Episode 7037 (3/21/2011) – Steve Martin

Colbert Report Episode Guide 150pxEPISODE NUMBER: 7037 (March 21, 2011)
GUESTS: Simon de Pury, Steve Martin
SEGMENTS: Crisis in the Middle Everywhere – Japan & Libya, Raging Art-On – Simon de Pury
VIDEOS: Monday, March 21, 2011

To paraphrase Benjamin Franklin, in this world nothing can be said to be certain, except death and taxes and all hell breaking loose when Jon and Stephen go on vacation. The shoe being thrown at Bush, the announcement of Sarah Palin, and the Underwear Bomber all happened when the shows were on a break. This hiatus proved no exception, with the US bombing of Libya and the tragedy unfolding in Japan due to the earthquake taking over headlines as Jon and Stephen got some much needed rest.

On the up side, having huge news guarantees a fantastic show right out of the gate. And this show proved no exception. It was pretty obvious that the graphics department hit the ground running with their many new intro graphics to the many new segments and sub-segments introduced by Stephen. Whether it’s dancing to Prince at the National Museum of American History, or licking meteors at the Hayden Planetarium with Neil deGrasse Tyson, Stephen and field pieces never fail to amuse. I could watch Stephen roaming random art galleries every night. Also? That black shirt/no glasses/dark jacket look? Pretty hawt.

As always, Steve Martin was charming and funny and wonderful. The smiles that Steve and Stephen brought to each other’s faces definitely brought a smile to mine. I could watch Steve Martin play banjo all day and never get bored. And how fun was that song? If I were single, that would totally be my Breakup Empowerment Song.

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Stephen Colbert and Simon de Pury


  1. lockhart43 says:

    The influx of expensive-looking graphics last night really made me laugh. And letting Stephen loose in that art gallery was genius. That whole segment was hilarious!

    Of course, I loved the interview, and the song was great. I said it in another post, but I loved how Stephen led the audience clap towards the end of the song. It showed how much he was enjoying himself and the moment. And the sign-off was ridiculously adorable. Is there a set number of times I can use the word adorable to describe Stephen before it starts to lose meaning? There isn’t? Okay, cool.

    • Is there a set number of times I can use the word adorable to describe Stephen before it starts to lose meaning? There isn’t? Okay, cool.

      Nope, there most certainly isn’t. I find myself coming back to that word all the time, it just seems to be the most apt description of Stephen I can possibly find.

      Gahhhhhhhhhhhhhh, last night’s show…:D. Happy me. First off, Stephen in that getup when he was wandering around the art gallery, HELLO, sexiness! Then the wonderful interview with Steve Martin (who’s a total charmer, by the way, he’s just too cool for words), and then Stephen joined in on the song at the end HOORAY (and I liked the song, too, catchy and very, very funny)! So all in all, a very good night.

    • Karenatasha says:

      No–there’s definiitely no set number of times. You just keep on using it as long as you keep feeling it! (And he keeps being it.)

  2. Yes, it’s always fun to watch Stephen having a good time doing the show… I know I’ve said it before, but he is the most genuinely happy person I’ve ever seen. And it’s contagious. I’m sure he has his down days — but his spirit is unbelievable. Oh, and Lockhart43, it also doesn’t hurt that he’s adorable. And it’s totally “cool” to say so.

    (Recaptcha: 106. toessigh. I kid you not. But I’d say 106 is a low estimate. Say “adorable” as often as possible! And who knew Recaptcha had a thing for Stephen’s toes?)

  3. One more thing. I’m going to quote a previous post as well, but it bears repeating:

    Stephen. No glasses. Turtleneck.

    No words.

  4. my fav art gallery joke: “what grade is he in?” hahaha… it DID look like an ashtray a child would make :)

  5. I’d been waiting all day to watch this episode, and now that I have, I’m happy to say that I was not disappointed. It’s amazing what a week-off can do. Jon and Stephen were both on FIRE last night, since, ironically, subject-heavy news do tend to make good shows. Stephen really started off this week with a bang, all beginning with the intro (great statements). I’m really glad that he mentioned Japan’s plight, because I spent most of my childhood in Tokyo when my family and I were expatriates and it’s devastating for me to see a country that was a huge part of my life literally fall apart. I can only donate so much money being a poor ex-college student, so I hope his “Colbert Bump” for the Red Cross will do a lot of good. The Phillips de Pury Gallery bit was GOLD. I can’t remember the last time I laughed out loud. My favourite moments include “Snoopy Dogg” and the bird**** painting. And Stephen reincarnating his inner-Hamlet with the black turtleneck, dark suit and no glasses…no comment (for a good reason). Granted, I still prefer him with glasses, but it’s nice to see him with 30% more face sometimes (by the way, can he really see without his glasses? Is he near-sighted or long-sighted?). He went controlled-wild in the gallery and the other entries. I can’t wait to see what happens on the next show. Loved the interview, and I confess, the last time Steve Martin was on, I didn’t really take too much to him, but this time, he was really witty and charming and clearly passionate about his music. I love how a second chance will cast a previously less-liked guest in a better light, which I’m thankful for. And the song was great (with the added bonus of Stephen joining in near the end). I don’t listen to bluegrass much, but I appreciate all genres, and I had a great time listening/grooving to this. DEFINITELY a great way to start off the week. :)

