Klassic Kolbert: OMG! SPACE!

Those of you who have followed Stephen’s love affair with NASA over the past few years should know the name Garrett Reisman very well. He was the first interplanetary interview on the Report back in May 2008, and one of the participants in the second interview from the International Space Station two years later in June 2010. Yesterday it was announced that Reisman has left NASA to join the commercial company SpaceX as a “senior engineer working on astronaut safety and mission assurance.” While he admitted that voluntarily leaving the astronaut corps was very difficult, he believes that the future of human spaceflight is with private companies and, with the space shuttle program nearing its end, he felt it was the right time to make this move.

While I’m sad to see Garrett leave NASA, I’m excited at the possibilities that lie ahead with the development of commercial space flight and I’m happy to see that he’ll be involved with it. I thought it only fitting to look back at his interview with Stephen, not just because it’s a great interview with a total it-getter, but to watch and enjoy Stephen’s reaction to interviewing an astronaut on the ISS. You can see the glee coming off him in waves, and I don’t think he could have wiped that grin off his face if he’d wanted to. Enjoy!


  1. Alex Zhou says:

    Holycrap. This must be the coolest Colbert interview ever..

  2. lockhart43 says:

    Congratulations to Mr. Reisman on the new position! I wish him loads of success! And I always love seeing that clip; Stephen emulates pure joy in that interview.

  3. Arkadina says:

    Even without clicking on the link, the words ‘OMG! SPACE!’ just started me off laughing….

  4. Absolute, sheer joy!

  5. Gratefull says:

    Dr. Reisman, take Stephen into space! Safely and return him in one happy piece!

    Stephen’s awe of space and the weightlessness was contagious. I wonder if he remembers the moon walks way back when.

  6. Galadriel says:

    Thanks so much for posting this…it’s a little booster-shot of joy.

  7. So much fun to relive this clip! OMG! SPACE! is always a winner. Somehow it always has made me feel proud when I watch this as I have *my* WristStrong bracelet on, too.

    The Colbert Nation has gone galactic! Thanks so much for posting this. And best of luck to Garrett in his new gig!

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