We’ve got our ‘Welcome Jesus’ T-shirts on – bring on the Return of Christ!

Stephen Colbert Rapture T-Shirt

Zoners – I’ve been holding onto my ‘Welcome Jesus’ T-shirt since this site started in July 2006, and now I finally get to wear it! For those of you who may have missed last Monday’s “Yahweh or No Way” segment, Stephen made the announcement that according to his calculations (and the calculations from the Family Radio group), Jesus Christ should be returning on May 21, 2011.film Names on the Cup 2017 online

As some of you probably noticed, I’ve been away a lot lately. Truth be told, I’ve been spending a ton of time at my new church with my new old-school Latin Mass priests, preparing my soul and my knees for the coming of Christ. And wouldn’t you know it, Stephen goes and verifies it as being next week. Talk about timing!

In anticipation of our Lord, Jesus Christ, the only Son of God, eternally begotten of the Father, God from God, Light from Light, true God from true God, begotten, not made, one in Being with the Father, coming again in glory to judge the living and the dead, we figured this would probably be a good time to wrap up our blogging here at No Fact Zone.

We’ve got lots of things planned for our End of the Blog World extravaganza, including many thoughts by those of us who have been fortunate enough to be able to contribute to this site over the years. But that’s not the best part. In anticipation of life as we know it coming to a screeching halt, Rev. Dr. Stephen T. Colbert, DFA has consented to granting your humble bloggers here at No Fact Zone his very final interview before his ascension to heaven, provided Christ can find him in the international waters during the boat race and the nut from Family Radio is actually right.

Yes, folks you heard it right – No Fact Zone has scored an interview with Stephen Colbert! We figured if we’re going out, we’re going out with a bang worthy of none other than Stephen Colbert himself. But we need your help! We couldn’t have spent the last five years praising Stephen’s name if we didn’t have the chorus of Zoners behind us supporting us and singing Stephen’s praises right along with us. We want to give you the opportunity to help us with our final post, which will feature audio from an exclusive interview by yours truly, DB, with our very favorite basic cable fundit, Stephen Colbert, on May 21, 2011.

If you have a question for the exclusive No Fact Zone interview with Stephen Colbert, leave it in the comments, and we might include it in our interview!


  1. Karenatasha says:

    Hi–time for my questions:

    1) In the past year, you’ve engaged in a lot of what I’d call “political theater,” which actually began a while ago when you ran for president. But recently, you’ve held the rally, actually testified in Congress, and started the SuperPAC. These go beyond satire to have an real and powerful effect on society. What motivated you to move in this direction? And are you planning to do more of this type of action?

    2) Also, in the past year, you’ve really begun to display your theatrical chops again, with both the “Old Times” and “Company.” (I saw both and enjoyed them very much. Congrats to your wife too, for her wonderful performance.) One playwright I’d love to see you try is Samuel Beckett–both because of his humor and his Irishness. Would that interest you? And if you were to do a Beckett play, which would you choose, what role, and why?

    3) Although you are a brilliant wordsmith (and The Word is usually my favorite segment of the show), I’m always astounded by your skill at physical comedy, which I find extremely rare these days. Your “My Fair Lady” skit was almost Keatonesque. My question is: do you like silent film comedy, and which ones do you like? Did they influence you at all?

    My deepest thanks so DB for arranging this, and to Stephen for agreeing to do this. It’s a beautiful farewell gesture. It has been an honor to be a Completist and write for such an intelligent, respectful site and readership. And needless to say, to write about such a wonderful subject.

    • lockhart43 says:

      I like your questions, Karenatasha. And you make a good point. I thanked Stephen for everything except for the fact that he was kind enough to agree to do this interview. Thank you, thank you, thank you. And thank you some more, Sir. :)

  2. Wait, No Fact Zone is ending? Really? Truly? Wait…No no no…NO NO NO NO NO! How can I think up a question for Stephen when I’m this upset? I’d be crying, but I don’t think it’s really sunk in yet…

    I’m officially devastated. I really hope there’s some way I can keep in touch with all you wonderful people after the time of horror actually comes. I need to go away and digest this, I think…

    • So many people want to stay together and keep writing… we need an organizer! Who amongst you is a computer person? No one expects anyone to take up DB’s mantle, but if someone could get us started, it would be, well, a start! (Maybe we could even figure out a way to make the archives from NFZ appear as part of a new site? I, of course, have no idea what I’m talking about, not being a computer person.)
      Arrow, I think many of us know how you feel. If you read all these posts, you will see that you’re not alone!

