmas.

    • colbaby says:

      You guys should go to Tea and Sympathy lol.

    • Don’t forget, some of us live overseas. But let us know how we can pitch in our contact info! If we had to choose a mutual ground to still talk and love Stephen, I vote for Facebook. That way we could have weekly discussions on various Stephen topics. But Twitter would be good too. I would finally be persuaded to get an account for that.

    • Karenatasha says:

      I’d love to! It’s a question of how to exchange info.

      • AH! Brilliant idea (?) to exchange information without broadcasting our personal info all across the internet! On Colbert Nation Forums, I have an account as Susan WJ (I don’t know why I didn’t keep the same SW name, but anyway…) The Forums there allow for personal messaging! Karenatasha, if you’re on the Forums, why don’t you send me a message via Susan WJ. In fact, anyone else interested in meeting up in NYC on the 22nd can also message me via the Colbert Nation Forums at Susan WJ. Once I have all of your personal message accounts, we can exchange information — and we won’t have stalkers showing up.
        Sound okay?

        • Or Karenatasha has her nofactzone email for the moment, with the info about herself under the FAQ section (oh wait :P) – people can send their info there. Or to me at mine.

        • Either one works for me. Are you in NY, Toad?

        • Christiane says:

          I tried sending you a message on the Colbertnation forums but for some reason it won’t let me. I keep getting a line in the box where I’m posting “to” “type in recipient’s name and hit return after each entry”. I have NO clue what that means. I fail. XD

          I’m dazedpuckbunny on the colbertnation forums.

  42. AudioInisder says:

    Thank you, DB & everyone for all the work you put into NFZ

  43. MaryLovesColbert says:

    I cannot believe the site is just ending! This has been the premier source for Colbert news for years and for years I’ve come here and have been able to get updates in Colbert news before anyone else. I’m so sad that it’s just ending now, but you’re right — this is a great way to go out.

    First of all: I want to thank you, DB, for posting my account of the Colbert Report panel at Second City a few years ago. That was a big moment for me because it was awesome to see Stephen, but it was also awesome that you encouraged me and posted my account of the event!

    Question for Stephen!!! —> What was a moment during “Strangers with Candy” that you had a really hard time not laughing or cracking up. What was a moment where someone did something or the scene was just too funny to handle for you?

    This site has been amazing, you guys have been amazing, and I am definitely going to miss No Fact Zone! Congrats, DB, on all your years as successful and AWESOME leader of this offshoot of the Colbert Nation. Enjoy the interview with Stephen!

    • lockhart43 says:

      First, it’s nice to see you back here again, MaryLovesColbert, if only for the end of all things. Do you still have your livejournal account? I’m sure we’ll be able to stay in touch on there, and I think I still have your email.

      Second, that’s a great question! :)

    • Mr. Arkadin says:

      I’m glad to see you back as well, MaryLovesColbert!
      Asides from your superb Second City reporT, you’ll always be the gal who effortlessly dropped the word “kerfuffle” into a post!
      And that’s a good thing! :)

  44. Another Stephen question:
    By now you realize that you have been a personal bellwether for so many people who look up to you and admire your integrity, sense of humor, smarts and talent… as well as the way you appear to lead your life (devoting time to charities, visiting the troops in Iraq, maintaining your commitment to those closest to you, etc.). My question is, who is that person for you? Who is the person you look toward for inspiration, whom you admire artistically and/or personally? Who is your Stephen Colbert?

  45. Does anyone else feel like part of the show itself is ending? Because for me, I just realized, this place has been part of the show.

    • YES! That’s exactly what I’ve been thinking all day! WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH!

  46. Horrible thought! If we can’t view the interview right then and there on the 21st, will we be able to see it afterwards?!?!

    • How is the interview being done? Will be an hour? Two? Will it just be audio with a picture in place or will we get to see Stephen’s beautiful face? I have my 3 hour written exam on Saturday from 2:30-6pm French time (minus 6 hours for US) and I don’t want to miss this!!!

