Did you see the QR code during ‘Friday’ with Stephen Colbert?

Stephen Colbert Jimmy Fallon Friday QR Code

If you saw the QR code (that weird box with a funky code in it) and were curious as to a) what it was, and b) why they showed it, we’ve got an answer for you! According to Wikipedia, “A QR code (short for Quick Response) is a specific matrix barcode (or two-dimensional code), readable by dedicated QR barcode readers and camera phones. The code consists of black modules arranged in a square pattern on a white background. The information encoded can be text, URL or other data.” In the case of this QR code, it was a sneaky way to share a URL – Fallon Colbert Project Bonus Video: Thank You – where you can find this video of Jimmy Fallon thanking the 12:37 Time Sluts? Fallon Funbags? Late Night Marauders? D*ck biscuits? Late Night Super Awesome Fun Club? Whatever they’re calling themselves these days, Jimmy Fallon is grateful.

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  1. colbaby says:

    Good God. How did people find that? I saw the code box, but was too distracted by the double dose of totes hotness playing out before my eyes to think anything of it.

  2. I saw that too, and I was like “What in the world…/Oh, boy”, because when I did an internship last summer in NYC, I had a mini-task in which I had to learn more about QR codes for someone and how they worked. Not being a “tech-savvy nerd”, it was a difficult project for me, not traumatic or anything, just not enjoyable. So I was puzzled to see something that stuck out blatantly during the performance and also something that I’m somewhat familiar with. But this thank you is pretty cool! Jimmy looks so happy and grateful for what we have done for him and Stephen. But Jimmy! You CANNOT use the name Midnight Ramblers! That’s already taken! It’s the name of an award-winning, best-selling, all-male a cappella group at the University of Rochester! My alma mater! That would be copyright infringement! Choose another name! I personally prefer The 12.37 Time Sluts! Thank you.

  3. That is absolutely the sweetest, nerdiest thing.
    So, does this mean that someone with a camera phone can take a picture of their TV screen or computer with the QR code on it, and up will come the URL taking you directly to this “thank you?”
    Wow. Unbelievable. When I was, oh, just a bit younger, we used to have to send messages by climbing on top of the nearest mastodon. Then we’d have to hang around and wait for our connection to the 6 p.m. ice flow.
    Well, one of the perks of living in the computer age, is that it makes sweet, adorable nerds so much more accessible!
    Thanks so much for sharing that! I love it!

  4. lockhart43 says:

    Fallon’s Funbags for the win. Just typing that makes me giggle.

  5. I couldn’t get my QR reader to recognize it. (Yeah, I tried it last night when you posted it)

  6. Ok now I can. Must’ve been my TV or something? I’m not sure – but hey, glad to see other people who tried the same thing as me, and my husband thought I was such a nerd! :)

  7. I like Fallonious Monks. Do we have a name or is it just the Nation?

    • colbaby says:

      I think we’re just “heroes” or “the Nation.” But we could mix it up I guess. Stephen’s Heathens? The Colbabes? Stewart’s Sloppy Seconds?

    • Another alternate name for the Colbert Nation is the “C-Section”, although that’s been adopted by the fangirls over at the ColbertNation.com fangirl lair.

  8. I second the “Seconds.”

    How about Stephen Tyrone and His Girls in the Zone?

    And for the guys, Colbert’s Freres? (Can’t get that French accent mark)

    Just kidding, by the way. I still love “Sloppy Seconds.”

  9. p.s. – I want a t-shirt that has Stephen’s picture and has the caption, “You seem nice.”

  10. If you scan the QR code in the above video, it takes you to a second bonus video. In that second video, he holds up another QR code, but I don’t know if that one takes you elsewhere yet. Is there a way to scan a QR code when you’re already using your phone to watch the video itself?

    • The first video has a qrcode that takes you too his level 2 video, in it he holds up another qrcode that takes you to yet another video and so on. I made it through all of them. Sorta worth the effort to watch them all.

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