Episode 7045 – Andrew Chaikin

Colbert Report Episode Guide 150pxEPISODE NUMBER: 7045 (April 4, 2011)
GUESTS: Andrew Chaikin
SEGMENTS: Government Shutdown Menorah, Stephen Shows Off the iPad 2, The Word – That New-Smell Smell, The GlennPocalypse
VIDEOS: Monday, April 4, 2011

My husband and I, while not total Mac fanboys/girls, are pretty much 100% Mac in our home now. I have an iPhone 4, an iMac and a Macbook Air 11.6″, and the husband has an iPhone 4, a Macbook, and we have a Mac Mini media center. But my husband has been jonesing for an iPad 2 ever since the iPad 1 came out. I think this is why I was laughing so hard at Stephen talking about being bored already with his iPad 2. I’m sure if Stephen’s bored with his, my husband will be more than happy to take it off of his hands.

And those of us who love Colbert themed products had a plethora of choices on tonight’s show. I wonder what scent “Musky Pundit” actually smells like? While I’ve heard that Stephen has kind of a clean, soapy smell, somehow I imagine “Stephen” smelling like Stephen Colbert’s “Scorn”, which I always imagined smelling like a cheap knockoff of Drakkar Noir. We’ve also got to get the Beck Pack for the Beckpocalypse. I’m going to have to start upping the strength training regimen if I’m going to carry all of Beck’s books, though. film Miss You Already download

It’s always entertaining to watch Stephen talk to anyone about space, because it’s such a struggle for him to hide his true fascination behind the “Stephen” facade. I enjoyed hearing about Andrew Chaikin’s theory about the future of space travel, both public and private.

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Stephen Colbert Musky Pundit


  1. Arkadina says:

    ‘Musky Pundit’, to my mind, is a mix of freshly laundered shirts, Jack Daniels and ginger, and leather car seats. All mixed up with whatever gloop Stephen puts in his hair.

    And now the GlennPocalypse is upon us, I believe! But I haven’t received my survival pack yet…what to do, what to do?

    • Well I read that the end date–Judgment Day, if you will– is uncertain because Glenn’s contract isn’t up until December, so there will be time to prepare for the GlennPocalypse. Too bad we might have to wait till then for the segment where Stephen absorbs his powers, though!

  2. lockhart43 says:

    The “Inescapables” segment was just one long, elaborate bit that kept getting funnier and funnier. And I loved how Stephen kept having to hold in his smiles and giggles during the whole thing.

    I do always enjoy watching Stephen talk about space; he always gets that glorious look of sheer fascination on his face. So I really liked the Andrew Chaikin interview.

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