Anderson Cooper Goes There: Stephen now on the Ridiculist

Anderson Cooper Goes on the Absurd-U-Chart

You may recall Stephen putting Anderson Cooper on the Absurd-U-Chart back in April claiming that Anderson Coopers Ridiculist was a rip off of the far superior On Notice Board. Nothing better than a ratings feud ’round here! And the “Silver Surfer” of journalism has taken the Colbert-bait, adding Stephen to his Ridiculist and claiming that Stephen has been copying him all these years!

A Tip O’ The Hat to Mr. Arkadin for pointing this out in the comments:

Hey! Did anyone see Anderson Cooper finally respond to Colbert tonight? Cooper tried to deadpan it & act like he didn’t know who Stephen was. Mispronouning his last name. Claiming his PR team had to remind him that he had ever been on TCR. But he always busted up when he showed clips of Colbert’s “attack” on him. The best part was AC claiming Americone Dream had followed Cooper’s Ben and Jerry ice cream “White Bread Ripple.” Made with vanilla & delicious white bread! It was all fairly amusing….for Anderson Cooper. :)

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[A higher quality video is found on the corporate website, or click on the CNN logo on the top of the video.]

My favorite joke was Anderson’s quip “like you ever go outside”. If you knew Cooper like NFZ knows Cooper, you know why. And the image of Anderson Cooper waking up disoriented smelling of toner in a Kinko’s on 56th and Broadway? That’s really Fan Fic Fodder.


  1. colbaby says:

    Ha! Andy Coop is class. Did the TCR gang write this for him? I look forward to Stephen’s riposte.

    • Oh, I’m sure the writing team at AC360 were dying to do this. I believe that every news desk copy editor longs to have a crack at comedy once.

  2. “Everybody goes to sleep after The Daily Show anyway…”

    Oooooh, that was low. And I bet there will be a response. I can’t wait. *snicker*

    • I was giggling through the entire routine, but that last little smack was just perfectly playing on Colbert’s “insecurities” over always losing to Stewart, and I laughed hard enough to jolt a cat off the couch.

  3. Arkadina says:

    Excellent! Can’t wait for the Colbert bump-back

    [In the meantime, as it’s afternoon tea-break time, I’m going to watch one of my favourite vintage TCR clips – Stephen telling Anderson how to get mad with Howard Kurtz, cable news style!]

  4. Karenatasha says:

    This is brilliant! Thanks for finding it, Jennie. It started off my morning right. Tip of the hat to Mr. Cooper. Well written and well delivered.

  5. Gratefull says:

    Hehehehehe … “Oh, yes, I am going there” … what a great nod to those “characters” that might haunt the halls of TCR … and “waking up disoriented smelling of toner in a Kinko’s on 56th and Broadway” … blatant copying … LOL … Well done! Boys! Well done!

  6. “Everybody goes to sleep after The Daily Show anyway…”

    that’s brilliant, I love it :) and I bet stephen enjoys that clip just as much as we do
    totally off topic, but not really: anderson cooper is amazingly handsome *sigh*

  7. Oo-hoo-hoo! This is gonna be GOOD! Gotta love me some Andy Coop (a man just as handsome and intelligent as Stephen, even though Stephen is still #1 with me)! He looked like he had a lot of fun saying all that he said. The Kinko’s quote and his pushing his own B&J’s ice cream especially cracked me up. And the “Like you ever go outside!” and “Everybody goes to sleep after The Daily Show anyway…” throwbacks? Oh SNAP! I can’t WAIT to watch Stephen’s reaction to THAT! :) And then when Anderson said “Pass the peanut butter, please.” at the end in that strangely sexy (mono)tone…oh man, he really got my inner fangirl up. Now I have this strong urge to go and watch Anderson’s first appearance on the Colbert Report in 2005, when he and Stephen both displayed their seductive hotness by doing the unbutton-lean forward move…*purrs* Excuse me. *runs off*

  8. The gauntlet is down, Stephen… There’s only one thing to do. That’s right. Get that Absurd-u-chart back on your desk, cut out a copy of that AC “Outside Magazine” photo (let Kinko’s make the copy, and send the bill to CNN!)… and bring out the mayonnaise!

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