Update to Stephen Colbert/Evelyn McGee-Colbert Luna Stage performance

Luna Stage logoTwo pieces of very important news have come up about the performance by Stephen Colbert and his wife, Evelyn McGee Colbert benefiting the Luna Stage theater in West Orange, New Jersey this Sunday, January 9, 2011.:

1) According to a press release for ticket holders for the event:

Mr. Colbert and his wife, Evelyn McGee-Colbert will be reading Harold Pinter’s ‘Old Times’, rather than the previously announced ‘Betrayal,’ also by Mr. Pinter. We recently learned that ‘Betrayal’ could not be made available to us for January 9th, so Mr. Colbert graciously agreed to read a different Pinter play.

Old Times has three characters – two women and a man. [Note: actress Maryann Plunkett will be playing the part of the second woman.] Because there is not another man in this reading, Jay O. Sanders, who was scheduled to be a reader, will not be joining us.

2) More tickets for the ‘Old Times’ performance have been released!

Visit the Luna Stage website to purchase tickets for this benefit performance.


  1. Gratefull says:

    Oh, how I would give a kidney to see this show … *shakes fist at lack of transporter*

  2. Karenatasha says:

    I wll be going — I decided to splurge. Definitely should be worth it.

  3. Karenatasha says:

    Thanks, Katt! Will do.

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