    • lockhart43 says:

      It’s my guess that since it will be audio, and it will take some amount of time to get everything situated, the interview will be done sometime before the 21st so it can be all ready to post right away.

      • You’re probably right. I mean, Stephen IS leaving on the 21st itself for Bermuda, so I’m guessing (and DB can correct me if she wants/needs to) that the interview will very likely be conducted maybe Thursday or Friday (once everyone has had a chance to pitch possible questions, and she’ll need some time to weed through them to pick which ones and also to decide how she wants to run the interview) and then edited before being posted on Saturday…*sigh*

  47. lockhart43 says:

    Two things: (1) It’s fantastic that it’s taken less than 15 hours for this thread to have 100 comments and (2) is anyone else comparing this whole thing to the series finale of “Strangers With Candy”? If we’re gonna go out, we might as well go out with a bang and light Flatpoint High on fire. Cinnabon anybody? :P

    • colbaby says:

      Ha! Cue “Sexx Laws.” I’ve always wanted to blow up my school and become a boozer, a user, and a loser. Now’s my chance!

      • Michele says:

        “It beats teaching.”

        Thanks for that reminder of the finale of SWC! LOL!

      • lockhart43 says:

        And you’re gonna make a chunk ‘a change, colbaby!

        Bless you for mentioning “Sexx Laws”…that final roll of credits with Stephen in that button-up shirt and blazer dancing with that smile on his face…*happy sigh* is my favorite part of that episode, and one of my favorite things ever.

    • I think it’s great that as I was reading through all of this, I was totally thinking the same thing! Follow me folks!!!!!

    • Lilimich says:

      I can barely get through the comments anymore. I keep crying. At my desk. At work.

      This is not healthy.

      • lockhart43 says:

        I didn’t go to sleep until quarter to 4 this morning because I spent so much time thinking about exactly what was happening. You’re not alone *hugs*, and it was still awesome to meet you and Ann at Two River way back when! :)

  48. I love you guys right now. In a totally appropriate way, of course.

    So here are my questions for Stephen:

    1. You obviously had fun doing “Company” this spring. If you’re offered another opportunity and your schedule allows it, do you think you’ll do more musical theater in the future? Are there any specific plays or roles that you’d like to take on?

    2. I love it when you sing with your musical guests. Is there anyone in particular you’d love to have on the show for a duet?

    3. Tag team wrestling match: you and Jon Stewart vs. Conan O’Brien and Andy Richter. Who wins?

    • YES to #1!!! I can’t believe I didn’t think of that question myself, being one of many musical theatre geek/nerds! PLEASE do another musical, Stephen! Or 3! Or 7! Or more! Give the rest of us who weren’t able to see Company another chance to hear your golden vocal chords!!

  49. I’ve another question. So I’ve noticed/recognized, Stephen, that you’ve used quite a few ASL signs on your show. Having done an ASL minor along with my double majors in college myself (although it’s been a while since I’ve used my skills), I’m just curious to know how much ASL do you actually know, and how much to an extent do you use it in real life? If you do use it, do you only use it in certain situations?

  50. andy_ruso says:

    Earlier this week, I got some pretty awesome, life changing news in the mail. As I turned around to trundle back into my hovel of an abode, I failed to put my legs into ‘going up stairs mode’, and managed to break two toes and face plant into a pot of daisies on my way up to the front porch. I remember sitting upright, tears running down my face, but still with that stupid grin stuck firmly in place (unlike some of the bones in my foot).

    Now, I was pretty sure feeling that level of elation and pain AT THE SAME TIME, wasn’t going to happen again anytime soon…

    But here I am again, like I’ve just been told in one ear that I’ve won a million bajillion dollars and at the same time in the other, that I’ve only got 8 seconds to live. And there’s still the tears and the pain has relocated to just under the ribs, and slightly to the left, but reading these comments has left me with that same grin, all over again.

    Thanks for all your hard work, D.B. and Completionists!

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