Episode 7005 (1/10/2011) – Fen Montaigne

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Hello all! Yes, there have been a huge amount of changes on the site, some which have worked, some, not so much. The problem with being an amateur blogger is that sometimes attempts to make things work end up, well, blowing things up a bit.

But one of the changes I’m making to the site, both to help build the community and to help me manage my blogging time a bit better, is to replace the more formal Episode Guides with “Open Thread” posts. I’ll make sure these get posted at 11:30 EST every night, so that you can comment as the show is going on. I’ll come in the next day and add some eye candy and links to the videos, but we’ll let you all get started with the commentary.

So this is officially the first open thread. It’s a bit short and sweet, unfortunately, because I’m still working on getting some bugs worked out on the template. Also? Can any of you think of a more “Colbert-ey” title for this feature?

So lay it on me, Zoners – let’s talk about the Colbert Report!


  1. I’m a congresswoman!

  2. Colbert Confab? Colbert Caucus? Colbabble? Parley Room? Just throwing things out. Colconnection?

  3. lockhart43 says:

    I’m a congresswoman too! And now I have healthcare! Whoo-hoo!

    I’m very grateful to Stephen and the writers for what was said at the top of the show, and for the ridiculous and hilarious field piece that they showed. The way Jon handled himself tonight and the Jason Jones field piece they showed on TDS were both fantastic as well. This is why I love these shows and their ability to make me laugh so hard that I forget the craziness around me if only for a moment.

  4. DogGoneGirl says:

    Yes, I too appreciated how Jon opened the show. Then in Stephen’s impeccable way of showing what you shouldn’t do, he slipped in those clips on pundits taking pot shots. Subtle. Thanks, Stephen for playing the idiot card in case anyone missed it.

    P.S. I’m a congresswoman … and I’m not even an US citizen! … YAHOooooo

    reCAPTCHA: She avilven … LOL

    • Yes, I too appreciated how Jon opened the show.

      His speech was truly touching and moving. He said pretty much everything I was thinking, and in a much more eloquent way. I only wish everyone out there could hear it and learn from it.

      Then in Stephen’s impeccable way of showing what you shouldn’t do, he slipped in those clips on pundits taking pot shots. Subtle.

      Indeed. I said this to someone else earlier, the look on his face after that montage sorta startled me, ’cause he looked to me like he was genuinely pissed off. And given that it’s rare we ever see him angry… Nice way to put a point on the whole situation, though. I love the way these guys know how to put everybody in their place.

      Now on to lighter things…the Congress stuff was indeed funny (the health care line at the end-nice. Very nice), but my god, I can’t stop thinking about the surreal story that was that alien thing. Especially the vaginal contraction stuff. What…the…fruck? Stephen’s little remarks/responses to the guys’ comments and explanations throughout were what really had me laughing :D. Smart-ass.

      I like this open thread idea. As one post in this thread alludes, though, we’ll have to be careful about spoilers (which is easier said than done sometimes, I know), but aside from that, running discussion is fun!

      • “He said pretty much everything I was thinking, and in a much more eloquent way.”

        Ditto that. Jon has a real knack for doing that.

        My favorite part of the Alien Hunter segment was the briefcase bit that just went on and on lol. Also: “I’m gonna put my intelligence hat on.” Stephen: “That seems like a good idea.”

        • LOL! The briefcase reminded me of nesting dolls. I was expecting him to open progressively smaller and smaller cases.

  5. somuch2kno says:

    “Better Know An Episode”?

    I think this open thread is a WONDERFUL idea. I can’t count the many times I’ve wanted to run to the computer during an episode, sign on, and comment or OMG. Thanks, DB!

    I love the fact that in the picture of Stephen swearing himself in as President, the bible is resting on his dog’s head. It’s those little details that don’t really make a difference, but yet they do. Y’know?

    • I like the “Better Know An Episode” suggestion!

      And yes, I think it’s a great idea to allow live commentary, although I do hope we still get something of the tasty episode summary and quotes after the fact, because I love those!

      • lockhart43 says:

        @Arrow – I definitely echo your hope for an episode summary and quotes. I do like the idea of an open thread during the show, and am looking forward to participating, but I am hesitant to post too much because I don’t want to spoil it for the other Zoners who haven’t seen the episode yet. And I totally understand the undertaking of doing the episode recaps, but I truly look forward to them the next day; they’re always a perfect summary of everything I loved about the episode the night before. So I hope the aspects of them don’t go away completely. But who am I kidding, I’ll stick around regardless. :)

        • I agree with arrow and lockhart43, the episode summary and quotes, even if brief are really helpful for the international Zoners who might not be able to watch the show at all. The open thread is a great idea, but it is good to have a summary incase some of the keys points are missed in the discussion.

  6. Mr. Arkadin says:

    The show is still an 1/2 hour away for me. So I have no idea why your all congresswoman. :(
    DB. If this is going to be more open-ended then a standard episode guide, how about “The Zoner’s Rapport?”