    Wow. I spent like a good half-hour watching the episode and typing up this post and it’s nearly midnight for me and I still need to get work done. However, with Stephen, I don’t regret having an excuse for not doing my homework. ;)

    ReCaptcha: Read Set atrti. Kind of a coded art message? Telling me to get ready to get my art on? If my creative juices would receive an inspirational jolt in order to start flowing again, I would greatly appreciate that. But the drought continues.

    Okay, enough procrastinating. Back to work (and hopefully some sleep). *sigh*

    • P.S. I also enjoyed the “disaster-ducken” and “Japan-demonium” remarks. Very accurately describing what’s happening in Japan (Copyright 2011, Stephen Colbert, anyone?). And Stephen covering up a character-break smile with his fist after the Crisis In The Middle Everywhere: Sub-Crisis – War In Libya graphic? Adorable.

      • P.P.S. Evidently I have now caught the re-posting ReCaptcha syndrome looking back on my last few posts. Darn it! *shakes fist in mock-anger at nothing in particular*

    • Karenatasha says:

      Anais, I think he can see without the glasses, but ironically, when he’s reading. When I saw him last year at the “To Kill A Mockingbrd” dscusson at Symphony Space, he actually removed his glasses at one point while reading an excerpt from the book. But he kept them on for the rest of the time.I wonder if he ever wears contacts.

      • Arkadina says:

        Maybe he has astigmatism? Nowadays I wear glasses most of the time, but often I find it’s easier to take them off to read something at close quarters because of that, and that’s what I’ve seen Stephen do. [But if I have lenses in and I’m trying to read small print, I have to stand there moving the thing back in front of my face in that ‘old person’ way until the right focal length kicks in Gah!]

        And ‘Phil’ and the art gallery bit was really very funny…

    • I can only donate so much money being a poor ex-college student, so I hope his “Colbert Bump” for the Red Cross will do a lot of good.

      I’m sure it will. The Colbert Nation is a very generous bunch, after all. I know the feeling, I too don’t have a ton to give, but I’ll certainly donate something. I’m so sorry to hear about the disaster having such a personal impact on you *Sends hugs*. I feel for the people over there, I just can’t even imagine… It’s insane.

      Agreed on the lack of glasses, too, by the way, it always takes a moment for me to get used to that look (’cause it’s not so common), but yeah, I like it, too. Get a better view of his eyes, and that’s never a bad thing :). And I started wondering about how good his sight was, too. The things you ponder watching this show sometimes, eh :p?

      • Deffo, Angela. It’s interesting and fun when you notice/start analyzing a minute, insignificant thing (to others) that only makes Stephen that much more special, handsome and awesome. And thanks for the hug. *sends a hug back* It came to a point that I couldn’t watch any more videos or read more articles because it was too much. It’s good that Tokyo didn’t suffer too much damage (apart from all manner of things being turned over on their sides big time), but the rest of the Japanese landscape is completely transformed. I can barely recognize it under the turmoil and rubble.

  6. That excellent musical performance was exactly the scenario I was hoping for. “Jubilation Day” is a great tune with funny lyrics, and I knew Stephen would be able to sneak in there to join in on the band’s vocals. I had such a big grin on my face the whole time. I bought Rare Bird Alert the day it came out, and I’m really enjoying it.

    Now, that field piece with Simon de Pury? I laughed so hard through the whole thing. I will confess, I don’t get modern art at all, so I especially enjoyed watching Stephen deflate all the artistic pretensions. Because that one painting? Definitely birdsh*t. I can’t wait to see the second part of this one.

  7. Mr. Arkadin says:

    My favorite graphic last night was: “LIMITED OPERATION and, and narrow in scope focused on supporting the United Nations Security Council resolution which very specifically focused on humanitarian efforts protecting the civilians IN LIBYA!” :)

    Also TDS clobbering of the Obama administration was just wonderful! Jon seemed more alive and engaged in the first two segments then (IMHO) he’s be in awhile. It was great to see.

    • I absolutely LOVED the way Jon’s show handled the whole situation with Libya last night. The second segment in particular was my favorite, the way he and John Oliver helped point out all the inconsistencies in when we help vs. when we don’t help was perfect and summed up the very argument I’ve been making for a long time so well. And the graphic you quoted from Stephen’s show was my favorite, too, that flat out cracked me up. I only wish we could send clips like this to our government and make them watch them repeatedly-they’ve obviously seen the shows, but sometimes it seems the message doesn’t seem to stick, so…

      • Mr. Arkadin says:

        “I only wish we could send clips like this to our government and make them watch them repeatedly-they’ve obviously seen the shows, but sometimes it seems the message doesn’t seem to stick, so…”

        Amen! :)

  8. Arkadina says:

    And ok, hands up, who couldn’t resist a delightfully infantile s****** at the pun-of-the-week-so-far ‘Raging Art-On’????

