Episode 7047 – Sir David Tang

Colbert Report Episode Guide 150pxEPISODE NUMBER: 7047 (April 6, 2011)
GUESTS: Sir David Tang
SEGMENTS: Wisconsin Supreme Court Race, My Fair Colbert – Hugo Vickers, WD-40-1
VIDEOS: Wednesday, April 6, 2011

When Stephen starts a field piece in anything tweed, you know it’s going to be classic. Also, was it just me, or was Stephen’s “Stiff upper lip” almost identical to his impression of Jerri Blank? Let’s keep in mind, Ladies of the C-Section, that this is a family blog, so let’s keep the discussion of Stephen’s stiffy to a minimum. Unlike Stephen’s stiffy. But I digress. Hugo Vickers was such a perfect companion to “Stephen”, both playing along with his silliness, and treating him like a child when he was acting like one. It was both hysterical and endearing. Also? Stephen’s rocking of the no-glasses ascot look is love.

So how adorkable was Stephen when he was yelling “Women of earth, keep me!” And let’s keep that talk of Stephen Colbert’s Formula 401 to a minimum. Unlike the warehouse stockpiles. But I digress.

I was rather underwhelmed with David Tang. I don’t understand the concept of the site – it’s like he bought a URL and said “If you’d like to say something about yourself, pay me a lot of money and you can say it on my site.” I am obviously doing this website thing all wrong. This guy sounded more like the subject of a “Difference Makers” segment than a guest.

What were your thoughts on the episode? Leave it in the comments!

Stephen Colbert drinks tea


  1. Being a major fan of both WD-40 and Formula 401 I must say that I am completely smitten by the idea of WD 40-1

    Now, just add some duct-tape and I’m set for anything.

  2. Meaculpa says:

    Stephen’s face when the butter was dripping down his chin…I have never laughed harder at anything in my entire life. I know I’ve probably said that about past field pieces, but I seriously think I injured myself this time.

  3. Karenatasha says:

    I am over the moon with Stephen’s royal wedding playfulness! He really puts this overhyped event in perspective–maybe it’s the Irish in him that simply can’t celebrate anything to do with the British monarchy. Besides, Stephen looked stunningly handsome in his tweed and boots, and I love watching him do physical comedy. He’s absolutely brilliant.

    A teeny, tiny spoiler alert: this routine continued tonight, and was every bit as wonderful, if not better.

    As a special plus for me, the whole sequence took place in Tea and Sympathy/A Salt and Battery, a tea shop and aligned British emporium that I love. The tea place actually has a sign with a number of enforced “rules” that insure quick in-and-out service during crowded times, which is almost (It must have been specially cleared for him or shot at a very off hour.) Stephen could have had some fun with that, too!

    And DB, I totally agree about David Tang. What–celebrities can’t get a forum to express their opinions without paying for it? I know there are people who use icorrect, as I mentioned in the FCL, but I don’t understand why. They could just don’t do an interview or tweet their corrections. Still, I guess it’s working for Tang, because he’s received plenty of coverage for the site.

    All in all, I know I’ll watch this again and again!

  4. colbaby says:

    “Stephen” taking high tea. Just..oh god. Did anyone else try to make the stiff upper lip/Jerri Blank face just to see if they could? No? Just me? I should probably keep certain things to myself?

    Oh and don’t worry, Stephen. When we ladies assemble the death panels for phase 2 of the Great Purge, you’ll get an exemption…..I fear I’ve said too much.

    And can I just give quick props to Johnny Stew for his interview with Mike Huckabee Wednesday night? It’s a 3 parter online. It focuses on separation of church and state, and Jon calls him out on the disconnect between his talk show self and his actual self. Worth the watch.

  5. lockhart43 says:

    I am saying this with the utmost sincerity: the My Fair Colbert segment was one of the funniest things on TCR that I’ve ever seen. Not just one of the funniest field pieces, one of the funniest pieces period. First off, the title of the segment is hilarious, so I was laughing right from the very beginning. But when Vickers was trying to teach Stephen proper tea etiquette, I lost it; it was like was watching a parent teach a 5 year old kid table manners. Stephen’s so brilliant in situations like that, and it’s such an absolute joy to watch. And Vickers was a great sport throughout the whole thing.

