More Fallonite QR code fun

Everyone still singing “Friday”? Yeah, me too. Remember the QR code held up in the background, which led to a cute video Easter egg from Jimmy Fallon? Well, we were wrong to be so easily satisfied, because there’s more down that rabbit hole. In the first video, Jimmy holds up another QR code, which leads you to the Fallon Colbert Project Bonus Video Level 2:

Oh, another QR code! Where, pray tell, will that take you? The Fallon Colbert Project Bonus Video: The Secret

Learn what assorted goodies Jimmy keeps in his desk! See what he eats for breakfast! Listen to previews of upcoming spots on his iPhone! I have to say, I haven’t always been the biggest Jimmy Fallon fan, but the BFFSM plot has been hilarious, and it clearly shows he can “Yes, and” with the best of them. It’s great to see his show having such fun with it, in really creative ways.

h/t to Ann G, who wants one of those fancy phones with the QR readers


  1. lockhart43 says:

    I love how much fun the Fallon crew is having with this!

    Wren – nice to see you made it out from under the pile of diapers and rubber duckies alive. Good to have you back, if only for a short, singing-Stephen induced moment. :)

  2. I know we use this term exclusively for Stephen, but just this once I have to use it for Jimmy: He is so adorkable. Seriously, can he be any more sweet and geeky? I don’t watch LNwJF and I’m never really thought much about him, but after reading a Rolling Stones article about him in the doctor’s office a few months and now with all of this BFFSM thing going on, I’m liking him more as time goes by. Not as much as Stephen, obviously, but seeing just how well he fits with our favourite Late Night talk show hosts and how eagerly he’ll take a shot at anything, he really does seem like a nice guy. I’m looking forward to seeing more of him in the future…and I guess a tiny part of me hopes that by the time August 3rd comes along, “Stephen’s” feelings about him will have changed (I’ve no doubt about Stephen’s feelings).

  3. Galadriel says:

    I daresay Jimmy is getting a bit of a Colbert Bump off this BFFSM escapade.

    Anyone else feel spoiled rotten getting to see Stephen 5 days in a row?

  4. When I watched the the replay of the song on my DVR (and I believe it’s the same on the official NBC page), at the end before they throw to commercial, Jimmy extends his hand to Stephen among all the hoopla/balloon drop madness and says (well, it looks like he says, you can kind of hear it), “You’re a good man.”

    We already knew that! :) But, Stephen motioned right back to Jimmy and said, “You’re a good man!” Call me crazy, but I think this best friend thing may just have a chance!

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