    • *Raises hand* When I heard that, I just put my head in my hand and started giggling. Oh, for the love of all that is good, Stephen…*Shakes head* :p.

  9. Hi everyone! I have a Taping ReporT from this episode! I was in New York for my spring break from law school and was so happy when tickets popped up online a few months ago for this particular week, especially since the last couple of years they did their break this week rather than the previous one. The friend I was going to be traveling with came down with a bad case of the flu, so it was just me, but it turned out to be lucky at least in one respect because the audience coordinator put me in an empty seat in the front row!

    Since other Taping ReporTs have given so many details about what a taping’s like, I’ll just tell you a few highlights from the Q&A and other interesting things I noticed.

    I asked Stephen if he had a Confirmation name– Yes– and what it was. He said it was Simon, to honor his brother Peter, which I think is so sweet. He then proceeded to quote the whole “You are Peter and upon this rock I will build my Church…” line! He then asked me what mine was; I said Anne. There was a pause and I stupidly said, “Mary’s mother.” He responded, “You don’t have to tell *me* who she is!” Hopefully I covered for that okay by saying I was just telling the audience! He then started talking about Mary being the Immaculate Conception, not Jesus, and how people sometimes mix that up. I was just nodding along kind of in awe! He transitioned to the next question by saying, “Thus endeth the lesson.”

    Another person asked Stephen what the worst job he ever had was. Stephen described his two summers working demolition for a construction company, and how he had to break through this insulation made of fiberglass that left him covered with needle-sharp fiberglass particles. Every night he would take alternating hot-cold showers, would wake up in the morning and sweep all the fiberglass dust off his bed, and then start the process all over again. He said that it was at this time that his then-girlfriend had a pregnancy scare and he thought that he would have to work that job for the rest of his life! He said that the Bruce Springsteen song “The River” was popular at the time and seemed particularly apropos. Stephen then sang a verse in a Bruce-like voice. “Then I got Mary pregnant/ And man that was all she wrote/ And for my nineteenth birthday/ I got a union card and a wedding coat.”

    Stephen had a major character break in the very first segment. It was when he was saying the crisis-within-a-crisis line. He just stopped and started laughing and put his head down on the desk! So they retaped from the top of the show. He had a few little laughs during that segment afterward, probably just from remembering what had happened the first time. He said it was from being on break for a week.

    I was very impressed with how focused Stephen is. Even though he’s such a happy and joyful person, he definitely is serious about the work. For example, rather than watching Steve Martin and the Steep Canyon Rangers directly as they did their songs, he watched it on the monitor to see how it would look on television. He’s so concerned about the quality of the show! He was also watching the taped segment with Simon de Pury very intently.

    Also, Paul Dinello was out many times consulting during the breaks, and he is very cute in person!

    Anyway, I had such a fun time at the taping and it made me adore and admire Stephen even more! I’m so glad there’s a group of Zoners to share with!

    • Mr. Arkadin says:

      Superb reporT Mariana!
      Wow, you got to see Stephen, (& talk to him!) Steve Martin, and Paul Dinello! Lucky you! :D

    • Karenatasha says:

      Thank you so much for that ReporT, Mariana! I’m really fascinated by how revealing he can get during these Q&A sessions. I’ve attended only one taping, and he wasn’t asked anything personal there, but even so, you could feel how open he was.

      Had anyone else ever heard him speak about this job before? I’ve read many articles, as you can imagine, but this never came up.

      JEEZ–my ReCaptcha has a SYMBOL! An “X” in a circle. What do I do about that?

    • lockhart43 says:

      Thanks for such an awesome reporT, Mariana! I always love hearing about the pre-show Q&A, and it sounds like you were treated to some good ones (as did you ask a good one, and his answer was very sweet).
      I can see why they re-taped the first segment, but that sounds like such a wonderful character break you were treated to! And I definitely agree with you – Paul Dinello is very cute in person. Also super, super nice. XD

      Thanks again for the reporT! And welcome to the site!

    • Thanks for that wonderful taping reporT, Mariana! It’s always interesting to read about people’s experiences at the show. You asked him a great question. And I don’t ever remember hearing about this demolition job. It’s amazing sometimes what he’ll share during the Q&A.

      I’m convinced now that a taping experience isn’t complete without a Paul Dinello sighting.

  10. Mariana, I’d like to add my thanks to the other thank you’s! Like Karenatasha, I am also inspired by Stephen’s openness. What a wonderful opportunity you had!
    I am also secretly very happy, because my son’s middle name is “Simon,” but it’s pronounced the Spanish way (Si-mone).
    It’s a stretch to fell that’s a connection, but it’s something.
    Thanks again for the great ReporTing!
    Now I’m going to watch tonight’s show! (From my couch, sadly.)

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