      • somuch2kno says:

        I’ve had fits of wanting to suggest we all head to Colbert Nation and take it over, but I realize that’s not very friendly (in both the sociological and Quaker sense). And even with my limited tech understanding, I know it’s not really doable. The thought just momentarily comforts me.

        To tackle this challenge (keep repeating – it’s a challenge, not a tragedy. It’s a challenge, not a tragedy) to our community-ness, it would seem that the FB or LJ suggestions might be our best immediate choice. Twitter is way too restrictive, both in number of characters allowed (see – most NFZ posts) and comment thread-type presentation. On FB and LJ we could still post picture and links. The LJ advantage, if I’m not mistaken, would be our ability to keep our identities private in a public forum, as opposed to FB (unless you create and use a fake identity, which I’ve known friends to do). I’m happy to experiment in any way the more tech-savvy of us recommend. I just really don’t want to lose the continued interaction of this family. (There! I said it! We’re a family. Therapy to follow.)

        • As one of your NFZ sisters and family members, I agree. And LJ makes the most sense to me too.

        • As a Colbertnation.com Moderator/Administrator, I can tell you that you are ALL welcome at CN. You don’t need to “take it over”. We already have specific sections for TCR episodes discussion, all other things Colbert related and even a “fangirls only” section. These areas are moderated to keep them on topic and accomodating, although perhaps not quite the same way as you’re accustomed but we can work together on that as well.
          In the wake of an NFZ-less reality, we can and will make an effort to specifically accomodate all Zoners. I can assure you of this.
          You can and should feel welcome at the Colbert Nation. It IS your best “immediate option” and the right thing to do. Feel free to contact me if you have questions or would like further input regarding this.

        • Agree with Truthi here. As a CN Mod/Admin and member, my experience has been very positive in all the TCR related topics area of the forum (Colbert Report, All About Stephen, Fan Fiction/Fan Art, C-Section, etc…). In these areas new comers are treated with the outmost respect.
          Also, like here on NFZ, we developed a friendship that goes beyond posting on the CN forum.
          In fact, a fairly good size group of members had a chance to meet in person at the Rally to Restore Sanity and/or Fear. It was an unforgettable experience. It helped us understand at least a bit more where we are coming from, where we are going with this… We want the Colbert/Stewart fandom to grow healthy, happy, supportive and supporting of new comers. That’s at least what I have witnessed throughout the years for the most part. And, btw, as a token of support, I have also extended to September 30, the 2nd Fan Art Contest for all Colbert/Stewart fans, on the Rally to Restore Sanity and/or Fear, with plenty of great prizes, including an iPad 2 as the grand prize (more here: http://forums.colbertnation.com/?page=ThreadView&thread_id=24208&pg=1).
          But enough PR… LOL… If the Zoners are interested and wish to join us, we would love to welcome them and help them integrate the best we can, keeping in mind that we are all volunteers, who are here for the love of the two shows. And that’s about it.
          On the other hand, if there’s a way to help you keep this website up, let us know what we can do to help out.

        • somuch2kno says:

          @ Truthi – What a sweet welcome. Your hospitality is most appreciated. I know that I will certainly be checking out CN more earnestly now, but we Zoners have been a very spoiled lot with this site and I think it will take us a bit of time to not feel like homeless orphans. (Yes, I know, that’s very dramatic of me. Sorry. But I think many of us are plumbing the depths while we can, before moving on to being the can-do bunch we usually are.)

        • lockhart43 says:

          @ Truthi – I want to reiterate somuch2kno’s comment and say thank you for the welcome!

        • You’re welcome to the welcome :)
          We’ve added a special subforum @ CN EXCLUSIVELY for Zoners!
          Details to follow @ CN shortly….

        • Karenatasha says:

          Truthi, that is very kind of you to create that! We do need a home.

        • colbaby says:

          Yeah, thanks for looking out for us Truthi.

