Episode 7001 (1/3/2011) – Ed Rendell

Colbert Report Episode guideEPISODE NUMBER: 7001 (January 3, 2011)
GUESTS: Ed Rendell
SEGMENTS: Snowpocalypse 2010, Tip/Wag – Susan G. Komen Foundation & Spider-Man Musical, The Enemy Within – Caboodle Ranch
VIDEOS: Monday, January 3, 2011

Hello, Zoners, and welcome to the first episode guide of 2011! I love a show that starts with Stephen so bubbling with joy that he has a hard time slipping back into “Stephen” when the show starts. Oh, how I’ve missed that smile – it truly is contagious. We’ve covered Stephen’s appearances at the Susan G. Komen Race for the Cure in the past, and have always enjoyed seeing him supporting the worthy cause. However, I share his frustration in what seems like a waste of charity money for the charity to be throwing at lawyers. I would hate to think that I donated to what I thought was a charity doing good to the world, only to find out that so much money was being spent on things that had nothing to do with the actual goal of the charity.

That segment on Caboodle Ranch was both hysterical, touching, and a bit disturbing. I’m very impressed with the segment producer’s ability to find a real life Donny Larson in that sleepy little town. Also? The testimony of the animal doctor who said that yes, cats could probably be trained to shoot was a most excellent example of taking something completely out of context to rendering it hilarious.

Can we trade Rick Perry for Governor Ed Rendell? He at least seems to have a sense of humor and the ability to laugh at himself. His addressing of the issue of our trade deficits with China was a discussion that I think is not being addressed nearly enough in the national dialogue. Hopefully now that the midterm elections are over, politicians will begin to address some of the true reasons for the decline of employment opportunities for Americans.

Also, Stephen’s yellow tie? Pretty.

What did all of you like about tonight’s episode? Leave it in the comments!

Stephen's Home Improvement Tip

  • This year, I will not break my New Year’s resolution – D’oh, my New Year’s resolution was to break my New Year’s resolution!
  • New intro word: Lad Liberty
  • And especially Happy New Year to all of those who came to my party to watch me drop my ball.
  • It’s right there in Revelations: “… and lo, Jesus will return on a cloud of glory, which will not be able to land at LaGuardia.” Revelation 12:26 – I’m sure it’s not that bad, I’m sure Jesus was on first class on the cloud.
  • Right you are, Rendell, a nation of wusses. Football hasn’t been a man’s game since they wore leather helmets and Notre Dame’s defensive line used shillelaghs.
  • These charities are now facing lawsuits for the cure.
  • If they [Susan G. Komen foundation] don’t own the phrase “for the cure”, then people might give money to an organization dedicated to curing cancer, when instead it’s wasted on organizations dedicated to curing cancer.
  • Finally, a Tip of my Hat to the new Spider Man musical, “Spider Man: Turn Off The Dark”, which due to all the recent injuries to actors, may soon change its name to “Spider Man: Notify Next Of Kin.”
  • Personally, I would go see “Driving Miss Daisy” if he were driving her on a NASCAR track. And “The Lion King”? How about some actual lions?
  • But remember, with great power comes great medical bills.
  • Locals will tell you it’s a good little town. [“Hey, it’s a good little town.”]
  • Gesundheit.
  • Kamikaze kitties.
  • That’s right – he’s harboring weapons of ass destruction.
  • And we know where they can buy guns.
  • I don’t know why I left the dome open, sorry about that.
  • I’m not sure if you can say “dumping pipe”, this is a family show.
  • Are you wussing out by not running again even though it’s against the law?


  1. He seemed both well rested and in a silly mood–a joy to watch!

  2. Watching this episode online, curled up in bed, and I was just thinking that it often takes an episode or so to gather momentum after a break…and then Caboodle Ranch popped up! “Two flying in from Okinawa…” Hilarious! Nearly choked on my glass of Shiraz. I only have three of the evil beasties here – [Using guns? Well, they seem to have learnt how to switch the microwave on in the middle of the night] – but 650 of ’em?! Crikey.

