Six Degrees: Easter Break Edition.

Six Degrees thumb G’day Zoners! I hope you have all had a wonderful Easter break. I’ve spent my much needed week of Uni eating far too much chocoloate, and compilling the latest round-up of Six Degrees news. This week Jon Stewart will again be performing in the Story Pirates benefit, Mark Malkoff races a NYC bus, Aasif Mandvi pen a book of semi autobiographical essys, Ed Helms is set to guest host “SNL”, Samantha Bee will co-host the 2011 Lucille Lortel Awards, “Wyatt Cenac: Comedy Person” debuts on Comedy Central, and Conan O’Brien is a guest on “WTF with Marc Maron”.

The Colbert Report

Glenn Eichler (Writer)

Mark Malkoff (Former Audience Co-Ordinator)

  • In Mark’s latest challenge “Big Wheel vs. Bus” he must race a NYC bus one mile on 42nd Street while on a Big Wheel.
  • Mark’s next challenge for My Damn Channel involves eating 330 eggs in 1 month – 11 hard boiled eggs per day (egg white only).

Tim Meadows (P.K Winsome)

The Daily Show

Jon Stewart (Host)

  • Jon talks to The Columbus Dispatch about why he stills enjoys doing stand-up, despite the huge success of “The Daily Show”.

Jon Stewart (Host), John Oliver (Correspondent & Writer), Kristen Schaal (Contributor), and Josh Gad (Contributor)

Aasif Mandvi (Correspondent)

  • Aasif has secured a book deal with Chronicle to to write an untitled book of semi-autobiographical essays. “Topics include a young Indian boy’s dream of becoming The Fonz, and what it’s like for a Muslim child to move from Mumbai with his family to US in search of the American dream.”

Beth Littleford (Former Correspondent)

  • Beth talks to the New York Post about her time as a correspondant on “The Daily Show” and about her current work on “The Hard Times of R.J. Berger”.

Demetri Martin (Former Contributor)

  • Demetri will be a guest on “Conan” on Tuesday, 10th May.
  • Demtri will be performing at the Pabst Theatre Milwaukee, WI on Saturday, 18th June at 8:00PM.

Ed Helms (Former Correspondent)

Elliott Kalan (Writer) and Kristen Schaal (Contributor)

John Oliver (Correspondent & Writer)

  • John talks to the Av Club about the second season of “John Oliver’s New York Stand-Up Show”, and his work on “Community” and “The Daily Show” – in which he dicusses how he used to watch Stephen’s unedited interview tapes, to prepare for his own interviews.

Josh Gad (Contributor)

Kristen Schaal (Contributor)

  • Kristen stars in a web series promoting Sony Ericsson’s Xperia Play (The Playstation Phone).

Olivia Munn (Correspondent)

Samantha Bee (Correspondent)

Steve Carell (Former Correspondent)

Wyatt Cenac (Correspondent & Writer)

Friends of the Show

Amy Sedaris (Strangers with Candy)

  • Amy talks about her character Sue Lemon, and what it was like working with Neil Patrick Harris in the new indie comedy “The Best and the Brightest” in this on set interview.
  • Conan O’Brien (Conan)

    • Conan was recently a guest on “WTF with Marc Maron” in which he reveals how he was severely beaten by a gang in High School.
  • Martha Plimpton (Company)

    Steve Martin (Friend of the Show)

    Steve Martin and Steep Canyon Rangers (Friend of the Show)


    1. “John….dicusses how he used to watch Stephen’s unedited interview tapes, to prepare for his own interviews.”

      Oh what I would give to get my hands on those.

      Also, now that Carell’s done with The Office, who else is praying for a Produce Pete comeback?

    2. Oh my goodness. What a list showing these wonderful people doing so many wonderful things during this month (May). It’s delightfully mind-dizzying just reading the different projects/appearances/events that are happening/will take place. Wish I were home to experience any of these.

      (Yay for my 2nd TotH! *happy dance* :) )

    3. Karenatasha says:

      I love John Oliver, and I loved his interview–not just for what he said about Stephen (although that was a particularly fascinating tidbit both for what it revealed about John’s process and Stephen’s skills), but also for his comments on “auditioning” material and dealing with hecklers. Thanks so much for this, Katt!

      I’d read about the Aasif Mandvi book a while back in an industry newsletter and I’m looking forward to that too. Two of my “Daily Show” favorites.

    4. lockhart43 says:

      Wyatt Cenac finally has a comedy special? Whoo-hoo!!

      Humor essays, especially semi-autobiographical ones, are my favorite books to read. And every single book I have read by anyone who has worked at The Daily Show has been hilarious and extremely well-written. So I will definitely be reading Aasif Mandvi’s when it comes out.

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