          Haha, this is so sad. It’s like we’re a bunch of little D*ckensian street urchins. “Please, sir? Spare a message board, sir?”

        • Did Colbaby actually get censored for “****ensian?”

        • “Celebrating DB’s legacy”, Zoners-ONLY subforum now online and open for your pleasure at cn.com!
          See announcement thread here: http://forums.colbertnation.com/?page=ThreadView&thread_id=26854 for how to gain exclusive access. (Some of you have already been given access)

      • I’m a computer person! I’m a computer science major in college! What exactly needs to be done here?

    • It’s not just me, all of the Mods/Admins @ CN (some of whom you know from here @ NFZ) have been discussing how to accomodate suddenly displaced Zoners. As TCR’s official online presence, we all feel that Zoners should be made comfortable at Colbert Nation and given specific accomodations.
      We’re still working out the logistics of special access as we speak but it’s a “done deal”.
      Within the next couple days, an announcement will be made at forums.colbertnation.com on how to gain access to the NFZ exclusive forum. Hopefully we can get a message up here at NFZ too for everyone to see so nobody “misses the memo”.
      You can keep your NFZ family together at cn.com and those who choose to can ignore the rest of the forums and participate in nothing but the NFZ dedicated board (or just the NFZ AND Fangirl boards).
      Of course there’s many other features and TCR content for you at CN.com too besides the forums…

      • Arkadina says:

        I’m up for a special NFZ F on CN, or indeed anywhere we can all huddle together as a displaced cybermass. Inspired by Toad, I’ve signed up for a Live Journal account [name: arkadina_x] and I’m on the Twitter thing as ArkadinaX. I believe current Completists have access to full email addresses so if anyone wants to contact me any of these ways, feel free to do so.…tick tick tick

      • @Arkadina – And then very soon, it’ll be tick…tick…BOOM! (a point and/or cookie to whoever gets that reference)

        @Truthi – Truthi, thank you SO much for providing this kind service to all us Zoners! It’s wonderful that you’re thinking about us by creating this forum. Like I said somewhere on this VERY long response list to this blog post, I don’t really go to the forums much, but if you could definitely make an announcement here on NFZ about the Zoners-Only Forum and how we can access it, that would be greatly appreciated.

    • pkyoubuggin says:

      I think we all should participate on Colbert Nation, the NFZ forum is a great idea, and I am glad to see that everyone is looking for a solution for the displaced, non-combatant refugee Zoners, but I am working on a blog myself. Right now it is called colbertstheword dot typepad dot com, it will be going through some changes, but it will be my blog, and if Zoners would come and support me I would greatly appreciate it. What is nice about typepad is that you can log in from LJ, Facebook, Twitter, etc, preserving people’s privacy (which is important to me), and it is pretty easy to work with (for those of us, like myself, who are html deficient).

      This will allow a fan driven forum and we can do whatever we want with it. Again, there is no furniture yet, pretty bare, but you are all welcome to check it out. It’s my superpac—- colbertstheword dot typepad dot com.

      • somuch2kno says:

        @Truthi – Wow! I can’t tell you how touched I am by you and CN’s efforts on our part. I’m starting to lurk around a bit over there and, at the moment, it feels so vast. Being able to start out surrounded by family will be such a wonderful introductory cushion. And I’m sure the more opinionated, uh, I mean, extroverted of us, will begin to explore our way into the rest of the forum. Once I get myself into “it’s a new adventure!” mode, I’m sure I’ll be poking around all over the place. But it will be so special to have a familiar corner to return to. Thank you!!

        @pkyoubuggin – Ambitious!! I will certainly check out colbertstheword.

        Although I doubt anything will be able to replace NFZ, I’m starting to feel a little less panicked about being ripped from the bosom of my fellow Zoners. (There I go getting all over-dramatic again. I’m sure it’s lack of sleep.) Saturday feels like it’s LOOMING up ahead. So conflicted – can’t wait to hear DB’s interview, don’t want “the end” to come. (Get it together, somuch!! Darn, I wish I had a silent letter in my name to emphasize when I admonish myself at a time like this!)

