Episode 7036 (3/10/2011) – Reza Aslan

Colbert Report Episode Guide 150pxEPISODE NUMBER: 7036 (March 10, 2011)
GUESTS: Reza Aslan
SEGMENTS: Non-runners for the President of the United States, The fight against Turban Sprawl
VIDEOS: Thursday, March 10, 2011

I don’t normally make time for the ‘Daily Show’ (the ‘Colbert Report keeps me busy enough as it is), but I had to tune in to watch the interview with Trey Parker and Matt Stone about the Book of Mormon musical. I can remember watching a rerun of the first episode of ‘SouthPark’ about two weeks after it had debut. I was in the kitchen with my brother, at 2:30a as I was getting ready to drive 2 hours to the airport for a red-eye flight back to college, and we laughed so hard we cried. I’ve been a fan of Parker and Stone ever since. The interview with Jon was a charming combination of admiration from Jon and adorkable Mormon references from Trey and Matt. Being raised Mormon, I truly appreciated the Abinadi reference in the interview.

How intense was that montage of Stephen Colbert standing next to Tim Pawlenty? And now many non sequitur images did you catch? I saw the ‘Craziest F@#king Thing’ bullfight footage, the Crying Indian from the 70’s litter commercial, the Jerry Bruckheimer Productions tagline, Kate Perry, and E.T. the Extra Terrestrial. And the writer who came up with the “Why can’t you hold the camera steady?” line deserves a cookie.

I think that Reza was trying just a bit too hard to be witty (with his Eating Babies line, for example), but it was cute that Stephen called Reza his “Muslim Friend”. He really hasn’t made a new friend for quite some time. I was caught a bit off guard with Stephen literally screaming “We’re not talking about Catholics here!” in the middle of the interview when Aslan compared Catholics with pedophiles. Loved that Stephen called Aslan multiple times on that he’s in this to get his “beak wet”.

Don’t forget to go to ColbertPAC.com, and tell me which Pawlenty video references I missed in the comments!

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  1. lockhart43 says:

    That montage was EPIC! And now I can’t wait for this week’s Apopcalypse so I can learn about all of the references I missed. :P The sign-off was adorable, but it just made me realize how much I’m going to miss the show next week.

    “I’ve heard from people that Peter King is a d*ck. I don’t have any data, I don’t have proof, I don’t have any research, I just feel it.”
    Reza Aslan. That was fantastic. As was Stephen’s line, “Let’s hold some hearings.”

    DB, I’m glad you mentioned the Trey Parker/Matt Stone interview on “The Daily Show”. I’ve been watching “South Park” since 1998, when I was in the 4th grade and my brother and I would watch reruns in his room against our mom’s permission. To hear Jon speak so highly of them and what they do made me smile. I just hope The Book of Mormon is still running when I plan my next trip to New York City.

  2. Karenatasha says:

    The attack on Newt filled me with joy! He really laid into that hypocritical creep. And then the montage was just AWESOME. I thought Reza Aslan did very well, especially as Stephen was being his most Stepheny precisely because Aslan could take it and not fold. And yes, Lockhart, I thought the Peter King line was just fantastic, too.

    I was looking forward to Jeff Greenfield, though, and I’m sorry that didn’t happen. I hope the appearance gets rescheduled.

    Now we may hibernate for a week.

  3. Just a brilliant episode all around. That montage, wow. Kudos to everyone who helped put that together. I loved that it included scenes of Stephen in Iraq and at the Rally. And Reza Aslan’s just pure class. I always love when he’s on TCR or TDS. Smart as a whip and funny to boot. Also, I find him totes hot.

    I adored the sign off. I wish I could put that one clip on my iPod to watch whenever I’m feeling stressed out.

  4. What an amazing show last night. And while Stephen was still the hottest man on the screen, Reza Aslan is quite dreamy himself, I must admit. And I loved Aslan’s quip about how Congress isn’t interrogating all Catholics to see if they’re pedophiles. The current hearings about Muslims are just sickening. Worse than McCarthyism. I can’t wait until Stephen converts from Judaism to Islam!!!!! You know it’s coming. I can’t wait!!!!
    I get the feeling that Stephen and Reza are truly friends and had a great time together.
    Also, I am so glad that you included the mention of TDS last night. I thought that was really wonderful too — and I am going to get tickets to see Book of Mormon when I get my next paycheck!
    I hope you’ll all keep writing here over the next week. I’m afraid I’m already going into withdrawal.

  5. Excellent montage… did he shake hands with a deer hoof? So many weird and strange things.

    I wonder if they were developing that clip all week long, just adding junk to the fire with each passing workday.

  6. Oh man, after all the horrific news this morning – I REALLY needed last night’s episode. And MAN was it good! So many of the Newt Gingrich slams were fantastic, and that video was effing EPIC. That video really put me in good spirits, which I’ll need if I’m going to watch more videos of tsunamis in Japan.

  7. Caroline says:

    Loved the episode – especially the Colbert.pac video and the epic Newt diss.
    Maybe we should print up t-shirts: “Newt 2012. All he wants to do is screw America”

  8. Love love LOVE the epic montage! I was in “epileptic fits” of pure ecstasy over its ingenuity and recognizing all of the screenshots and little tidbits that I knew. With men like Gingrich and King in this world, I’m grateful that “Stephen”‘s around to nail them. And Aslan was a great guest as well. Stephen really dialed up “Stephen” to the max, especially when he started yelling “We’re not talking about Catholics here!!”. That made me crack up. The sign off made me a little bit sad though, especially with his last statement before saying “good night”. Does anyone know why he’s taking the week off? I know that it’s in his schedule considering how much he works all year round, but it feels like he just came back from the last break which was like only a month ago.

    • lockhart43 says:

      I don’t know much about how they figure out the schedules every year, but they generally take the same breaks around the same time, give or take a couple of days. And I do know that it’s on purpose that TDS and TCR are on break at the same time. I would see this as their version of Spring Break, I guess.

      • It’s NYC schools spring break-ish time around here. Get yourself a copy of that and all the Jewish holidays and the weeks they take off make much more sense. (Especially if you can get copies of the private school schedules: they are *just* off the public school sched and they often get two weeks instead of one or a whole week instead of a long weekend.) I teach an after school sport in the city and the upper class kids just disappear for weeks at a time.

        I’m guessing they’re all on vacation in the Caribbean right about now…

  9. Christiane says:

    Amazing episode all around! :D The montage had me in fits. :) I actually quite enjoyed the eating babies line but I think it’s because that’s a common phrase in some of the forums and chats I used to frequent when referencing the hysterical fears people have of some things, oh yea, it really eats babies etc etc… so it was funny to hear it said aloud and on camera.

    Course, Reza is so adorable that it might just be my crush talking.

  10. Ditto everyone else here-the video montage had me absolutely cracking up (the “Why can’t you hold the camera steady?” line was hilarious). It was SO spot on. I freakin’ LOVED that. That and the bit about Newt “screwing America”. Yeah, you got that right, buddy (that quote from Newt, seriously, what in the…? Times like this I wish this site weren’t so family-friendly…).

    And the interview with Reza was fantastic, too, especially Reza’s parting line about King. I hope more people speak out against what Peter King is doing, because it’s absolutely insane and shameful on so many levels. I just love the way TCR (and TDS) can take subjects as abhorrent as Peter King or Newt Gingrich and manage to find a way to take them to task while still making us laugh. A fantastic show, I thoroughly enjoyed it.

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