You have to admit, he does look gouda

In case you didn’t see the detail in the cheddar bust of Stephen Colbert presented by last night’s guest Tom Vilsack, check out this picture of the sculpture, released by the U.S. Department of Agriculture’s Flickr page.

Stephen Colbert in cheddar

Photo credit: U.S. Department of Agriculture


  1. I laughed when I heard that pun. Oh how he makes me so happy :)

    • Hehe, so did I. The smirky/sheepish look on his face afterward just made it all the better, too, like, “I know, I know…”

      It is truly amazing sometimes the stuff that happens on his show.

      • I was gonna say the same thing! He did look sheepish for saying that. Was there anyone who could not see that one coming?

  2. Nice hair! I wonder what the heck he’s going to do with a cheddar bust of himself. Will it just be a permanent fixture in the studio’s refrigerator?

    Tom Vilsack – what an it-getter! :-)

  3. It’s really cool, but I was slightly miffed that Vilsack used it to avoid the question. Like you remarked in the episode review post, Stephen’s question was a very important one and I REALLY wanted an answer. I’m sure Stephen did too, but “Stephen” had to roll with it.

  4. pkyoubuggin says:

    Maybe Amy should turn his head into a giant cheeseball.
    Kind of reminds me of Guy Blank’s mashed potato head.

  5. Now Stephen is more tasty than ever! -If that were possible… :D

  6. Lori Estep says:

    Ok, I know I’ll probably lose my shiny Fangirl card for this, but I just have to say it…There is something about this cheese head that freaks me out.

    Like having-a-nightmare-that-the-cheesy-head-is-going-to-get-me kind of “freaks me out.”

    Like if I opened my fridge and saw it in there, I’d think I was in some Bizzaro-World Godfather Saga.

    Ok, I’ll stop.

    Really?? General ditzee??
    Seriously, I think someone is messing with me.
    Oh well, at least I’m a ranking ditz…apparently.

    • lockhart43 says:

      No worries; I can see how it can freak you out. Sort of along the same lines, I’m not a fan of those wax sculptures in the Madame Tussauds museum. If I were walking down those halls at night I would be seriously, seriously creeped out.

      • Lori Estep says:

        Haha! Thanks!!

        Yeah, I am no fan of wax museums either! I think the thing that creeps me out the most about the Cheese-phen are the lips. Did you ever watch the original series Land of the Lost? This thing has Sleestak lips!


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