        • pkyoubuggin says:

          Don’t worry, I feel the same way about the retiring of NFZ. And thanks for your support.

          recaptcha…inatinic legumes….wha?

        • Can the (apparently) small NYC contingent still look forward to seeing you on the 22nd to comisserate? We need to drown our sorrows together, even if only in root beer. Or garlic shrimp. (We’ll have to check with Karenatasha, but I think there may only be 3 or 4 of us…) There’s still room for more if any NY area Zoners are reading this…

  3. OK. Either I’m having a “bad case of the Monday” or I read that NO FACT ZONE is going to be NO LONGER FACT ZONE from May 21st, 2011 on. If it’s the latter, pass the medication and a glass of water, pretty please…
    – Close parenthesis – *goes in a corner of her mind weeping*

    Next. What do we, Colbert Nation, can do, in order to keep you going, dearest DB and Co.? First question.

    Second question to Mr. Colbert: are you going to keep a live blog with videos/photos (easy to do with iPad – hard to do with no WiFi) about your journey to Bermudas?
    If So, are you going to be able to put NO FACT ZONE logo next to your other friend AUDI? Thank you, sir.

    All the best to both NFZ and to you, Mr. Colbert, for a safe journey in Neptune’s Kingdom
    (which I found out it’s not that far away from here: http://www.beachboardwalk.com/02_neptunes_kingdom.html LOL)

  4. Here are my questions for Stephen:

    1) When not working on the show what do you like to do in your downtime? What are your favourite hobbies other than LoTR and D&D?

    2) If you could star in a movie as an literary character who would it be and why?

    3) Where would you like your career to go once TCR ends?

    4) Out of all of the many awards you have won over your career, which one(s) mean the most to you and why?

  5. I think the impetus is on one of us Zoners here setting up an official twitter/facebook and/or livejournal and then maybe posting it and then the branches can grow from there.

    Who wants to step up I have no problem taking on the livejournal since I am still an active user/lurker there, if thats an option.

    • well that posted weird

      • I think the way it works is that the person with the weirdest post gets the job!
        So, unless anyone would like to speak up now as to why Toad should not lead the way on livejournal… you’re it!
        I have no idea what to do now, but I’d be more than happy to help in any way I can.

    • Christiane says:

      I agree! A livejournal or facebook would be a great way to keep the group together. I love LJ and wouldn’t mind helping out if you wanted to start a group there. It seems like everyone has a FB as well, so I’m assuming a group page could be set up there as well. :D I’m dazedpuckbunny on LJ if you wanna track me down.

    • pkyoubuggin says:

      If someone does come up with a livejournal or facebook page, please indicate so in BIG letters so we can all find it, whomever is interested in commenting up, which, I am guessing, is a sizable lot.

      • Yes, there should definitely be a really big post about that in a separate area. This place is starting to get crowded from all the love and tears! Oh, and the questions for Stephen, too. Which is I think what DB wanted… Little did she know…

    • lockhart43 says:

      If not you, Toad, then there is a very-distinct-but-actually-very-large possibility that I will start up one on LJ. I have an LJ account, but haven’t been on it in a very long while. But I’m sure it can’t be too difficult to start up a community, and I feel like I may have a flexible enough schedule to do whatever moderating needs to be done. It’s a start, anyway. :D

      I also have a facebook account. Any way to stay in touch with y’all. :)

      • That’s great, Lockhart43! Maybe you can figure something out together… I have no idea how this stuff works.
        I need to go to sleep now. The typing is driving my husband crazy.
        More tomorrow…

        • Or I would love to do it with Lockhart43. I would be willing to do it as a part time gig. Would probably be better for me, anyways :)

        • I mean I wouldnt mind sharing it, ugh, too much NFZ, tears and such making for bad typing and all that. Must…sleep…

          We’ll work it out. I think the shock needs to wear off everyone

      • lockhart43 says:

        @Toad RE: the shock comment – I agree. I don’t want to start something up when I just found out about it a day ago. There’ll be time to think things through and we’ll figure something out, and all will be right with the world. For now….holy awesome, DB’s interviewing Stephen!

        Goodnight, friends.

  6. snoopypez says:

    Question for Stephen: Assuming he ever takes a break from 24/7 awesomeness, would there ever be the slightest chance he, Paul and Amy would work together again? I STILL miss Stranglers!