    So welcome back, Stephen! Happy happy joy joy!

  3. So nice to have Stephen and the crew at TCR back! He really was bubbly and loved that smile he held while holding off that character break when he intro’d Tip/Wag. (Though I would have loved to watch him lose it and I wonder what the “chunky” comment was all about since when the camera returned he was looking at someone. That word seemed to be the instigator).

    It just feels great to have the show back!

  4. Mr. Arkadin says:

    What stones it takes for Stephen to take on a charity (That he supports no less!) for not maximizing it’s donations & wasting it on frivolous lawsuits. Amazing!
    As luvtcr said, I wondered who it was Stephen was looking at off camera during the opening. Whoever it was I thank them for causing that 1/2 character break & that great smile! :)
    Loved the “town historian” in the cat segment. I want him to join basilmarceaux.com & run for president/vice president! :D

  5. pkyoubuggin says:

    I realized how much I missed Stephen as soon as he popped back up onscreen. The Macbeth reference had me laughing seriously all day, seriously a little too much.
    I also liked when Gov. Rendell agreed with “Stephen” and the audience cheered (about the child labor:) Stephen was just saying in his “Ipad interview” not long ago how he likes to argue a ridiculous position sometimes, and that was a good example of it.

  6. Lori Estep says:

    Stephen is back!!!
    All is right in the Universe once more!

  7. lockhart43 says:

    So glad our boys are back! Both Jon and Stephen seemed peppy and well-rested last night, and Stephen looked fantastic. The Revelations line cracked me up – I always love Stephen’s revisionist Bible verses. And like luvtcr, I adored that smile Stephen gave to keep from bursting into laughter during the Tip/Wag intro.

    I loved everything about the Caboodle Ranch clip, that was hilarious! It was so in tune with the show and with “Stephen.” The Home Improvement Tip at the end of the show was actually one of my favorite parts of the episode; a closing joke is always a welcome surprise for me. :)

  8. Welcome back Stephen (and DB)! That show was a joy -Stephen looked great and just ready to get into things, which he certainly did.

    And there are crazy cat men as well as crazy cat women? I’ve always suspected as much… now we know. Funny as hell!

  9. After my computer pretty much blew up, I was so looking forward to getting cheered up by a new year with both TDS and TCR! Perfect plan, except for the fact that ABC2 played a re-run after the new TDS. It looks like they’ve lost the Australian free-to-air rights, since the tv schedule says Demetri Martin’s on in the timeslot next week. I expect TDS to disappear soon as well.

    *sigh* Anyway, I did get to watch on the website, so partial YAY! It must have pained him to call out the Susan G. Komen Foundation like that, but I think they deserved that. Are they gonna go after Robert Smith of The Cure as well?
    The cat ranch was ridiculously hilarious. Loved the model village and the Wal-Mart where the cats can buy their guns!

  10. Karenatasha says:

    Well, the Caboodle Ranch was it for me! (See gravatar–my kitty Rudi.)
    I nearly choked!

    Welcome back, Stephen!

  11. So annoyed at ABC2, the last two nights they have played new eps of TDS, but still list Stephen as “on a break”. I was disappointed to have to watch repeats I was really looking forward to new eps!!

    I did manage to watch half of last nights ep on the TCR website, and can I just say as an avid cat hater Caboodle Ranch is without a doubt my worst nightmare!! One cat is more than enough, but hundreds of the evil little moggies is unfathomable in my world. The food and medical bills alone must be mind blowing!! I guess on the positive side good on him for pursuing his love and passion … maybe just tone it down a bit.

    • I know, how annoying is it!? Come on ABC2, get your act together! They really are terrible about missing shows, I have no idea why.

      • The odd episode here and there is understandable, with satellite feed problems and all, but a whole damn week!! Did no one tell them that he’s back from vacation? You know, you’d think they’d notice with Jon being back and all!!

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