  7. lockhart43 says:

    I truly love the image in my head of people all across the East Coast watching the show at the same time I was raising their right hands along with me because Stephen told us to. He really took that joke and ran with it, and it was really, really funny. :P

  8. But… but…but what about the rest of us? I don’t see the episode until what would be 1.30pm EST the next day. That means there’s no episode guides to refer to AND leaves a lot of us in the international division out of the loop, which is a lot LESS community friendly. Elitiiiiiiiiiists!!!!! *shakes fist*

    [On a brighter note, I have a week in NY at the end of the month. By some miracle, there was just one solitary little ticket available for that week, on Feb 1 – grabby hand, grabby hand! Mine! Whooooop!]

    • Seconding this one. I don’t see the shows for at least five hours after they’re aired in the U.S., sometimes I have to leave it for about twelve hours.

      [that was so lucky getting that ticket! You have to tell us all about it!]

  9. Since I can only watch in the day after (and if only the site wants to cooperate with me) guess I would never be part of the open thread :(
    But I think its a great idea and must be fun and exciting for all you guys…
    well I often see in some site they using http://www.coveritlive.com/ maybe that would be a great idea too..I don’t know how it works…but I’m pretty sure its because I’m not a computer genius

  10. That Difference Makers segment was one of the most bizarre, and hilarious, ever. Loved the old hippie dude! “Can I go smoke a cigarette? I need to think about that one.” LOL!

  11. friedthing says:

    I think the open threads are a good idea, though I am among those who don’t see it until the next day, so I can’t participate in the same way, which is a little disappointing, but probably better for keeping my obsession in check ;). I should probably make that more than one sentence, but I’m too lazy right now.

  12. Hmm, it’s a bit like coming late to a party when everyone’s been having a great time and you walk in… I like the idea for an open thread for those watching the show as it happens, but I’d still like the usual Episode Guide for Zoners like me who catch it delayed. Oh, you know what I mean.

    The Alien segments were fun but I liked the interview -Antarctica’s literally closer to home so my interest was definitely there. Good for Fen for sticking to his points.

  13. EvilDevil says:

    I am a Congressman! Now where is my free government health care?

  14. I’m among those who can’t watch the show until the next day, but I see no reason why anyone couldn’t add to the comments whenever they see the show. I like the idea of the open thread because I think I’ll get fewer spoilers that way. I’ve read all the comments about last night’s show, and I have a general idea of what happened without feeling like I know all the jokes already.

  15. I have so. much. love. for the way both Jon and Stephen handled the tragedy in Arizona (Jon’s piece reminded me of the first show after 9/11, particularly when he said that his monologue was mostly for his own benefit). And then the Difference Maker segment was pure silliness, just what we needed.

    I’m an International Congresswoman too! :D

  16. Gratefull says:

    I really do like this idea of an open epi-thread. Ya, those that see the episode as it is aired the first time can chime in early but how many times have you gone back to watch a show and saw other things you didn’t catch the first time?! Well, i have and so we all can come back and post as we see stuff and hear another wrinkle in the amazing game!

    Getting sworn in on the TV was hysterical! And the Alien guys! I wanted to know more about the scientist. I’ll have to go back and re-view …

    One thing, the sound track sounded canned to me. The laughter sounded like it was put in rather than the audience reacting to it being shown in the studio … anyone else pick up on that or am i just addled from silliness of the field piece?

  17. I think the open-thread is a great idea. Even if you were to read all the comments, nothing is really spoiled because, as we all know, half of the joke is in the way “Stephen” says and does things.

    I dont get to see the show til the following day, but I love this idea. It wont ruin anything for me. Not to mention, taking so much of a burden off of DB’s shoulders. Trust me, as someone who wrote a few of the epi-guides, they take a great deal more work than I think most people realize, especially when you’re trying to do them while working a full-time job, and have some semblance of a life. I was waking up a full hour and a half to two hours earlier just to watch the episode and take notes. Sadly, sometimes I found I wasn’t able to truly enjoy the episode I was writing about until much, much , MUCH later in the day, or even later in the week, I hated that feeling because this show means so much to me. I don’t know if DB ever feels that way, but I certainly did. Don’t get me wrong, I actually liked doing it, being a part of this awesome site, and most importantly, helping out DB, who already gives so much of herself for all of us. I guess I’m just trying to say, given the fact that i have walked in DB’s shoes (however briefly) I think this is a great idea for this site. and for DB.

    The quotes were fun, but those too, are a very personal thing. For instance a quote that might stand out in my mind and make me giggle may not necessarily be the same for someone else. With an open thread, we can post our own favorites. I love that!! And, like DB said, posting the screen-cap eye candy the following day is great too. At least I think it is because it can, perhaps, be from the segment/joke that more people seemed to like the most. Great way to have a sort of “poll” without actually having a poll.

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