Link: Spoiler Alert! Oh yes it’s Ladies Night

Apparently the ‘Colbert Report’ producers were off filming a remote segment yesterday. Read about it by clicking on the link!


  1. I love that they used a screencap of Stephen chugging Walgreen’s Big Flats beer for their article.

    This segment should prove to be pretty funny. Maybe a People Who Are Destroying America segment? Or a Difference Makers, if it covers a person trying to singlehandedly save “Ladies Night.”

  2. Bar-Coastal was voted “Best Medium and Hot Chicken Wings

    No Stephen? And only Wings, rather than Wyngz? Well, I’M not going then!

  3. Now I can hear both Stephen and Jerri Blank saying ~ladies~ XD

  4. Shannon Nugent says:

    Now I wanna see that segment! I think there will be a People Destroying America segment.

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