  7. jimichavo says:

    Hello…I normally remain in the woodwork, but I just had to come out and say something. Everybody on this site–the Completists, the Zoners, DB- you have been a remarkable complement to TCR, kind of like Americone Dream, except sweeter and less fattening. It is sometimes hard to keep up with news of Stephen, and NFZ has always given me the coverage that I crave so. And the analysis and comments are a wonderful guide for the newly minted It-Getter. There is such love here, and I wish I had shared it with all of you more. That being said, it must be a real thrill for you, DB, (as it is for all of us) and you deserve this time with Stephen. You will not be alone, though–we will all be with you in spirit, cheering you on.
    This is a real loss, but that is just a testament to how great NFZ is. And if somebody should try to reassemble us It-Getters somewhere else, it would be wonderful, but it would be in the shadow of the legendary No Fact Zone.
    Best of wishes, and thank you, thank you, thank you!
    *returns to woodwork*

  8. friedthing says:

    Alrighty, here are some questions for Stephen :). I didn’t read ALL 158 comments so far, so I apologize if I’m repeating something:

    1. Could you tell us about your one-man show, Describing a Circle?
    2. What’s the deal with that Applebees picture in your book?
    3. What do you like most and least about yourself?
    4. What’s the most bizarre piece of theater you’ve ever done?
    5. What was your favorite stuffed animal as a kid?

    I know… pretty dorky questions, but hopefully not too stalkerish ;)

    Oh! Pretty sure almost no one will read this or care, but there’s this billboard on my way to work now that says “Tree physician, not mortician” and there’s a picture of a doctor listening to a tree trunk with a stethoscope. Reminded me of Stephen, of course!!

    • pkyoubuggin says:

      These are really good questions!

    • I totally get the Stephen and the tree reference! (And I rarely get anything, being one of the older Zoners, so I’m very proud of myself!) Now, to display my lack of knowlege even further, I didn’t know about “Describing A Circle.” What was that all about? (Forgive my ignorance.) Oh, and I especially like your questions #3&4.

  9. somuch2kno says:

    OK. I’ve had sufficient time to somewhat compose myself.


    For the moment.

    Just a word of warning – I’m going full-on selfish right now. I’ve really gone into mourning since it became clear that the End of Days for this site is a mere few, well, days away. I’m awash in a flood of “I’ll miss…”. I’ll miss getting the scoop on all things Stephen (and, therefore, important). I’ll miss the links to videos and interviews and articles I’d never have known about. I’ll miss the gratuitous Eye Candy. (I really can’t bear the thought of this treasure trove of wonderfulness completely disappearing from the interwebs into a Brigadoon-like mist!) And the biggest “I’ll miss…” in the pit of my stomach is the community of articulate, thoughtful, diverse, perverse, silly, intelligent Zoners.

    All of which is a testament to DB. The Completist deserve our undying thanks – thank you! thank you! – for contributing and helping to carry the load. But DB planted an amazing seed, laying a foundation of welcoming respect and acceptance for all. She’s done an unbelievable job of tending this sprawling vibrant garden. It’s astonishing to realize she’s kept this going so effectively for so many years! DB – you have my deepest and sincerest thanks and affection for this abundant gift. Amen.

  10. Gratefull says:

    Today has been such a curious day … the outpouring of care and affection … so wonderful. … so touching … DB is getting ready for her interview with Mr. C and wants questions … and as I can’t seem to leave words alone, here are a few more …

    Mr. Colbert,
    1) If you had your perfect dream, what would you want to be doing in 3, 5 or 10 years?
    2) Would you ever consider leading Master Classes in writing or improv or some other subject?
    3) What not-so-obvious advice would you give someone who wants to get better at writing and sharing with an audience?
    4) What are three of your favourite childrens’ books?
    5) Desert Island: which three books would you want with you [let’s pretend that you miraculously find JRR Tolkien, J.D. Salinger, Harper Lee’s To Kill a Mockingbird, Skrunk & White’s Elements of of Style, and the Bible there already] … what other three books?
    6) What are your typical sleeping dreams like?
    7) What are your typical anxiety dreams like?
    8) What about the NFZ site would you like to see more of over on the CN site?
    9) How can the Completists and Zoners support you the best moving forward?

