Episode 7015 (1/26/2011) – Christine Yvette Lewis

Colbert Report Episode Guide 150pxEPISODE NUMBER: 7015 (January 26, 2011)
GUESTS: Michael Waldman, Christine Yvette Lewis
SEGMENTS: Anonymous Insider Author Speculation, Obama’s State of the Union Address – Michael Waldman, Mr. Smith Goes to the State Legislature Then Later Possibly Washington – Curtis Oda
VIDEOS: Wednesday, January 26, 2011

I’m just a bit behind on guides, so let’s start with Wednesday’s show. While I enjoyed Michael Waldman’s discussion of the State of the Union with Stephen, for me the most fascinating part of the show was watching Stephen interview worker’s right advocate Christine Yvette Lewis. Seeing him try to be “Stephen” without offending Ms. Lewis was one of the most interesting tap dances I have ever seen Colbert do. I also very much enjoyed the bludgeoning of animal segment, and couldn’t help but think of poor Mr. Whiskers.

What did all of you enjoy about the show?

Win the future!

  • Though if Rahm had written it, it would probably be called “F”.
  • I admit, I don’t keep the closest tabs on what I do, but I’m pretty sure I didn’t write a book.
  • I suppose it’s possible that I wrote it. I do have frequent episodes where I black out, although I’ve never woken up with a book before. Normally, I’m just standing over the dead homeless man in scuba gear.
  • I watched the speech last night with someone I detest.
  • Let Daddy warm you up!
  • Not to mention computers in cars, which put cars in offices.
  • First, get ready for the toaster with wheels. It is perfect for when you’re at the bottom of an incline and you need toast.
  • Behold the fork phone. Now you can answer calls at dinner without being rude. [riiiing] Excuse me … We’re still beta testing.
  • Is State of the Union like jazz? Is it the notes you *don’t* play?
  • See, there *is* stuff to do in Utah! The skiing’s also nice, I understand.
  • Oda is not saying you can just open fire at the dog park. This isn’t Texas.


  1. lockhart43 says:

    Stephen carelessly tossing that book on the floor made me laugh really hard. As did watching Stephen show off his toaster with wheels and fork phone (now I can talk with telemarketers while I eat my spagetti!). I enjoyed the Christine Yvette Lewis interivew as well – I thought she handled “Stephen” really well.

    And ohh Mr. Whiskers! I love that segment; so disturbing, yet so incrediby funny. That segment had to have had a hand in inspiring Wigfield.

    • Haha, yeah, I liked his take on the whole book thing, too. So funny. And him quoting the person who even suggested HE might’ve been the one to write it!

      That animal story is so horrible, but I love the way the show pointed out just how stupid and callous the idea was.

      And agreed on the interview. He knew she had a strong passion for what she was fighting for, and worked with that. Very interesting discussion.

      And watching the State of the Union address with someone he “detests”? Hehe, aw :D.

  2. I admit, like a lot of people the first thing I thought when I saw Ms. Lewis was, “who is that crazy lady with the funny hat?” — but Stephen (even as “Stephen”) was so deeply respectful that I quickly forgot about the plumage and saw this wonderful, funny, courageous person he was interviewing. I think that Stephen (even as “Stephen”) knows that the audience is seeing the guests, in part, through his eyes, and he knows how to focus our attention, like a dancer taking the lead. I worried at first whether Ms. Lewis would “get” him, but she was wonderful, and she “got” him just fine. What a great interview. I may get myself a purple feather.

    • pkyoubuggin says:

      She definitely was not a typical guest, but I like the fact that she was a nanny and an activist, a little change from the usual Phd that appears on the show.

      I think she might not have enjoyed Stephen’s Ms. Cleo impression from a few days prior j/k.

      I also liked the way she punctuated certain statements by saying “Hello!?” I think I will start doing that.

  3. Haven’t seen the episode yet, but just wanted to let people know that there are a bunch of TCR tickets for the end of March available on colbertnation.com/tickets now!

  4. A very interesting show. The look on Stephen’s face when it was suggested he’d written “O: A Presidential Novel” was beyond priceless -so that segment totally got my vote.

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