Episode 7061 (5/9/2011) – Lupe Fiasco

Colbert Report Episode Guide 150pxEPISODE NUMBER: 7061 (May 9, 2011)
GUESTS: Lupe Fiasco
SEGMENTS: Hasidic Newspaper Removes Hillary Clinton, Herman Cain Wins the First Republican Presidential Debate, The WØRD – Autocratic for the People
VIDEOS: Monday, May 9, 2011

Hi kids, sorry about the tardy episode guide. The CN site was kind of wonky early this morning, so I had to delay finishing this until after I got home from work.

I’m glad Stephen started out talking about the doctored Di Tzeitung photograph, because I found it to be both bizarre and disturbing that they would remove the women in the photo. I understand that’s their normal practice according to their religious laws of modesty, but honestly, is the mere presence of women “sexually suggestive”? They later apologized for doing it, saying that the photo editor didn’t read the standard instructions that accompany all such photos from the White House that the photo cannot be manipulated in any way. But as Stephen pointed out, it doesn’t make much sense.

I had no interest in the first Republican debate — it’s far too early in the election cycle to start paying attention, unless you’re a pundit — but apparently Herman Cain made an impression. The fact that Stephen mentioned it at all pleased Cain, who tweeted about it and gave Stephen a “tip of the hat” in return for the Colbert bump. The Wørd tonight was a good one. I hadn’t even heard about that bloodless coup staged in Benton Harbor, Michigan. The idea that one person could have the ability to deprive elected officials of their power is wrong, and a little frightening. Do the same thing on a national scale, and you wind up with military parades.

I mentioned last week that I’m old and out of touch, and I wasn’t kidding. I’d never heard of Lupe Fiasco before I saw the guest list for this week. But it was an interesting and entertaining interview. Stephen trading his smart glasses for the cool glasses was amusing because it reminded me of his “Singin’ in Korean” look. I had no idea what to expect from the performance, but it was excellent. Don’t forget to head over to Colbert Nation to check out a web-exclusive bonus performance of “I Don’t Wanna Care Right Now”. I was just doing a little chair dancing to it while trying to type this, which is a definite sign that it’s good.

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  1. DJ Jazzy Flax says:

    How awesome would it have been if Lupe brought along John Legend to perform “Never Forget You”? One can dream :) Anyway, I’m a huge fan of Lupe & am very happy he got to perform on the Report. His energy during both performances was amazing, & hopefully his album got the Colbert bump!

  2. lockhart43 says:

    Q: How brilliant was last night’s Word?*
    A: SO, so brilliant
    *Note: This is a rhetorical question

    I live in Michigan and I didn’t even know about the Benton Harbor story until last night. Loved the “e’fm” line the most, though that closing was solid. The fact that the EFM had Governor Snyder’s approval makes my head hurt. And I was right about Lupe Fiasco – Stephen totally turned me into a fan. And now I’m off to watch that bonus performance.

  3. I was surprised the Benton Harbor thing was still going on, since it actually started a year ago, under the old governor. That said, as weird as I find the EFM thing, it seemed pretty hard to dispute that there were serious management issues going on. I liked the fact that Colbert actually pointed that out, and how low voter turnout likely created the situation to begin with. Sometimes, I think we might be better off if we had to fight to get rights back – people are too disengaged now.

    I wish that the researchers had been able to dig back to how the Hasidic paper covered women in Israeli politics, just because, well… I’m curious, and don’t have easy access. Did they just blank out the woman? Not run a picture? Run an abstract image?

    I also felt bad for Audrey Tomason, who is the director for counterterrorism on the National Security Staff, and was also edited out of the picture, but didn’t get a mention on the Report.

    • lockhart43 says:

      “Sometimes, I think we might be better off if we had to fight to get rights back – people are too disengaged now.”

      I can agree with that. I was thinking about that last night, actually. That was a great point they made with the Word – it seems like the only time we actually care about our rights is when there is the slightest possibility that they will be taken away. It’s not a bad thing that we fight that much harder to keep them, but we should be fighting that hard all of the time. It’s clichéd, but it’s true: you don’t realize how good you have something until it’s gone.

