Video: Allison Silverman short film reenacts worst houseguests ever

This hysterical video features famed artisan pencil sharpener David Rees as Julian Assange. Also, while watching the video, don’t forget to play one of my favorite games – “Spot the ‘Colbert Report’ writers!”


  1. I love how “Julian Assange” is marked on the calendar in the opening, the way one would write “PTA meeting.” Also, the “random string of numbers” that fills up the girlfriend’s hard drive, the unexplained bra on the lampshade towards the end, and the absurdity of the rotted fruit. Thanks, DB, for posting this. It’s great to see the TCR writers’ sensibilities laid bare. It makes me realize how seamlessly Stephen incorporates his own writing and improvisation with the other writers’ work. And, how hard it must be to do that, and to have everything fit just perfectly. This was great. I really laughed out loud. And is it strange to say I miss Allison Silverman? There is something about her humor that is the perfect yin to Stephen’s yang. Well, who knows what the future may bring. Thanks again!

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