    Thanks, thanks for letting us play the game with you … with you all …


    • I know all-caps are supposed to be rude, but I can’t help it…. THOSE ARE GREAT QUESTIONS!!! Just wonderful. I’d love to hear the answers to all of those!

  11. DB when I first read you were ending the site I thought it was a joke…then I see it’s real—so very sorry to hear it but I realize that all the work of keeping it going, in addition to a full time job, had to be really stressful. I want to just repeat what I’m sure every one has stated, that this has been an amazing site to follow Stephen’s show and his activities, and I am so thrilled for you that you are getting the chance to interview him at the end.

    I don’t think I can come up with better questions, so I just hope you enjoy the experience – I am sure it will be great!

    I have never been on Live Journal but if the board continues there I will be sure to check it out! Here’s hoping.

    Thanks again to DB, the Completists, all you Zoners, and Stephen for inspiring everything.

  12. Sigh. As a lurker, I must thank you for such a gorgeous website that I have lurked on for years. Wish I could have gotten to know you all better. I just don’t usually post. Because you may be thinking, “Remember that girl, from the Geoffrey Rush and maybe some other taping recap? Yeah. Her. She’s awkward.” And yes. Yes I am.

    But hey, if we’re interviewing Stephen, I’ve got something to say (pardon the reference, I typed it before I realized what I’d said)! I was going to ask this at my previous taping, but didn’t know how to phrase it properly…

    Question: I’ve read somewhere that the sketch that brought you (Stephen Colbert), Paul Dinello, and Amy Sedaris together at Second City included a song about McDonalds, and that you (Stephen Colbert) still know the words. Since this is an audio thing, would you mind singing this?

    I’ll be creeping around here for the next few days, and I think I may jump into the No Fact Zone migration to LiveJournal or something. I’ll miss you, completists. Do you know how many Star Wars references would have gone over my head without the weekly pop culture explanations?!

    • lockhart43 says:

      “…I’ve got something to say (pardon the reference, I typed it before I realized what I’d said)!”

      No need to pardon yourself. I welcome any and all SWC references, Erin! :D

  13. Wow…the amount of comments just keeps on growing, doesn’t it? I say that once we reach 200, one of the Completists put up a random blog post so that we can actually execute a real plan on staying in touch, whichever social media tool we use. It’s starting to get really confusing trying to read which comment is on which thread. And we keep this post solely as a form of virtual catharsis and more possible interview questions. I think it’s done all of us some good in being able to write down our feelings, since we’re all going through the same mixture of shock, mourning, elation, denial and acceptance. I know it has for me.

  14. colbaby says:

    A) I think we’ve broken the internets with this thread.

    B) I thought a good night’s sleep would make this unsettled feeling go away. But I just woke up, and no such luck. “EYES TO THE BACK OF THE ROOM”

    • Yeah, I still feel distracted myself, and I’m still not prepared for my exam later today. Oh well. It’s not a matter of life and death (not like Saturday) if I don’t do well. It’s not like I’m in college. And I approve of the SWC reference, colbaby, although (thankfully) I think I’m all cried out.

  15. Well, since we still keep adding on (and I still feel distracted), I’ll keep it going by putting down a couple more questions for Stephen.

    1) How’s the BFFSM going between you and Jimmy Fallon, Stephen? Is it going well? Are your feelings about him changing? Do you think that by the end of the 6 months you’ll want to upgrade to BFFs?

    2) I don’t know if you’ll ever read this VERY long blog post, Stephen, but I can tell you that all of us are sad that NFZ is coming to an end and that we need to search for another outlet to sing your praises. Could you do something to cheer us up/make us happy, just for your Zoner fangirls? Like an interview audio hug (I’m guessing that most of us are shorter than you so we’d go low)? Maybe even a “special kiss” (if that’s too much, we can just settle for a hug)?

    And, because I did not think to say this yet, I want to thank you, Stephen, SO MUCH for agreeing to this interview just for DB, the Completists, and all us Zoners. It’s a real honor and privilege (knowing that you rarely do interviews), and we are so excited. If it wasn’t for you, we would never have met each other through our mutual admiration of you, and for that we are all so grateful. You really are a wonderful man. I can’t wait to hear what you have to tell us!