    Plus, Stephen looked positively dashing in that outfit!

    • Arkadina says:

      Sir David Tang – most uninspiring. Seemed a case of I’ll Set Up A Website And Hope My Supposedly Famous Friends Use It. I felt like shouting “shut up, you silly little man!” Meh.

      On the other hand, Stephen’s equestrian look – very inspiring. He can come and ride out with me and my British accent any time. I felt like shouting “saddle up, you absolutely lovely chap!” Yeah!

      But seeing as commenting on, er, anything else is not being encouraged at this time for fear of lowering the tone [how well you know us, DB!], I’ll save my comments on the genius that is Stephen’s Crown Jewels until Thursday’s episode guide.

  6. Aisha James says:

    Oh man. You could tell Stephen was having SO MUCH FUN taking high tea. I always remember that he likes to improvise best whenever he does anything like this. He just kept pushing Hugo Vickers by getting it as badly wrong as possible. How many times did he nearly break? I would have been happy if the segment had ended after the collar comments. That was GOLD.

  7. “Ladies of the C-Section, that this is a family blog, so let’s keep the discussion of Stephen’s stiffy to a minimum. Unlike Stephen’s stiffy. But I digress.”

    *snicker* Oh DB, you know us too well. :-D

    Why, I had no idea that he was talking about anything other than his collar. *snicker*

    • I guess enough time has gone by that I can comment on both episodes of “My Fair Colbert” (Hmmm, musical theater reference… Is he pondering an attempt at Henry Higgens now? — just joking — or am I?). I thought that this was hands down one of the funniest things I’ve ever seen Stephen Colbert do, because it was pure, unadulterated, flat-out comedy. I think I’ve been so used to seeing him as a hero of late, championing causes and rallying his Nation, that I needed to be reminded how simply, absolutely funny he is. The cream dripping down his chin with that grin on his face… Can I just say that he was channeling Stan Laurel throughout this whole piece — which is meant as a terrific compliment for those of you who are familiar with Laurel & Hardy. As to the aforementioned “stiffy,” the best part of that for me was when he asked Vickers whether the Queen likes a good stiffy. Oh, my sides ache thinking about it. And please don’t get me started on the second episode… I know it’s not quite up on the discussion board… but I mean, that doll and the look on Vicker’s face was guffaw-inspiring. And I am not one to easily guffaw. To quote Stephen in another context, “Fun, fun, fun!!!”
      Thanks, Stephen. We needed that!

      • Karenatasha says:

        Yes, SW, about channeling Stan Laurel–one of the greats, in my humble opinion. And there’s a little bit of Chaplin and Keaton (my fave) too, though always refined and personalized through Stephen’s (and staff’s) own sensibility and humor. (Which is the way of all top comics; they draw from those who came before but reconfigure to make it fresh. It’s been like that since the days of the commedia dell arte.) I’m actually commenting more on this bit in the opening of my Fantasy Colbert League, because I just couldn’t resist. Far and away one of the most brilliant pure comedy bits I’ve seen in a long time.

        • lockhart43 says:

          I definitely agree with you about Chaplin, especially during the bit where Stephen walked down the up escalator, flat-footed. Very Chaplin-esque, which I loved.

          I can safely say that the My Fair Colbert segments are among the funniest things Stephen has done on the show. Like SW said, just flat-out comedy in every sense of the word.

        • Oh, I am such a fan of Chaplin & Keaton; and yes, you’re absolutely right that Stephen channeled a bit of each of them as well. Have you ever seen Keaton in his film, “Our Hospitality?” If you haven’t, you must, must see it. Especially in light of Stephen’s recent “Fair Colbert” segment… except Keaton satirizes the American south, as opposed to Britain. I’d say we Zoners know comic genius when we see it… and we have seen it in our fair Colbert!

  8. O h darn, because I found some things that are WD401 like for APOP. May have to find something else for that post! :P

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