Six Degrees: God is now on Twitter – with a little help from David Javerbaum

Scribe of the “Colbert Christmas” tunes, former exec producer at the ‘Daily Show’ and friend of the blog David Javerbaum is busy at work with a new project. And the scope of the project? Well, it’s as big as Heaven itself!

None other than God himself (with ample assistance from David Javerbaum) has sold His upcoming memoir to Simon & Schuster for a fall 2011 release. God granted an interview with to talk a little bit more about the book:

ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY: Why a memoir, and why now?
GOD: Lo, I grew weary of being misinterpreted, and blasphemed, and relegated to sneeze detail; and I longed to telleth all; and it was a matter of urgency, for on April 23, 2013, I shall bring about on Earth an event of such cataclysmic… well, ye will have to read the book.

Who is more powerful, You or Twitter’s Fail Whale?
Ask Jonah.

What are Your thoughts on Justin Bieber, the only person You follow?
OMB I totally totally love the Bieb! He is awesome! BTW, his new song “Pray”? He wrote it 4 Me! How cool is that?!? #purpleglasses

In addition penning the new book, God has started a Twitter account, which I would highly recommend following: TheTweetOfGod. And yes, He follows one person. And yes, that person is Justin Bieber. Here’s a sampling of some of God’s tweets:



  1. lockhart43 says:

    I read about this on the Entertainment Weekly site a couple of weeks ago, and I cannot WAIT for it to come out! David Javerbaum’s last book, What To Expect When You’re Expected, is absolutely hilarious, and this one’s sure to be funny as well. I’m totally on board with this book. :D

  2. pkyoubuggin says:

    David Javerbaum is just wildly funny.
    I would like to believe, however, that God would be interested in following all of us, not just the Biebs.

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