Episode 7038 (3/22/2011) – Ayman Mohyeldin

Colbert Report Episode Guide 150pxEPISODE NUMBER: 7038 (March 22, 2011)
GUESTS: Ayman Mohyeldin
SEGMENTS: Californians Respond to Japanese Disaster, Stephen Colbert’s Raging Art-On – Art 2, Crisis in the Middle Everywhere – CNN And Fox News Fight in Libya
VIDEOS: Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Has everyone texted 90999 to donate to the Red Cross yet? I texted them this morning – thanks for the reminder, Stephen! Has anyone sent Stephen naked pictures yet? Bad Zoner! *flogs with wet noodle* He’s a married man! And it’s Lent, for heaven’s sake!

I don’t talk about my day job much on this blog, because let’s face it, it’s quite boring – I am a sales administrator for a company that rents electrical and environmental test equipment. But for the first time, well, ever I’m pretty sure, Stephen talked about an issue that is affecting my job. One of the devices that our environmental division rents is radiation testing. And we have been getting call after call from California from people wanting to rent radiation testing equipment. In a nutshell, it has been proven to my satisfaction that people in California really are freaking out about the radiation.

I cannot express to you how amazingly hard I laughed at the reappearance of Clambo during Stephen Colbert’s Raging Art-On Art 2 segment. Stephen hogging the Hors d’œuvres was great as well, but my favorite moment was Stephen yelling “Can I sit on this? Is this art? I don’t want to sit on this if it’s art.” And then later, Stephen saying “You can’t sit on this. Okay. I didn’t know it was art – I asked!” Did anyone else catch that Andres Serrano’s title was “Really Famous Artist, Collaborator”?

Stephen’s meta-reporting of the CNN vs Fox News controversy was hysterical – “Get Lord Pricklepusss here a saucer of milk – meow!” I also really enjoyed Stephen’s interview with Ayman Mohyeldin. I think people in America forget the amazing bias in pretty much every one of our news organizations, and often wish we had more access to other news organizations for a little bit of perspective if nothing else.

What did all of you think of the episode? Leave it, and any bodily fluids you choose, in the comments!

Stephen Colbert Art On


  1. did you catch ‘tieson’ the tie-snake amy sedaris made in her appearance during the art-on segment? :D it was on the table while he was presenting clambo ^^

  2. I died at the Neil Patrick Harris bit. I had to go back and make sure I saw what I thought I saw. Stephen, you’re a dirty man.

    “It’s happening!”

    • I might be blind, but who was that guy? ^^

    • Mr. Arkadin says:

      “I died at the Neil Patrick Harris bit.”

      Maybe the radiation is affecting my California mind, but what Neil Patrick Harris bit?

      • Stephen told a guy that he looks like Neil Patrick Harris. The guy replied “I get that all the time.” Stephen asked “Do you ‘get it’ from Neil Patrick Harris?” (NPH being gay) The guy responded “No!” Then Stephen made a motion with his mouth where he poked his tongue into his cheek to make it look like he was giving a um…low-bay ob-jay.

  3. You just know there are some more bits from Stephen’s Art-On that were edited out due to time. I could watch him mingle with the crowd all day- not to mention his non-product, fluffy hair! Instigating a fight, bottomless drinks and snacks…

    “I’m too loud?! I’m being too loud!!”

  4. lockhart43 says:

    Abra-clam Lincoln. Seriously. Abra-clam Lincoln. I’m still laughing about that one!

    All of the field pieces this week have been brilliantly funny. Putting Stephen in that environment will always equal absolute hilarity. Also loved the bit with Stephen’s cameraman during the CNN vs. Fox News segment. “Dante, I didn’t mean you! I didn’t mean you, Dante! …Are we cool?”

  5. I love that Stephen brought his arts & crafts projects with him to the gallery, including the tie-snake thingy he made with Amy. Setting him loose in a room full of people at a cocktail party where some of them obviously know who he is, and others just as obviously have no clue was pure genius. I also thought it was pretty funny that his nametag said “Lot #1.” And I will never not giggle at “Raging Art-on.” Because I’m twelve.

    Also? His hair was purty.

    I enjoyed the interview a lot. DB made a good point about all of our own news organizations having biases. News reporting in this country is driven as much by who’s paying the bills as it is by actual news. I gave up watching TV news a long time ago, but I’d still like to know that I had access to Al Jazeera English just to expand the choices for those rare occasions when something happens that does make me tune in.

  6. I found the interview very interesting. I’ve been frustrated with US media for a while now (like most of us). Recently I found wtfcnn.com, which shows CNN in a split screen with the foreign news source of your choice for comparison purposes. The default is Al Jazeera English, and so far, I have found their articles to be informative, well written, and without a detectable bias. (I particularly enjoyed seeing CNN’s major headline concerning Bieber’s haircut in juxtaposition with civil unrest and revolution on AJE.) The exception, in my opinion, would be some of the articles concerning Israel/Palestine. I still read those articles because they present a viewpoint not presented in other sources. I’m glad that Mohyeldin came on the Report, so that more people can become aware of AJE and the existence of nonbiased (or less biased), quality journalism.

  7. Hahahahaha, Art 2 of “Stephen’s Art-On” was great (by the way, am I the only one who thinks of R2D2 when you first hear “Art 2”?). I remember the googly-eyed clam figurines! Excited to see a comeback (and “Tieson” too)! And Stephen’s crazy antics at the pre-auction cocktail party? *shakes head in smirkful amusement* (Like the NPH thing. Naughty!) And fluffy hair!!! He looked SO handsome. I think that’s the look I love most on him: half-conservative suited “Stephen” and half-normal fluffy-coiffed Stephen. Kind of envious of the girl whom he was talking to (the one drinking champagne). Hey Stephen! I dabble in art myself! Wanna artsy discussion? A tete-a-tete would be a-okay by me! I liked the part in the Fox vs. CNN bit when “Stephen” talks about sending his cameramen to their deaths and “Dante” starts moving the camera away from “Stephen”. The Ayman interview was awesome too. It’s great when Stephen brings in people from other sides so that issues are not purely one-sided. Another solid episode. :)

    • By the way, is it just me, or does the format of the website seem a little out of whack? Everything seems to be re-arranged all over the place.

    • lockhart43 says:

      I think that’s the look I love most on him: half-conservative suited “Stephen” and half-normal fluffy-coiffed Stephen.

      I couldn’t have said it better myself. :)

  8. Gratefull says:

    Loved it when he was sitting on the art and fangirl-rage-on with all that flirting!! And really, “Under the Influence” and he wasn’t a little bit tipsy given all the Champagne he was apparently guzzling? If not at least a little bit tipsy then more testament of his MASSIVE acting prowess. “Too loud?” … LOL

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