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Oh man, we are getting so spoiled with the goodness coming out of the rehearsals for “Company” this week! The New York Times is featuring an article describing how the show is being put together, which as you can imagine is not at all easy when most of your stars already have day jobs. They’ve had to resort to some creative rehearsing options which I find fascinating. But the best part of the article is where they mention that the show will be recorded to be shown in movie theaters in June!

Rehearse Me a Little, Wherever You Are
by David Itzkoff
published April 6, 2011

. . .

This latest version of “Company,” Mr. Sondheim and George Furth’s meditation on modern couplehood as seen through the eyes of a lonely bachelor, has entered into an unusual contract: It has recruited a star-studded roster, including Mr. Harris (of the sitcom “How I Met Your Mother”) as the perennially single Robert; television stars like Mr. Colbert, Mr. Cryer, Ms. Plimpton and Christina Hendricks (of “Mad Men”) as his good-and-crazy married friends and gal pals; and Tony winners like Ms. Finneran, Anika Noni Rose and Ms. LuPone as Joanne, the predatory wife who belts out “The Ladies Who Lunch.”

But to accommodate its A-list performers — who, with their multitude of day jobs and existing commitments, will not be all in the same place until Thursday — the production has resorted to a grab bag of strategies, shortcuts and cheats, some old school and others newfangled, to get its far-flung cast up to speed as quickly as possible.

. . .

Starting with two leads who lived on different coasts — each with complicated schedules right up to the start of performances — Mr. Price [director Lonny Price] began making provisions for cast members to learn the show individually.

Turning to Amy Rogers, a former assistant of his who directs Pace’s musical theater-program, he recruited students there to learn the show over the winter; they were then recorded singing the songs and performing the blocking and choreography in audio and video files given to the production’s official cast.

. . .

Mr. Price’s nights will be spent plotting camera angles for the show, which will be filmed in performance and shown in movie theaters in June, and working with a computer program designed to light the show in advance (without the presence of live actors).

Read the full article here, and don’t forget to check out the slideshow for a few more pics of Stephen.

I’m getting so excited about this and I can’t wait to see the final result on Friday night. When we get more info on the June showings, of course we’ll pass it along to you. And now, please enjoy some more lovely eye candy from the past weekend’s rehearsals!

Martha Plimpton, Stephen Colbert, and Lee Wilkins rehearsing Company

Stephen Colbert and Craig Bierko rehearsing Company

Company rehearsal


  1. lockhart43 says:

    *squeals with joy*

    I can’t think of anything to say except: thank you SO MUCH for this. XD

    Now excuse me while I stare at that second picture for eternity.

    • lockhart43 says:

      Also, this might be one of my favorite pictures of Stephen ever: Stephen “Fluffy-Hair, Studious-Looking, Khaki-Pants-Wearing” Colbert, Actor.

    • Yes! That picture. Oh, that picture. And check out 5 of 10 on the slideshow, too. And 6 of 10 is pretty funny, except that if I was wrestling him it would be a very different picture… one that I have held onto for some time now…
      You know, looking at that second picture could end the need for so many types of medication. Pain relievers. Antidepressants. Whatever that female version of Viagra is.

    • somuch2kno says:

      I’m with you lockhart43. I can’t stop looking at that picture of Stephen and Craig Bierko! And I’m totally psyched about this being recorded for a June movie theatre showing. I hope this means there’ll be a DVD offered at some point.

      The more of these pictures I see, the less I can concentrate on anything the rest of the day, other than thinking, “IS IT FRIDAY YET???!!!” I think I’m going to be no real good for anything until I’m in my seat on Friday night. And now, just thinking about it, I need to run off and squee.

      • No, it’s not Friday yet. Today is Thursday, Thursday. Tomorrow is Friday, Friday. Why do I keep repeating myself, myself?
        I’m sorry, somuch – ever since I read your comment I can’t get “we so excited, we so excited” out of my head.

  2. So very, very happy to hear the news it is being recorded for theatrical release! I read about it on earlier today but love to see it reinforced in other publications–that way I know I’m not dreaming. I just hope it makes it to a theater near me!!!

    Wonderful pics. He is so luminous- I get happy just looking at him!

  3. Christy Allen says:

    is it just me or has Stephen lost weight? and looks GREAT!!!! i mean.. he always looks amazing.. he just looks more slenderly yummy than I think I’m used to seeing – yes?

    • I was thinking the same thing! I wonder if it is a combo of losing some weight and seeing him in everyday-casual clothes? ! I’m the first to say I love his ties but he’s showing a little more skin here-we can actually see his neck! :)

      • Christy Allen says:

        hahaha! yeah.. the casual clothes get me everytime. lol! oh man.. I don’t think I’ve said lately how much I love this site. I just feel… understood. LOL! NFZ community for the win!

  4. OH. HELL. YEAH.


    My mum is into musicals at the moment, I’m gonna drag her to the movie and then she will UNDERSTAND about Stephen.

    (now all I need to do is hope like hell for NZ theatres to show it.)

    re that first picture: go Stephen go! I wonder how long they have to hold that pose?

  5. Oh this is just fantastic!!!!

    I’m actually hoping that a theatre release will eventually lead do a DVD of some sort so that I can somehow get it from my country and watch it. *prays for Santa*

    … or, you know, if anyone would like to kidnap me and take me to the US for a couple of days, I promise I won’t fight it! :P

  6. I love the first picture! It reminds me of the tumbling routine when Amy Sedaris was on the Report in 2006!

    Also, Stephen has nice forearms. That is all.

    • I was wondering who would be the first to pick up on the “tumbling” thing in the first picture! So you win a cookie. :-)

    • Yes! The forearms! I thought I was perhaps the only one.
      And that second picture.
      It’s funny, I thought I posted something last night, but it either disappeared or I forgot to hit the button. Anyway, I believe what I said was that second picture could substitute for many forms of medication: pain relievers, anti-depressants, and whatever that female form of Viagra is called. It’s holistic healing. One look at that picture: no pain, only happiness, and, well, other pleasant things. And I also love that one of him looking at his script on the floor. I love seeing him caught off guard. Oh, and the wrestling pictures are wonderful too. This is a wonderful treat!

  7. somuch2kno says:

    This is way in advance, and I’m just throwing this out there, but might there be some way to coordinate a NY-area (and beyond for any intrepid travelers) Zoner attendance at this mystical, far-off June screening? I guess it’s just my community-craving soul wanting to meet and be surrounded by “family” for a special occasion. I’ll bring the dark chocolate!

    • Karenatasha says:

      I’d love to! C’mon New Yorkers and area residents–and those who can travel.

    • lockhart43 says:

      In theory, I would totally say yes to this. But I have a summer internship that has to be completed before I can graduate that’s going to last until the beginning of August. Plus, I’d need money for a plane ticket. However, if both of those things were to work themselves out lol, I’m there!

      Truth be told, I’m crossing my fingers the film will be shown somewhere near me, so that my friend and I can go on an adventure and see Stephen get his acting and singing on. :)

  8. “Mr.” Colbert!?

    That’s The Rev. Sir Dr. Colbert D.F.A. to you, New York Times!


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