Friday, Friday video is here, here.

How nice of NBC Universal to make the video of Stephen singing “Friday, Friday” on ‘Late Night’ available so quickly – and not to block it for those of us outside the United States! Maybe as nice as the fact that they chipped in another $26,000 for Donors Choose!

It looks like NBC fixed their embed code so I’m replacing the youtube clip (which has now been blocked) with the official peacock version. Enjoy!


  1. hey, that song is pretty good… good job stephen and jimmy!

  2. if there were words, they’d be in all caps right now. :D
    so happy.

    hey look! audio.


    • Thanks so much for the audio link! Now I have it downloaded on my computer and saved on winamp and then transferred to my Droid phone. and now can listen to it obsessively on my phone! Thanks again for the link! Now I’m happier with that song on my phone!!

  3. Gratefull says:

    It’s soooo much better when Stephen sings it!

  4. Arkadina says:

    Hmmmm, I’m not sure Stephen looked entirely comfortable or happy with that – I was expecting the big smile, that impish look of mischief. And he seemed to get somewhat swamped by everyone else.

    But never having heard that bloody song before, I can confidently say I’ll be singing it all bloody day now….oh no, what’s the remedy for that? Anyone??

  5. colbaby says:

    Well I just had a colgasm. That amount of awesomeness should come with a warning. Stephen and Jimmy win at life.

  6. i LOVED it more that stephen was very serious while singing that stupid song. It added to the hilarity. And The Roots was great!

    • Galadriel says:


      I agree with Rein; the seriousness and tux and the over-the-top performances by everyone just made the entire thing frickin’ hysterical.

      What a great way to poke fun and *have* fun at the same time.
      And $86,000 for kids!

      Awesomeness raised to the googleth power.

      • Arkadina says:

        Oh, I loved the tux and serious look and I got quite excited when I thought it was going to be a lounge singer kind of rendition, even without knowing the song. [I even thought “ooh, he should sing country”, but maybe that’s a very personal sort of fantasy…!]

        I just felt there was something missing in the group bit with regards to Stephen. Maybe it was everyone else getting in the way. Or maybe I just need to watch it again??

  7. SQUEEE!!!!

  8. *speechless*


    *twitching with ecstasy*

  9. !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  10. Oh wow. I love that they took that awful song and turned it into something that wasn’t just not-awful, it was actually pretty awesome. BUT NOW THAT SONG IS STUCK IN MY HEAD OMG GET OUT GET OUT…

    Jimmy Fallon is a good man for going along with this in such spectacular fashion. He and Stephen both get a “plays well with others” on their late-night report cards.

    Extra lolz for Stephen’s extreme faux-serious beginning to the song that reminded me of Bono at his über-serious best (or worst, depending on how you look at it).

  11. Awesome. Just awesome.

    Also, just FYI, for some reason NBC makes all Fallon clips available internationally. I guess that because the show was created after web video became a big deal, NBC had the forethought to get a contract with international distributors allowing them not to block access by region. Smart of them. Anyway, thought you should know in case the blog wants to post any more Fallon videos in the future.

    • Though I’ll note it only works for clips. Trying to watch a full episode on NBC still blocks by region. There may be other restrictions I don’t know about, so if someone else wants to confirm, that’d be great.

  12. osumarko says:

    I was expecting Colbert to bust out his signature spinning around dance move at some point. Kind of bummed he didn’t. But truly a great performance. Totally legend.

  13. lockhart43 says:

    OH how I loved seeing Stephen’s signature dance move, his I-swing-my-hips-and-legs-back-and-forth-and-bop-my-arms-to-the-beat move. And if this is the level of best friendship that Stephen and Jimmy are going to be having all six months, then this is the best friendship ever.

    Now the song is stuck in my head, but here’s the awesome thing – it’s Stephen’s version that’s stuck in my head. And it can stay in there all day, as long as whenever I hear it, I imagine him in that tuxedo. Lookin’ all serious and singin’ about eatin’ cereal.


  14. I wish that would allow us to download individual clips! I want to be able to watch the full 5 minutes of tote awesomeness any time, anywhere!!

    *hint hint*

    • lockhart43 says:

      This is why I love my VCR (Yes, Virginia, they still make VCRs). You better believe I recorded this last night, and have practically had it on repeat ever since. :D

      • Mr. Arkadin says:

        “This is why I love my VCR (Yes, Virginia, they still make VCRs)”

        Lockhart43: I’ve always like you, but last year when you heroically came out of the closet on NFZ as a VCRO, (Video Cassette Recorder Owner) my esteem & affection for you now knows no bounds.
        I hope that one day all who want to admit their love of 20th century technology will come out & join you in your brave fight for acceptance. Fight on dear friend, fight on!

