Stephen Colbert in the Zeitgeist – March 13, 2011

zeitgeist2Greetings, kids, and welcome to another news round-up! The Colbert news has actually been a little on the slow side lately, but there are a few stories floating around out there that deserve our attention. Today I’ve got a couple of items about Anonymous, more from the front in the ice cream wars, and a quick dose of culture from the art world. Here’s your zeitgeist for Sunday, March 13th.


  • Raw Story responded to Stephen’s response to their original story about the Guy Fawkes mask that briefly flickered over Stephen’s face back on February 24th. Stephen denied being part of Anonymous, but Raw Story still feels like they got it right: “The segment ultimately leaves us feeling we were right — that Colbert has indeed sided with the group, even if he’s reticent to admit it. He’s certainly helped them win the public relations battle, although their actions would seem to speak for themselves in many cases. Still, this would seem to make Colbert the first ‘non-anonymous Anonymous.'”
  • There was more than a little speculation on the Interwebs about whether Anonymous had managed to hack the Report, or if this was just a clever joke on the part of Team Colbert. I was convinced all along it was the latter, as was HuffPo: “You have to give it to Team Colbert: the subtle lengths they’re willing to go for a joke — and, potentially, to start a wildfire of an Internet rumor — is pretty impressive… As purveyors of some of the edgiest media satire on television, we don’t doubt for a second that this is all part of a devious Colbert Plan.”

Americone Dream vs. Late Night Snack

  • It looks like the trash talk started even before Jimmy Fallon showed up at the Report on March 3rd. Popeater had this quote from Fallon at the unveiling of his new Ben & Jerry’s flavor: “‘I hope I never see that man’s ice cream next to mine… Americone Dream — oh my gosh — ice cream cones in ice cream, what a genius idea. He’s Albert Einstein,’ Fallon joked to the press during the unveiling of his new flavor at 30 Rock. ‘Late Night Snack is an untouchable flavor.'” We’ll see how long that whole “BFFs for six months” thing lasts.
  • I will readily admit that I’m including a link to this E! Online article solely for the title: Jimmy Fallon Ice Cream — Does He Taste Better Than Stephen Colbert? I don’t think I can comment on that on a family-friendly blog… *cough* But having now tasted the new Late Night Snack flavor, I have to admit honestly that I prefer it just a tiny bit more than Americone Dream. The ice cream has a better vanilla flavor, but I don’t know how seriously you can take that opinion if I admit that I’m not a fan of vanilla ice cream.

Portrait 5, Stephen(s)

  • has a wonderfully detailed account of Stephen’s antics at the auction of his portrait, all designed to push up the price and gain more money for Donors Choose: “Perhaps suspecting that they were too apathetically cool to bid on the work, Colbert attempted to generate some energy by flitting among the bidders, squatting behind their seats to poke them in the lumbar region, and yelling ‘higher.'” He also admitted that the portrait was “basically made at Kinkos” and offered to hang the portrait himself in the buyer’s “private cocaine closet.”
  • noted the sale of Stephen’s portrait with a comparison to another art sale, Picasso’s “Nude, Green Leaves and Bust,” which currently holds the record for the most expensive painting ever sold at auction, for $106.5 million. Among the reasons Stephen and his portrait are better: Picasso is one man, while Stephen’s portrait had contributions from three famous artists; Stephen was actually present at the auction for his portrait (winner by default, since Picasso “has the very air-tight excuse of being dead”); and you don’t have to understand art to appreciate Stephen’s portrait. But the most important reason, at least as far as I’m concerned, is that the money from the sale went to a charity near and dear to Stephen, Doners Choose.

(h/t Katt)


  1. I love the above quote from the article: “Colbert attempted to generate some energy by flitting among the bidders, squatting behind their seats to poke them in the lumbar region, and yelling ‘higher.’” Funny… I had a dream just the other day where he was doing the same th….. oh, never mind.
    And on a more serious note, it’s just amazing the way he helps Especially at a time when some un-evolved individuals are treating teachers in this country as if they were what’s wrong with the world, instead of what’s right with it.

  2. lockhart43 says:

    “Perhaps suspecting that they were too apathetically cool to bid on the work, Colbert attempted to generate some energy by flitting among the bidders, squatting behind their seats to poke them in the lumbar region, and yelling ‘higher.’”

    Oh, Stephen. That is hilarious! I’d say all of his antics worked, judging from the final!

  3. I think someone asked this before, but just exactly how do you get those quotes to be in italics? It’s so much nicer looking and easier to read! (And I like your choice of quotes, as you can see.)

    • lockhart43 says:

      Go here and scroll to the bottom of the page, and I believe it’s the second line item that tells you how to do italics. It’ll also tell you how to create a hyperlink. :)

  4. Thank you! And look, “thumbs up” are back!!!
    Thanks again.

  5. awww stephen is the cutest :P those art-people probably have never had as much fun at an auction ^^

    ot: I still smile everytime I read “Shout out (Hey!)” =D

  6. Yay for Shout Outs (Hey!) again!! We should all go back to the beginning of the week of February 28th (when the Shout Outs stopped working) and make our rounds catching up with our Shout Outs up until the latest blog post so that we’re all caught up with our appreciation for each other’s comments!

    • I’m seriously considering doing this tomorrow after I’m done with classes! What better way to de-stress and lift your spirits after a full day of soul-crushing lectures than making other people feel good that their comments are appreciated even if the Shout-Outs are a couple weeks late? Who’s with me?!

      • Well, I’m not sure I have the time to go through 2 weeks of postings, but you have my thumbs up in spirit! Us old-timers have to use our thumbs sparingly. Carpal tunnel sets in…
        But if I suddenly find I have more shout-outs than ever, I’ll have a sneaking suspicion that it’s you! Go for it!

  7. Gratefull says:

    Great post, Ann G … I am not sure why anyone would be surprised that Stephen and Crew would go to such lengths to then appear like they didn’t do it! They are truly that amazing!

    I love the idea that Colbert is the first non-anonymous-anonymous. I can just see him in my mind’s eye running around the room saying “I’m first! I’m first!” and high fiving everyone, LOL.

    And absolutely, there is something very wonderful about getting to help teachers, kids and ultimately, schools and society with Donorschoose! I come from a long line of teachers and anyone who does, knows that the good ones have long days and wrack their brains to figure out how to illustrate ideas on pennies a day. If the un-evolve keep up this teacher-bashing the good ones will burn out and then, we will really be in trouble.

    Like the bumper sticker says, “If you think education is expensive, try ignorance”

    LOL reCAPTCHA: selfear fluid … *scrunched up eyebrows* LOL

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