    • Karenatasha says:

      Kelly, not sure how they covered Israeli politics, but keep in mind that many of the Hasidim are actually outside the mainstream. Some don’t even believe Israel should exist as a state–because the re-establishment of the country isn’t supposed to happen until the messiah comes and the temple gets rebuilt. They don’t serve in the Israeli Army (and not because they don’t agree with what the army is doing). And of course, they’d NEVER agree that women should be part of the fighting forces, as they are in Israel. So there’s quite a clash.

      • Yup, that’s why I would have liked to see a newspaper or three for comparison – I suspect that they would simply not run a photo, but I’d like confirmation of it (or otherwise have confirmation that they routinely edit out women from photograph they do want to use).

        I just don’t like vacuums, and this is one of those times where Google has failed me! ;-) (Okay, I could probably do more work, but sometimes I just want the answer laid in front of me on a silver platter…)

  4. Mr. Arkadin says:

    Hey! Did anyone see Anderson Cooper finally respond to Colbert tonight? Cooper tried to deadpan it & act like he didn’t know who Stephen was. Mispronouning his last name. Claiming his PR team had to remind him that he had ever been on TCR. But he always busted up when he showed clips of Colbert’s “attack” on him. The best part was AC claiming Americone Dream had followed Cooper’s Ben and Jerry ice cream “White Bread Ripple.” Made with vanilla & delicious white bread! It was all fairly amusing….for Anderson Cooper. :)

    • Arkadina says:

      Now, I never, ever usually say this [because I’m old and unhip] but…..OMG! My tiny brain is short-circuiting at the thought of a Not-Seen-Enough Colbert-Cooper Man-Candy Together-At-Last-Again Over-Load.

      [I work alongside a gay young man and Anderson is the only point at which our ‘hot lists’ converge!]

      • I’m sorry, but I have to ask… do you two know each other? Having a Mr. Arkadin and an Arkadina on the same blog seems a bit of a coincidence. Or maybe I just don’t hang out on blogs with a high enough literary cred.

        • Arkadina says:

          Kind of Mr and Mrs Smith, you mean, Jennie? No, it’s either pure coincidence or my long-lost twin turning up in a very freaky pure coincidence. Or a Bizarro World thing.

        • I’ll admit that I wondered the same thing myself, but didn’t want to say anything in case I was wrong.

        • Mr. Arkadin says:

          Jennie,the answer to your question is: I don’t think I know Arkadina. But then again, since I’ve only “seen” her wearing that Burqa….you never know. ;)

          And thank you very much for the “tip o’ the hat” on your Cooper post. That was a nice surprise.

          Also. Is it just me or are the reCaptcha phrases becoming almost impossible to read? They are SO blurry now! Practically indecipherable!

  5. Mr. Arkadin says:

    I loved the beginning & middle of this episode. Especially “The Word.” I’d heard about the EFM on Rachel Maddow’s show weeks ago and was hoping TCR would do something about it. I was quite pleased to see that they did. I hope it continues. The upper midwest is really in a lot of trouble with all the crazy right wing corporate gangsters they’ve elected and it needs all the sunlight exposure TCR & TDS can provide.
    I really liked the interview. Thought Fiasco & Stephen had a great rapport. It was wonderful to see them click like that. I think Lupe is a big fan.
    The singing…well, um. Maybe the less I say about that the better. I did appreciate that Fiasco brought some drug-addled homeless girl off the street to perform with him. That was very kind of him. But couldn’t he have bought her some new clothes?

  6. Galadriel says:

    Here’s the link for Anderson Cooper’s bit. I enjoyed it very much:


    (if the link doesn’t work, do a search for “Anderson Cooper CNN Ridiculist”.

  7. I liked Lupe. He seems like a really down-to-earth, intelligent and aware person, sharp-witted with an interesting background, and he had good chemistry with Stephen. I cracked up at the glasses swapping and Stephen’s “I can’t see a thing!”. Now I’m not really a hip hop/rap person, so I wasn’t sure what to expect from his performance. But I was pleasantly surprised and entertained by what he put forth. Those have got to be some of the cleanest, non-drugs-and-alcohol, society-conscious and little-screaming rap lyrics I’ve heard in a while, although I agree with Mr. Arkadin that the lead girl should have chosen a better outfit. Don’t get me wrong, I’m all for individuality and being comfortable with what you wear, but some occasions call for decent wear. But oh well. Don’t think I’ll get the album, but I definitely will enjoy listening to him once in a while whenever he comes up on the radio.

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