Episode 7020 (2/3/2011) – Jane McGonigal

Colbert Report Episode Guide 150pxEPISODE NUMBER: 7020 (February 3, 2011)
GUESTS: Jane McGonigal
SEGMENTS: Crisis in Egypt – Anderson Cooper & Bill O’Reilly, Sport Report – Super Bowl Edition, Black History Month
VIDEOS: Thursday, February 3, 2011

Okay, Zoners, I know this episode guide is a bit late, but when the show says they’re going on hiatus, sometimes my brain goes on hiatus before I have a chance to actually get my blogging finished for the week.

So did any of you hear what the “my brother Roscoe” line was all about anywhere out there in the fandom? I have to admit, I feel bad for poor Anderson Cooper, trapped in a bunker and not able to get out there and report on the Egypt news. Cooper tweeted that he was leaving Egypt, so hopefully he made it out safely. The NFL Royalty Meter made me laugh quite a bit because of the numerous promotions in the Dallas area for “Big Game” themed advertisements. Even my husband’s company was running a “Your Big Game Headquarters” promotion around the Super Bowl events. I also found it funny that Stephen talked about the $200 “sit outside the stadium” seating. Talk about Jerry Jones milking it for everything he can.

I really enjoyed the interview with Jane McGonigal. I enjoy a smart woman who can talk about her passion, and it was very interesting to hear her talk about her passion of gaming. I don’t play a whole lot of games per se – I do like playing Words With Friends with my husband, and I did spend an entire weekend playing “Angry Birds” when I got the app. What kind of games do all of you play? Leave it in the comments!

Stephen Colbert - February 3, 2011

  • Ten days? Really? I say free yourselves or get off the pot. We’ve got a Superbowl coming.
  • Problem solved, show’s over, back to your pyramids.
  • Well it’s humble pie time, people who took ninth-grade science.
  • Take that, gravity huggers!
  • How come we have the moon and Mars doesn’t? Except for the two that it has?
  • Where does God come from? That’s easy … Oh God, that can’t be answered with God. How could he make himself if he wasn’t there yet to make Him? Therefore there is no God, and everything is a chaotic collection of random energy with no meaning. I love you Bill O’Reilly. No, no, no! Jimmy, quick!
  • And when it comes to the Super Bowl [Please Swipe Credit Card To Continue] Oh, I’m sorry, I forgot to feed my NFL Royalty Meter. The National Football League is extremely protective of their brand, so before I can even talk about the NFL, I need to pay.
  • It’s like you’re at the Super Bowl, but forgot your tickets. … It’s none of the hassle of seeing the game live, but all of the fun of hours of trying to get out of the parking lot.
  • I will not be satisfied unless the Reagan tribute takes up the full halftime show and the third quarter with all of his greatest speeches recited by the Black Eyed Peas. Will.I.Am can be Reagan, Fergie can be Nancy, and Apple D Ap can be Oliver North Ap. I want blimps raining jelly beans. I want the condiments in the stadium to be declared a vegetable. I want all the concession sales to benefit the Nicaraguan Contras. Otherwise I’ll switch over to Animal Planet to watch their halftime special, the Gipper Bowl. It’s puppies playing football dressed as Reagan. After all, I’ve always dreamed of one Reagan humping another.
  • People tell me I’m white and I believe them because I have no desire to celebrate Black History Month.
  • [Ohio governor John Kasich] chose to marry a woman. And if he’s implying that’s a tough call, that means he’s gay gay gay gay gay.
  • The man is responsible for the gender of the child. Before you get down to business, you just take out a sharpie and write “GIRL” on your penis. Or “FEMALE” if you’ve got the room for it.
  • Have you seen [Kasich’s] cabinet? They’re whiter than my writing staff.
  • That means I’m probably black.
  • You’re a gamer, but you’re also a girl. And a pretty one at that, with the big hair and everything. If I turn off the switch, do you turn out to be a 15 year old boy in his underwear?
  • It’s about escapism. I can show you one photo of me in seventh grade and you’ll know why I played Dungeons & Dragons.


  1. I remember Roscoe was Stephen’s cocky during the 2008 election night coverage, but other than that, *scratches head*!
    The gloating reaction of certain right-wing pundits and trolls (yes, you Rush) over Anderson Cooper being roughed up is sickening, one journalist has died, and many others have being detained and attacked, too. Hell, even someone from Fox News was knifed.
    Bill O’Reilly continues to cause headdesk injuries, we might have to send him care packages of Junior Science books.

    I think that was Paul Dinello in that Superbowl segment announcing, “You have 2 minutes!”

    Yay for Jane McGonigal and girl gamers, even if we’re not supposed to exist :P
    I’ve got a *coughknockoffcough* Mario game, still on level 3. My old comp had a great Mario one, but it refuses to play on my new system. Gah! For more sedate times, I play a Mahjong Solitaire.

  2. Why is Stephen’s hair so magical? You can’t explain that. He puts a hat on. It doesn’t move. Not a hair out of place. Why? Nobody knows. You can’t explain that. Why is Stephen’s show on at 11:30? The Daily Show goes off, the Report comes on. The Daily Show ends, the Report begins. It always happens. Never a miscommunication. Can you explian that to me? No. You’re desperate.

    • Mr. Arkadin says:

      LOL! That’s great colbaby.

    • Karenatasha says:

      Fantastic, Colbaby!

    • *Cracks up* That is perfect :D. Well done, you.

      Yeah. That O’Reilly segment was just pure gold-Bill’s comments made me so sad, so I’m glad Stephen was able to find the humor in it. Love, love, LOVE the way he takes on such blatant idiocy. And cracking up halfway through? Icing.

      I also really love his take on sports. The excesses with the NFL are so ludicrous and they deserve some skewering (and tying it to the Reagan birthday was inspired, too). If I’d spent $200 to go to a game, I’m going to want to be in the actual stadium, not sitting outside it watching on a screen.

      And the story on Kasich was entertaining, too. Lots of stupidity and insanity being taken to task on the show that night, and well deserved, too. Such an entertaining show, really loved it.

    • I just had to come back and read your post again, colbaby -pure awesomeness, just like Stephen himself.

  3. Mr. Arkadin says:

    Isn’t sad that we can’t name our kids Pol Pot anymore? Glad Stephen bought that up. PC amok I say! Thanks again Stephen. ;)
    I loved the old school pimp-slapping of Papa bear! I know Stephen & TCR have moved on from a strict Billo parody, (If it ever really was one.) but it’s still nice to see them knock the self-important twit about every once in a while! And it lead to a great character break as well! All’s right with the world once more. :)
    A really wonderful show all around.

  4. lockhart43 says:

    The good folks at TCR should be proud of themselves for the absolutely solid set of shows last week. Every single show was fantastic, full of hilarious segments and great interviews. And four character breaks in a row? Yes!

    The Bill O’Reilly segment was inspired. I laughed SO hard during it! And Stephen’s impression was spot-on. The fact that it led to that adorkable fit of laughter from Stephen is just an added bonus.

    As for the gaming, I’m all for old school Nintendo and N64. The past couple of weeks I’ve been playing Goldeneye on my N64 for hours on end. If I still had my Atari, I’d play that too. :) There’s also an iPod game called Word Warp that I am addicted to.

  5. My favorite game is the one we play with Stephen Colbert and the Joy Machine!

    Biggest, most fun, and longest-running improv game on the planet… :-).

  6. For some reason, the shift in Stephen’s voice when he’s directly parodying O’Reilly’s vocal tics makes me laugh in and of itself. “You can’t explain that. You’re desperate.”

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