Totally Off Topic: Bloggin’ in the ER

Okay, this has absolutely nothing to do with Stephen Colbert whatsoever, but I’m blogging this from my Macbook Air at Baylor Medical emergency room. Minor emergency apparently. It’s the almost end of a great date night gone horribly awry. I’m fine, but hubby won’t be roller skating for a while.

I was on a date with my very cute husband. He and I were full of southern fried Babe’s Chicken goodness and decided to work off some gravy at the roller skating rink. We got some skates a couple of weeks ago and went on our first skating lesson last week. Hubby is very new to roller skating and I haven’t skated in a while, so we looked goofy as hell but were having a good time. Hubby was rolling towards the seats to sit down after skating a bit, and he lost his balance and twisted his ankle as he went down. Luckily for us, there were two EMTs who were skating at the rink, and they were able to wrap his ankle and help him to the car. We were 30 minutes away from home, and we decided to go to the hospital closest to home because it happens to be the best hospital in town.

So here I am, blogging on my Macbook Air as hubby is flipping through about 18 whole cable channels. When we first got in the little room, Fox News was on the TV and we were both like, “Oh hell no!” We should be hearing something soon as the X-rays have already been taken. Hubby has told his “I broke my wrist 20 years ago” story to every RN and orderly that’s come in the door. They just gave him some hydrocodone, so he should be having lots of fun here pretty soon.

Okay, that’s enough self-indulgence for now. Just felt like sharing a bit.


  1. I hope he’s ok!
    I’m pretty sure I took hydrocodone before I got my wisdom teeth removed. It was supposed to calm me down before I got to the doctor’s office (I had never had any kind of surgery before, so the parents thought it was probably a good idea). I took the pill, and a few minutes later, I was laughing at everything. The cat walked in the room, and I found that hilarious.
    So yes – enjoy. Maybe you should expose him to some TCR clips before the drugs wear off :P.

  2. Mr. Arkadin says:

    Three words DB. Ankle strong bracelet!

  3. I saw your tweets, and then looked at monogodo’s timeline, which is hilarious, so at least you have that to show for the evening. (Wishing him a speedy recovery.)

  4. You had Babes Chicken for dinner? Then the hubs fell off his skates? Two words: Chicky boom!

  5. pkyoubuggin says:

    Poor DB and Mr. DB. I am sorry to hear of what happened, but stay ankle strong!

  6. Arkadina says:

    DB, you take your Macbook Air out with you on date night?! How funny!

    But I hope Mr DB feels better soon x

    • Actually, I picked up Dan after work, and I take my Macbook Air with me when I go to work so I can blog at my lunch.

      It was just a happy coincidence, that’s all! :) And yes, I hope Dan feels better soon, too.

  7. Gratefull says:

    Sounds like Mr. DB will be giving up roller skating for Lent!

    Gentle hugs all around and best wishes for a speedy and balanced recovery!

    Have the Medical Clowns come a visiting?

  8. Oh dear – all the best to you and your husband, hope his ankle heals up quickly!


  9. Hope everything turns out ok!

  10. christiane says:

    Awww I hope he feels better soon!

    Why is Fox News always playing in hospitals? I’ve heard so many horror stories about bad things happening to the one person in the room who tries turning the channel. Or is that just urban legend?

  11. Karenatasha says:

    Wishing your husband a speedy recovery…and that you two can have a lovely date night again very soon. Without the skating. And YEAH: after all the blogging you’ve done, I say ankle strong!

  12. I hope his ankle is better soon!

  13. Hoping your husband gets well…
    And please know that in fact, this is very much about Stephen Colbert in the sense that you are our source of Colbert Community!
    Here’s wishing you both (music please) “a scoop of ice cream friendship on your sugar cone of love!”
    All the best.

  14. I hope all is fine now -and it’s always worse for men, poor fragile dears that they are…

  15. So sorry to hear about your husband DB! It’s too bad that it’s the ankle so I imagine he will have crutches for awhile. Hope he is not in pain. Good luck to you both!

  16. Hope Mr. DB is feeling better soon!!

  17. *Winces* Oooooh. Yeouch. Poor guy, sorry to hear that.

    Glad he seems to have his sense of humor intact, though-love your guys’ reaction to Fox News being on (really, hasn’t he suffered enough?). And telling his wrist story to everyone-haha, yeah, my dad used to do that all the time, too. Must be a guy thing :p. At least he actually got out on the floor-when I went roller skating once, I just clung to the bar on the wall the whole time.

    Anywho, glad it’s nothing TOO serious. Hope he takes it easy and heals up as soon as possible!

  18. Oh no, DB! :( I twisted my ankle twice as a child and did the whole crutches thing. NOT fun. Hope your husband makes a speedy recovery! Stay ankle strong!

  19. Yowch! I hope Mr. DB is soon on the mend. I’m likin’ the idea of an Ankle-Strong bracelet.

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