Because we can never get enough of Stephen Colbert singing…

And tomorrow is “Friday, Friday…”Watch movie online The Transporter Refueled (2015)

Late Night with Jimmy Fallon was kind enough to post this little treat of a video featuring Stephen, Jimmy, and a cast of dozens rehearsing for last Friday’s “Friday” extravaganza. Fun fun fun fun!

P.S. I apologize for putting the song back in your heads.


  1. That was so awesome! In some ways, even more fun than watching the actual aired one. I notice they had something different that got changed too….where they are quietly chanting “fun fun fun fun” and then slowly getting louder….I really liked that!

  2. lockhart43 says:

    Well that was just fifteen kinds of awesome!! I will actually never get sick of this song, provided Stephen is the one singing it. And *warning: fangirl activity commencing* how cute does he look in that video?!

  3. Nope, Ann. I’m sorry, but I’m NEVER going to forgive you for putting that song back in my head. (#NotIntendedToBeAFactualStatement)
    couldn’t resist it, sorry. :P

    This is just lovely and amazing!
    I wish Comedy Central would start posting some behind the scenes clips of TDS and TCR as well, that would be wonderful!

  4. This was tremendous fun to watch — Thank you!

    • One might go so far as to say it was fun, fun, fun, fun to watch!
      As though we needed further evidence that Stephen’s extraordinarily talented, that was pretty impressive.

  5. One other thing! Not sure where to post this — But last night… poetry… all that memorized poetry… that look in his eyes of excitement while reading and remembering poetry…
    OH. OH. OH. OH.
    Stephen walks in beauty. I am a puddle.

    • lockhart43 says:

      I melted during last night’s interview. I’m surprised I can type legibly right now. I love when he shows off that education of his. :)

      And I love how much of a charmer he is around strong women (not in a manipulative sort of way, in a completely sweet, endearing sort of way) . I feel I can safely say that Stephen is a feminist. An adorable, adorable feminist. :D

  6. And what makes that education so sexy is how actively excited he gets by complex subjects that interest him. Certain passages of those poems made his eyes glimmer like a little boy on Christmas morning, or like a teenager in love. His excitement over sharing things of complexity and beauty is both endearing and infectious. I want to buy that Caroline Kennedy book if only to imagine I’m hearing Stephen read those poems to me. And if Caroline Kennedy wants to sell an audio book of those poems, here’s my suggestion: have Stephen read them! There won’t be any left on the shelves!!!

    I am still wiping up the puddle that is my heart hours after last night’s episode.

  7. *laughs*
    I love the fact that it matches up so well with the “sorry I’m late” for Company (clearly the same day, back to back rehearsals).

  8. okay okay like, I can hardly contain myself when Stephen’s hair is all un-gelled and wavy, add to that that he’s singing…guh!

  9. That was awesome, and kudos to Late Night for posting that. Aw, his voice is so awesome. I loved when he was singing, slowing pushing his hair up at 1:40. Rehearsals are a really interesting perspective. I really hope it wasn’t excruciating for them to be listening to that song throughout rehearsal, though. I love this version of the song, and I’m lucky enough to have been able to avoid listening to the entire original. :)

  10. It’s becoming a Friday ritual for me now, an you know what? That’s….ok!

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