“The Rally to Restore Sanity and/or Fear” Gets 4 Daytime Emmy® Noms

Stephen Colbert and Jon Stewart in suits
Who’s honoring Stephen Colbert and Jon Stewart now?
The Academy of Television Arts and Sciences! “The Rally to Restore Sanity and/or Fear” received four Daytime Emmy® Nominations from the Academy, Including:

  • Outstanding Special Class Special
  • Outstanding Special Class Writing
  • Outstanding Achievement in Live & Direct To Tape Sound Mixing
  • Outstanding Achievement in Technical Direction/Electronic Camera/Video Control

Well, technically, Jon and Stephen aren’t nominees for the the last two, but are listed as producers, hosts and writers on the Special Class Special and Writing categories. And, coincidentally, Comedy Central’s total number of nominees this year is exactly 4.

Here’s the list of nominated shows in these four categories. I’ve included the nominees for the “Rally” – nice to see Paul Dinello on the lists!

  • Outstanding Special Class Special
    • 84th Annual Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade (NBC)
    • New Orleans: Getting Back to Normal (American Public Television)
    • The Rally To Restore Sanity And/Or Fear (Comedy Central)
      • Executive Producers, Hosts: Jon Stewart, Stephen Colbert
      • Executive Producers: Rory Albanese, Josh Lieb, Tom Purcell
      • Co-Executive Producers: Kahane Cooperman, Meredith Bennett, Richard Dahm
      • Supervising Producers: Steve Bodow, Emily Lazar, Tanya Michnevich Bracco, Jim Margolis, Jennifer Flanz, Hillary Kun, Adam Lowitt
      • Senior Producers: Adam Chodikoff, Jimmy Donn, Justin Melkmann, Matt Lappin
      • Producers: Jill Katz, Chris McShane
      • Line Producer: Pam DePace
      • Consulting Producer: Paul Dinello
  • Outstanding Special Class Writing
    • Ellen DeGeneres Show (SYNDICATED)
    • Equitrekking (PBS)
    • Teen Kids News (FOX)
    • The Rally To Restore Sanity And/Or Fear (Comedy Central)
      • Head Writers: Steve Bodow, Barry Julien
      • Writers: Frank Lesser, Stephen Colbert, Richard Dahm, Paul Dinello, Eric Drysdale, Rob Dubbin, Max Werner, Dan Guterman, Jay Katsir, Opus Moreschi, Tom Purcell, Meredith Scardino, Scott Sherman, Michael Brumm, Glen Eichler, Rich Blomquist, Jon Stewart, Kevin Bleyer, Peter Gwinn, Tim Carvell, Wyatt Cenac, Hallie Haglund, JR Havlan, Josh Lieb, Sam Means, Jo Miller, John Oliver, Daniel Radosh, Elliott Kalan, Rory Albanese, Jason Ross
  • Outstanding Achievement in Live & Direct To Tape Sound Mixing
    • The Ellen DeGeneres Show (SYNDICATED)
    • Private Sessions (A&E)
    • The Rally To Restore Sanity And/Or Fear (Comedy Central)
      Audio Engineer: Tim Lester
    • Today Show (NBC)
  • Outstanding Achievement in Technical Direction/Electronic Camera/Video Control
    • The Ellen DeGeneres Show (SYNDICATED)
    • Giada At Home (Food Network)
    • The Oprah Winfrey Show (SYNDICATED)
    • Sesame Street (PBS)
    • The Rally To Restore Sanity And/Or Fear (Comedy Central)
      • Technical Director: Andre Allen
      • Camera Operators: Tom Ucciferi, Rich York, Tim Quigley, Helene Haviland, Franco Coello, Jerry Cancel, Tom Dowling, Phil Salanto
      • Video Control: Paul Ranieri
    • Today Show (NBC)

    The Daytime Emmy® Awards will be telecast on June 19th, 2011 on CBS from the Las Vegas Hilton.

    You can see the complete list of nominees on the Academy’s web site. The Comedy Central Press release can be found here.


    1. At least Stephen won’t be losing this award to Jon… ;-)

    2. YES!!! Way to go, boys!! Tip of the hat to both of you and your crew for a great job on an awesome event (which looked very well done performance- and tech-wise on TV when I watched it back in October)! If you don’t sweep through all of your categories with awards, I will wag my entire body at the whole Academy!

    3. friedthing says:

      “Outstanding Special Class Special” is a quadruply congratulatory name for an Emmy award! :)

      • My first thought is that it was an award created by the Department of Redundancy Department. I want them to win that one, not just because they deserve it, but because of the name.

        Congratulations to everyone involved in putting together the Rally!

        • somuch2kno says:

          @Ann G – I thought exactly that, too! On both counts! Just to hear Stephen say the name repeatedly as he boasts about winning it.

      • Actually, I think the name of all 4 categories are worthy of some jokes, but I do agree the Outstanding Special Class Special is in a, well, an extraordinary elite grade elite all of its own

    4. WOW!!! Do they ever deserve it!!! And I would love to see them accepting their award together!!!

      • Gratefull says:

        Maybe, just maybe, we will get to see them wrestle on stage for the Emmy Statue and the mike! … LOL

        • Hmmm. Nice thought! And, ehem, I’m available for practice, Stephen, if you’d like to rehearse!

    5. Oh, I just re-read the list of nominees! Jon and Stephen are up against OPRAH in the last category! C’mon Jon & Stephen, you just have to beat OPRAH!!! You have to win that award, just so you can say, “… and we beat Oprah!”

    6. lockhart43 says:

      Whoo-hoo! Eat your heart out, Giada De Laurentiis! And, just cause I’m shallow, I hope the gang makes it to the ceremony. Because seeing Paul Dinello in a tuxedo would make me a very happy person.

    7. colbaby says:

      Shut up, Kyle!

    8. I was at the Rally, but couldn’t see the stage, because of that huge white tent with the cameras that were right in front of it. So- mixed emotions that the guys inside were doing such good work, they can win an award for it.

      It would be really cool for Jon and Stephen to win an award together again. The last time would’ve been 2005? Or 2004?

    9. YAY! Excellent! I am so happy for both Stephen and Jon! The rally was OUTSTANDING. So, why bother comparing it to anything else? WINNER!

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