Fangirl Suit Report: Week of January 10, 2011

fangirl-suit-report-logo14-150x150Welcome, Zoner-Congressmen and Congresswomen, all! Glad you have telesworn your oath of office. Ha! suck it! South Carolina Democratic Party, Stephen made it to Government, despite, all y’all. Only, if you have to swear an oath, doesn’t that mean only oafs are in office?

In here, out there! Well, not too much out there; listen up, Space Mexicans! Stephen has his own Zombie Army, so watch out! We might not all be Keyser Söze, but we can snackify and drinkify upon command. And if you get past our Space Wall Defenses, you will face the wrath of Gulpzilla!

Don’t forget to palatinatize your diphthongs and musically accompany your breasts. Quick Zoner question! Please tell me what both Bernie-Hank and Stephen said in French when Stephen noted Bernie was a rock star in Europe! Thank you!

Monday, January 10, 2011

Auk black, striped suit with a penguin belly, white, barrel cuffed, shirt emblazoned with space gold, patterned, neck tie

Stephen Colbert on TCR on January 10, 2011

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Clothes line, white shirt sporting a pagan blue, patterned tie framed by a Lithuanian rainy day grey suit

Stephen Colbert on TCR on January 11, 2011

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Noir habit de cérémonie avec un cravate de rouge et noir tout près le chemise blanc; je pense, oui!

Stephen Colbert on TCR on January 12, 2011

Thursday, January 13, 2011

Grape, patterned, Big Gulp catcher protecting a pale blue, French cuffed, shirt under a gray, Keyser Söze, suit

Stephen Colbert on TCR on January 13, 2011

Congress Teleswear
Teleswearing into Presidential Office – Love the dog book stand
Stephen Colbert on TCR on January 10, 2011
Raise your right hand and join the paar-ttae
Stephen Colbert Teleswears into Congress
Stephen Colbert, Congressman, January 10, 2011

Fabulous faces, marvelous moments
Quick, someone tell Stephen which side of this shooter debate he should be on
Stephen Colbert on TCR on January 10, 2011
Hello! Congressman Sir Rev. Dr. Stephen T. Colbert, DFA, Esq.
Stephen Colbert, Congressman
Remember, “flat front pants” are for men with flat fronts.
Stephen Colbert voting in the new Grammy winners
Grammy King Maker
Stephen Colbert, crowbar and the grammys
“I Smell America and so can YOU”
Stephen Colbert's "I Smell America" Perfume
Stephen knows the power of a zombie army
Stephen Colbert pleased with his zombie army
Have-ta post cool pixs when doing charity work
Stephen Colbert, looking cool doing charity work
Stephen Colbert pensive
Yes, Stephen, you most definitely still got it
Stephen Colbert has still got it
Stephen Colbert says "You shut up!"
Stephen does not think about things
Stephen Colbert is no public intellectual
Stephen feels at things
Stephen Colbert feels things
Of the lucky french dog, “I bet he is getting all kinds of bitches.”
Stephen Colbert remarks on dog's luck
When Rene Decartes said, “Je pense no” he disappeared!
Stephen Colbert says "Je pense no"
Pensive again
Stephen Colbert on the TCR on January 13, 2011
Stephen Colbert is picturing Kevin Spacey naked, with rose petals all over his body. Aren’t we all.
Stephen Colbert doesn't have a day job
Two amazing actors who laugh with their eyes
Stephen Colbert and Kevin Spacey laughing

Consumables – consuming – sniffing – fighting
Stephen sniffs a marker for researching his perfume, “I Smell America, so can YOU”
Stephen Colbert launches new perfurme "I Smell America"
Storm stash Pringles popping
Stephen Colbert pops the top off his storm stash pringles tube
Banana Bashing
Stephen Colbert demonstrates how hard it is to open a banana
Banana’s revenge – they’ll be picking up bits of banana for weeks
Stephen Colbert pickes up pieces of smashed banana
Stephen Colbert, devout corporate whore
Stephen Colbert, devout corporate whore
Stephen Colbert sniffs the Holy Doritos Eucharist
Stephen Colbert sniffs the Holy Doritos Eucharist
Chug IT!
Stephen Colbert chugs 40 oz of Super Big Gulp
Remember the events of 7-11; don’t skimp on the high fructose corn syrup
Don't skimp on the Super Big Gulp
AArhhhh, attack of the Gulpzilla!
Stephen Colbert and the Gulpzilla


  1. Great descriptions and pics as usual, Gratefull! After Stephen said Bernie was a rock star in Europe, he said that when people spot him on the street they call out “BHL!” I guess he’s known by his initials, like JFK or SJP. ;)

  2. Awesome, as always, Gratefull. I’m working on mimicking last week’s selections for this week. I have a new appreciation for your screencapability as I did a few myself. And my descriptions will never ever measure up either.

    • lockhart43 says:

      Good luck in your tie quest this week, Brent! I checked out your blogroll, and I’d say you did quite well today. Also, nice job on the white with purple stripes dress shirt you wore last week.

      • Thanks, lockhart! I think I have tomorrow’s tie all worked out too. Wednesday’s is going to be difficult, believe it or not. That purple stripe shirt is one of my favorites. Glad you like it.

  3. Gratefull says:

    Merci beaucoup! Mariana,

    I got it into my head that it was a French phrase and so I had no clue. “BHL” it is!

  4. Mr. Arkadin says:

    I’m loving your screen captures & captions, Gratefull! So funny and clever! Really outstanding. :D

  5. riftcanyondreams says:

    Awesome descriptions and screencaps, Gratefull! The Suit Report is always a pleasure to read. I loved Wednesday’s episode – the conversation with Bernard Henri-Levy was absolutely “magnifique”, and Stephen’s striped tie was just beautiful.

  6. Of the lucky french dog, “I bet he is getting all kinds of bitches.”

    Hahahaha, I LOVED that line :D.

    Ohhhhhh, so many lovely shots, as usual. It’d take forever for me to pick them out, so I’ll just say they’re all great (I do particularly like each of the first pictures for the Tuesday and Thursday episodes, though).

    I also really enjoyed your running commentary for this thread. It made me laugh :).

    Ah. Nothing like a good ol’ “Fangirl Report” to start off my week. Thanks, as always.

  7. I looove the FSR and thank you for the eye candy and descriptions, Gratefull. Wednesday’s look was my favourite. The man has STYLE.

  8. lockhart43 says:

    I look forward to the FSRs every week, and this week was no different. :) Wednesday’s tie was my favorite (I’m a sucker for the striped ties), and I liked that they alternated each day between the grey and black suits.

    “Stephen Colbert, devout corporate whore” – I laughed so hard when he said that! And I’m not sure why, but Stephen’s “let’s pose for a cool picture while we’re doing charity work” face kinda freaks me out, lol.

  9. Ugly, ugly ties. Heresy, I know. Maybe it’s some sort of fashion trend?

  10. I’ll admit I choked up a little when that big gulp went all over the pretty clothes, but I suppose it limits the amount of big gulp he actually had to gulp. :[

    Loved, loved, loved the Levy interview picspam!

    Thanks Gratefull!! :D

  11. Any excuse for this man to eat…

    I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again…Food and charity are like p0rn for him, so based on that criteria, I’m opening a soup-kitchen. :D

    Great report, gratefull!! As always!!!

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