  16. colbaby says:

    A few more ideas for questions:

    Fondest memory from working at The Daily Show?

    Your reaction to the media reaction to the Rally? Did the Rally meet your expectations? Anything you would change if you had to go back and do it all over again?

    I know you play guitar (or at least you own one). As a (mediocre) guitarist myself, I’d be curious to know out of any musician living or dead, whom would you want to jam with? Or if you’re still a beginner, whom would you want to receive lessons from?

    An oldie but a goody: fantasy dinner party. Which five people, living/dead/real/fictional, do you invite? And more importantly, what do you serve?

    Will you ever come to London for realz? I’ll take you out for tea, scones, fish & chips, whatever you want. My treat. And you can pop that pinky out as much as you like. I’ll even let you rag on the English, as I’m American so I don’t care. I may even join in. It’ll be glorious.

  17. Long-time lurker, infrequent commenter, and I’ve relied on NFZ’s episode guides for reference too many times to count.

    Two suggested questions for Mr. Colbert, both about the show:

    1) Your character has his share of issues, and I’m not talking about magazines. Obviously that’s influenced by whatever’s funniest in a given scene, but sometimes you refer to oddly specific symptoms – “difficulty with object permanence,” for instance, or using a light box to combat seasonal affective disorder. Is that a result of any serious thought by the writers about his mental state, or is it just a psych major on your staff showing off?

    2) If (heaven forbid) the Report only had a week left to run, what would you do? Are there flashy scenes you’ve always wanted to do but couldn’t justify the expense for, on which you’d blow the last of the budget? Any plot twists or moments of character development you’d put in, knowing that you didn’t have to preserve the continuity for next week?

  18. Ok…I finally thought of some questions! They may be repeated so my apologies…

    1. There are times on the show when you break character. I personally love these moments because it is real to me- eveyone breaks at both appropriate and inappropriate times while at work, with friends and family. How do you decide when to retape a segment and when to keep the break in?

    2. The show has changed over the years based on writing staff, the news cycle, and just figuring out what works and doesn’t, etc. In the beginning, what- if anything- was the most challenging aspect of putting the show together? Is that still the most challenging aspect of putting the show together now/How has that changed? What has gotten easier?

  19. My questions for Stephen:
    1) What do you think of your Fangirls? We think you’re hot. ;)
    2) What is your favorite gift that you’ve ever received from a fan, or group of fans?
    3) Do you have a favorite sign from the Rally?
    4) A favorite costume for the Rally?
    5) Do you prefer the Colbert Nation to be your mindless mob, or is it interesting when we come up with fun and creative stuff to send you?

  20. blondelizard says:

    I’ve been lurking in the shadows of the Zone for a while now, but I feel like now is as good a time as any to come out and say something. DB, Completists, and all the Zoners out there, thank you so much for making and maintaining this great site. I found out about NFZ while browsing through some of the comments made on the CN site, and I’ve enjoyed every piece of Eye Candy and episode guide posted (and everything inbetween.) If the site does branch out in some fashion, I’ll definitely make an effort to post and (hopefully) get to know everyone here. But for now, I just wanted to say how much I appreciate this site and all the effort and love put into it. Also, huge congrats for getting an interview with Stephen, I can’t wait to see it.

  21. toothpick_pocket says:

    DB, I just want to thank you and all of the other wonderful people who have maintained this site for so long. I started coming here during the WGA strike and watched how the site grew with more features, better technology, but most importantly people who ‘got it’ and played along with Stephen, just as he encourages everyone to do. Here members could discuss the news, watch clips from past and current shows, or just vote for their favorite segment of an episode. It really allowed us not only a forum to celebrate our hero, but gave us a connection to him, his colleagues, and each other. But without you guys, your tenacity, love, energy, creativity, and dedication, it wouldn’t have come nearly this far. So thank you for giving us this site, this big ‘gummy lump’ of w00t and squee. It will be sorely missed.

    Okay, suggestions for questions!
    1. Does your background as an improviser ever interfere with being an executive producer? Do you ever have to say ‘no’ when you really want to say ‘yes,and’?