        • lockhart43 says:

          Hahahaha! See, Mr. Arkadin, this is why we’re friends.

          Well, I’ll tell you one thing: it’s places like this that make me feel comfortable enough to proudly express my love for VCR. Though eventually, I will have to get a DVD burner and convert my stuff over, cause those tapes don’t last forever. But until then, long live relatively-old-and-not-really-used-that-often-anymore electronic equipment!

    • If you get the Download Helper add-on, you can download the full five minute segment off YouTube and convert it so it’s compatible with iTunes. I put both the vid and the mp3 on my ipod a little while ago. Oh, I’m going to be watching this A LOT over the next few days.

    • I’m not a “tech-savvy nerd”, so I’m not very good with this kind of thing. But I would LOVE to be able to know how to do this.

      • Haha, I’m not either really but I’ll try to explain as best I can. Google Download Helper and the very first hit will walk you through downloading and installing the add-on. Go to YouTube and pick a video you’re happy with (you should be able to find the full segment in decent quality). In the upper left hand corner (if using Firefox) you’ll have a new colorful icon. Click the little arrow beside it and a drop down menu will appear listing the video you want to download. Hold you cursor on it, and a second menu will appear. Click on ‘download and convert.’ When asked what kind of file you want to convert it to, click ‘ipod.’ It might take a few minutes, but a little screen will pop up when the conversion is complete.

        Hope this helps!

      • lockhart43 says:

        I cannot sing enough praise for Download Helper. It’s basically a Firefox add-on (can you use it with other browsers? If so, then that’s awesome, too). It works wonderfully for YouTube videos, and it’s basically the only reason I have Exit 57 clips saved on my computer. If you end up getting it, I guarantee you will love it.


  15. leorabk says:

    In a perfect world it would have been stephen singing that song alone so that we could hear him and only him! but this is second best!! AHHHH i will have this song stuck in my head for the rest of my life!!

  16. God bless Jimmy and Stephen for making this song bareable, and raising $86, 000 for Donor Choose!!

  17. *watches*

    …Hang on.

    *watches again*

    …One more time.

    *watches 5 more times*

    …THAT. WAS. …F***ING. EPIC. HOLY (expletive) THAT WAS EPIC. OH. MY. GOD.

    …*watches again*

  18. jbirdNZ says:

    OMG OMG OMG! I cannot describe how sheer awesome that was, so I’ll just agree with everyone else -to power of 86,000!

  19. Mr. Arkadin says:

    This is was so great! And (it seems) unlike the rest of you, I’ve never heard the original “Friday” so now I will only have this version of the song embedded in my mind.

    Yay being completely out of touch with today’s pop music!

    • lockhart43 says:

      I was completely familiar with the song, but had never heard the entire thing until Friday night, when I finally watched it right before Stephen sang it. And it took A LOT for me to sit through the entire song. A lot. And I wouldn’t say it’s necessarily pop music. So let’s just say yay! for being out of touch with crazy/ridiculously stupid YouTube videos! Ha ;)

  20. Hey you two, I am also the proud owner of a slowly decaying VCR, which, while no longer all that reliable, will often perform its job well enough that I can still justify not paying for DVR service on my cable package. But I have to admit, I am starting to secretly wish for DVR. Maybe that means I’m growing younger!?! And, I must also admit to being out-of-touch with the newer music. I cracked up someone from work last year when I said, “Hey, I just listened to Green Day, and they’re really good!” What can I say. Of course, I do feel that I stay somewhat current with music by watching Stephen’s musical guests! He has great taste in music, I think. The sad thing is that after hearing Stephen sing “Friday, Friday,” I actually really like it (his version, that is). I just loved the way he started it so seriously — especially the way he over-articulated his consonants during the serious part, and maintained that melancholy look in his eyes, even when singing “fun! fun! fun!”
    And Mr. Arkadin, if you can continue to avoid hearing the original version of the song, by all means do so! I am convinced that there is an encrypted message in that song that’s trying to turn us all into pod people. Resist! Resist!

  21. Stephen was so cool starting out in the deep serious baritone and then jumping up to the auto-tune key to match Jimmy later on and keeping so serious – how does he do it? It was a hilarious production.

    I’ve had download helper for awhile and it works great although you may find yourself out of hard drive space someday!

  22. Laaaura says:

    That was so awesome!! haha!!

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