Six Degrees: Art Edition.

G’day Zoners! I hope your all enjoying April Fool’s Day, and more importantly brushing up on your “Friday” lyrics so you can all sing-a-long with Stephen tonight. As much as I loathe that song I really hope Stephen can put the TGI back in Friday – it was once my favourite day of the week. But I digress. This week in Six Degrees News Jon Stewart makes a cameo in “The Adjustment Bureau”, Jason Jones is co-starring in a new CBS comedy pilot, Lewis Black stopped by “The Late Late Show”, Mark Malkoff will be a guest on “Beer Diplomacy”, Amy Sedaris has a new iPad App, Conan talks about “Conan O’Brian Can’t Stop” and Movits! are touring Canada and The US

The Daily Show

The Daily Show and Jon Stewart

  • Thanks to eagle eyed Zoner RobM who recently saw “The Adjustment Bureau” for catching this:

    “Jon Stewart and The Daily Show are featured somewhat prominently in The Adjustment Bureau? A clip of Matt Damon’s Congressman character appearing on the show is included in the opening montage, and in the second half of the movie he goes back on the show and there’s some short scenes that take place “backstage.””

  • Also thanks to Zoner lockhart43 for providing this clip in which Matt Damon explains how Jon came to be in the movie – Spoiler alert: Jon ad-libbed all of his lines.

Jon Stewart (Host)

  • Jon will be performing at the Palace Theatre in Columbus, OH on Friday, April 29th at 7:30PM.

Brian Unger (Former Correspondant)

Jason Jones (Correspondant)

John Oliver (Correspondant & Writer)

Josh Gad (Contributor)

Kahane Cooperman (Co-Executive Producer)

  • Kahan talks to the “Montclair Patch” about balancing family life with her job at “The Daily Show.”

Lewis Black (Contributor)

Lizz Winstead (The Daily Show Co-Creator)

Olivia Munn (Correspondant)

Samantha Bee (Correspondant)

Steve Carell (Former Correspondant)

Wyatt Cenac (Correspondant & Writer) and Kristen Schaal (Contributor)

The Colbert Report

Ben Karlin (Co-Creator)

  • Ben has signed a new two-year deal with ABC Studios to develop projects for the studio through his company SuperEgo Industries.

Mark Malkoff (Former Audience Co-Ordinator)

Tom Purcell (Executive Producer & Writer)

  • Tom talks to the South Bend Tribune about his career, working on “The Colbert Report” and describes Stephen as “He’s the type of guy that you say my mom likes him more than she likes me. He’s so polite.”

Friends of the Show

Amy Sedaris (Strangers with Candy)

  • Conan O’Brien (Conan)

    • Conan talks to the New York Times about “Conan O’Brien Can’t Stop” a documentary by Rodman Flender that goes on the road and behind-the-scenes of last year’s “Legally Prohibited Tour”.

    Dana Carvey (The Dana Carvey Show)

    Dan Savage (Friend of the Show and Advice Columnist)

    Jimmy Fallon (Late Night with Jimmy Fallon and 6 Month BFF)

    Movits! (Band and Friends of the Show)

    • Movits! will be touring the US and Canda this April and May. Check out for the full list of tour dates and venues.


    1. “He’s the type of guy that you say my mom likes him more than she likes me. He’s so polite.”

      Love it.

    2. Two thoughts – I have seen Amy’s Youtube channel which is fabulous and I imagine her Ipad app will be the same – but I read somewhere that she doesn’t use computers at all! She does awfully well in the digital world just the same.

      And speaking of the Dana Carvey show, I did a google search for April Fool tonight, and Hulu had changed their look to 1996, complete with descriptions of then-current shows (X-files right at the top) anyway, lower down was young Stephen doing the news on the DC show with that budgie bird on his shouder…unfortunately the link didn’t work but it was 15 years old, heh.

    3. lockhart43 says:

      Wow, now that is a list! Thanks especially for the article on Kahane Cooperman; I really enjoyed reading it. I think it highlights one of my favorite things about Jon (and Stephen), which is the fantastic balance they give to employees who have families. Samantha Bee also mentions it in her book I Know I Am, But What Are You? (which is a wonderful, wonderful book, by the way), when she talks about how flexible they allow her and her husband Jason’s schedules to be, since they have young children and both work on the show. It’s also super cool that Cooperman’s husband works on TCR. It really sounds like TDS and TCR form this giant happy family.

      And here’s an extra bit of John Oliver news, for anyone in Michigan: John will be performing at the Royal Oak Music Theatre in Royal Oak on Saturday, May 14th. I found out a couple of days ago, and am crossing my fingers that seats will still be available when I’m actually able to scramble some cash together.

    4. Hey thanks for the mention of the Mark Malkoff interview. I was so impressed with Mark and his commitment to keeping it real. One of the nicest (and most creative) people I’ve had the pleasure to meet virtually.

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