Episode 7012 (1/20/2011) – Chris Matthews

Colbert Report Episode Guide 150pxEPISODE NUMBER: 7012 (January 20, 2011)
GUESTS: Chris Matthews
SEGMENTS: Rush Limbaugh Speaks Chinese, State Budget Shortfalls – Christine Todd Whitman, 50th Anniversary of JFK’s Inaugural Address
VIDEOS: Thursday, January 20, 2011

Tonight’s show was yet another stellar show in this week’s streak of wonderful shows. The Rush Limbaugh segment showed the utter hypocrisy of Limbaugh, and the Kennedy/Pundit montage was brilliant. I thought that the banter between guest Chris Matthews and Stephen Colbert flowed very naturally, and was challenging without being overpowering. Christine Todd Whitman was a bit dry for me though, but then again, I live in Texas so any talk of state’s issues makes me think of Rick Perry which gives me a pain in my right temple. [Joke #1: How can you tell if a person is from Texas? They’ll tell you. Joke #2: How can you tell if a person is from Texas? They don’t see that #1 is a joke.]

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  • My favorite doughnut is every doughnut. When I stand up, my chair smells like a cat shelter.
  • For someone who can’t understand it, [Rush Limbaugh] speaks Chinese beautifully.
  • It’s funny because it’s incurable.
  • Yeah, what do these states think they are, banks?
  • Do we really need two Dakotas? And “New” Hampshire? I’m sure the old one’s fine.
  • Some might call that crazy. But we’ll never know for sure because everyone qualified to diagnose her has been laid off.
  • Why can’t Montana just take over Idaho in a hostile take over and make it Montanaho?
  • Because if a tree assaults you in the forest and there is no one there to arrest it, did a crime really happen?
  • You know who always has money is the military. What if we just turn like Detroit into a bombing range, would anyone notice?
  • He stared down Khrushchev over Cuba and he and his wife Jacqueline were the most glamorous first couple since Andrew and Latoya Jackson.
  • I understand the History Channel wanting to preserve its sterling reputation for historical accuracy, established with shows like “Ancient Aliens” and “Monster Quest”. By the way, my theory on who killed Kennedy? Ancient alien monsters.
  • And I didn’t see anybody trying to stop the golf channel’s salacious miniseries about Gerald Ford, “Fore’d”! He didn’t have a hook, he had a slice!

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  1. Wow, that is racist even for Rush.

  2. Karenatasha says:

    One more time, I’m beyond blown away by the brilliance of Stephen. His savage dissection of Rush “Limburger” Limbaugh had me literally shouting wth joy at the TV set. It’s certainly no secret that Rush is a racist, but his rant about China’s President Hu Jintao took it to new levels. I’m so glad that Stephen mocked him mercilessly and illustrated that this recent disgusting display was standard for Limbaugh. Who understands Chinese indeed!

    And the justaposition of Kennedy’s inauguration speech with contemporary pundits was absolutely inspired and a fabulous editing job..

    As Cornel West said: Stephen’s on fire. He’s that proverbial fine vintage getting better and better as time goes on.

    • Fully agreed with his take on Rush. I was sitting there totally speechless at the clips of Rush they showed, so watching Stephen go after him like that was fantastic. So much great skewering of these idiots, it’s just such a shame that the people who deserve to see them (like Rush and Sarah Palin) probably never will. Oh, well.

      I loved the Kennedy speech against the pundit snippets, too. That was very well-done. And the interview with Chris Matthews was awesome, I really enjoyed that, especially when they started getting into a discussion about how Kennedy had some sort of effect on their own lives (well, Stephen’s parents more than him, ’cause, as he said, he wasn’t alive when Kennedy died, but still…). Fascinating history lesson of sorts, interesting observations, really entertaining to watch.

  3. lockhart43 says:

    Loved the opening segment mocking Rush Limbaugh! It’s hard to pick a favorite moment from it, because I loved ALL of it. But the translation of Rush’s “Chinese” had me cracking up. “My favorite donut is every donut..when I stand up, my chair smells like a cat shelter.” HA!

    I really liked the interview with Chris Matthews. It had a nice blend of funny quips and great conversation, and Stephen talking about history is always a good thing. Plus, Matthews and Stephen seem to have a nice rapport with one another. Though I do wonder if Matthews though Stephen was kidding when he said he barely graduated high school.

    • I also enjoyed the interview. It got quite loud at one point, with both of them shouting over each other but I guess it was the “right kind” of loud because I didn’t mind at all. Matthews’ incredulous “What?” had me laughing.

    • I agree with Karenatasha completely. It really begs the question of what these particular pundits would think of ground breaking folks if they were around during their time.( Although, I have read some of the diaries of folks during the civil war, and they didn’t have such good things to say about Lincoln at the time. Imagine if they had televisions and microphones! LOL At least they were civil about it – no pun intended.)

    • “My favorite donut is every donut..when I stand up, my chair smells like a cat shelter.”

      That should be the new tagline for Rush’s show.

  4. friedthing says:

    Pretty suit tonight :). I love those high-button ones… he should wear them every night!

  5. I’m still watching the episode. Loved the slam at Rush.
    Christie Whitman’s dig at NJ public employee benefits (“cadillac healthcare plans”) still makes me want to scream (I’m a NJ public school teacher). This is the governor who raided NJ public employee pension funds (ok, “borrowed,” but if you “borrow,” then stop making payments to your bank for nearly 20 years, …). I am so disappointed that Stephen lately seems to be drinking both flavors of Christie Kool-Aid… :(
    OK, I’m done ranting, but I’m not feeling happy or shiny yet. Maybe I need to watch Stephen’s pep talk to Mika again. The English language lacks the superlatives to describe that gem!

  6. So Donald Pellview interviewed Whitman! Hmmm…

    The JFK / Faux News pundits segment was brilliant editing. What a wonderful team TCR is!

    Stephen’s interview with Matthews – DeeLIGHTful! You could power NYC with the energy generated by Chris & Stephen!

    • lockhart43 says:

      You could power NYC with the energy generated by Chris & Stephen!

      THIS. Now that is what I call a viable renewable energy source! :D

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