    2. Where did the idea for Charlie (‘Exit 57’) come from?

    3. Do you think Jon Stewart, if he would ever consent to playing, would make a good Thief (or Rogue) in ‘Dungeons & Dragons’? Is there another character you think he’d be more suited for?

  22. Mrs Colbert the 2nd says:

    Gutted…no other words for it. Where the hell am I going to get all the ‘other’ Stephen news??? Truly devastated…
    I’m afraid the only question I can think of at the moment is did he get the 2 birthday scrapbooks we at Colbert Nation made for his birthday & did he like them??? REALLY want to know his thoughts on them…
    I’m sorry, I’m stunned… what the hell are we going to do without NFZ??????

  23. I am devastated to see this community go, but thankful for what it has given me over the past few years. Thank you, thank you, THANK YOU, everyone, for your hard work.

    I have two questions for Stephen.

    1) Mr. Colbert, what are your thoughts on the upcoming Hobbit movies, and did you lobby to be in them? (I’m still shocked that you didn’t ask Guillermo del Toro about them during your last interview–he was still supposed to be directing them, then, I think.) If you are able to get ANY of the cast or crew on your show when they are promoting it, I will be a happy girl!

    2) I can’t imagine, when you began the show, that you were thinking about becoming the catalyst you are today. With a simple request for support from The Colbert Nation, you have raised a great deal of money to support charities and Olympic teams (and soon, hopefully, political action through your Super PAC). You draw thousands to a rally in a few weeks, hundreds to the FEC in a few hours. You get treadmills in space (should have been a node!) and bridges named after you. You have worked to remind us that there are soldiers who need our support in Iraq (and gave your hair for the cause). So, I was wondering. . .at what point did you decide to be this influential? Is it possible that you created the show hoping for this result, or did you realize that you had the capability and wanted to make the most of it? Has it all been so gradual, a simple pushing of boundaries over time, that you didn’t intend it but it has progressed to this naturally?

  24. My question(s) for Stephen:

    1. Who chooses the authors appearing on your show? Or how do you decide who to invite? Do you or your wife or your writers read the book and then think of inviting the author to the show? Do you consider some topics/books too polarizing that you wouldn’t invite the author to the show?

    2. Here in the Philippines, The Daily Show has been criticized for being racist/offensive when they showed a field piece by Samantha Bee (“Is the US Ready for a Woman President?”) that featured women leaders and former Philippine president Corazon Aquino labeled as a “sl*t”. Not a lot of people understood that the piece was satirical and were immediately defensive/offended/angered. How do you handle criticism from people who are not aware about the satirical nature of the show (both TDS and TCR)? What ways do you use to try to get them to understand what the show is about?

    Thank you DB! Looking forward to the interview! :)

  25. I just want to say that I’m going to miss this site very much. And I want to thank DB and all the Completists for all their hard work in this making this site a great blog and a wonderful Community.

  26. jbirdNZ says:

    You know I missed this when it was first posted, as I really thought it was just about t-shirts, and then I thought the final posts were all just a joke before ‘The Rapture’, so I really feel like I have mud on my embarrassed, surprised face to learn that the NFZ is winding up. Thank you DB and all the contributers, this site is, has and always been amazing in its warmth and regard for the awesomeness that is Stephen Colbert.

  27. I, too, have been something of a lurker. I haven’t yet read all the comments here, but I agree with the sentiments expressed in those I have seen so far. To say that I will miss this site greatly is an understatement.

    I’ve always felt this place had something no other site did. I can’t really put it into words, except to say there was a very special “atmosphere” here. Something that revealed the love that was brought to this site by each and every Completist. And, indeed, by each and every Zoner. I guess it’s the sense that the people responsible for this site have felt as much joy as those of us who have had the pleasure to read it.

    As sad as it is that this site is ending rather than being passed on to someone else, I think we can say No Fact Zone went out on top. I’m glad to see the desire and momentum to continue our little group, and I can only hope that the end of this site is not the end of this community or its spirit.

    Finally: a very sincere and heartfelt thank you to DB, to the Completists, and to all the Zoners. Your efforts, and No Fact Zone, will not be forgotten.

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