Episode 6145 (11/11/2010) – Quincy Jones

Colbert Report Episode guideEPISODE NUMBER: 6145 (November 11, 2010)
GUESTS: Quincy Jones
SEGMENTS: Stephen absorbs Gene Shalit’s Opinions, Colbert Platinum, Stephen Trademarks Dated Catchprases
VIDEOS: Thursday, November 11, 2010

What an amazingly fun episode! I sincerely enjoyed every aspect of this show. The Gene Shallit Highlander bit was gloriously punny. Stephen takes great pride in his puns, and to watch Stephen take them to Shalit-level proportions was wickedly delicious. The mustached Shalited Stephen reminded me a lot of WPTS Stephen. Did anyone catch the “Iconda believe” pun? That’s the only one I can’t seem to figure out. Thanks to Zoner friedthing for explaining the Kandahar-dly pun to this geography-ignorant American. I also loved the removal-of-the-mustache character break. Very cute!

Colbert Platinum was also a delight. Sometimes it’s the simplicty of Stephen’s logic that makes it so perfect: “A speedboat is the perfect gift for Christmas because it’s a speedboat.”

I simply could not get enough of the Quincy Jones interview. The more he talked, the more fascinating his stories got. And knowing what a Cosby aficionado Colbert is, it was just wonderful watching the facade melt away and the delight spread across his face as they talked about Cosby crashing the theme song session with a bassoon. A bassoon? Really? Now *that* is a story! I could have listened to him tell stories for hours. I’m so glad they let the interview go a little long.

What did all of you think of the episode tonight?

Colbert Report - November 11, 2010

  • A lesser man would be humbled by what you just did.
  • Now that he’s on Fox, you can expect Lou to grow out those blonde locks. Take it down, Jimmy, I’m a married man!
  • Hopefully this episode is not a Colbert Re-Bore that makes you Colbert Re-Snore. Okay, now, let’s get to the news before it’s the olds. I Kandahar-dly believe how Islama-bad things are looking in Af-panic-stan. It’s gone from babaga-nasty to just plain fal-awful.
  • There’s a ferret on my face! There’s a ferret on my face! Get it off!
  • This is clearly a power I will have to use sparingly. I better find somewhere safe to stash this ‘stache.
  • I think I have shredded New York Times lung.
  • If you have hamsters who need somewhere to nest this winter …
  • Now this may shock you but I kind of agree with Voldemort’s stunt double.
  • Replacing your body parts with gemstones is cool. That’s why I had my kidneys replaced with sapphires. Because you know what’s even cooler than diamonds in your mouth? Dialysis.
  • They’re nature’s chimney sweep.
  • A speedboat is the perfect gift for Christmas because it’s a speedboat.
  • I assume they’re still finishing the paperwork to trademark other Nintendo-centric phrases like “Don’t front like Duck Hunt”, “I’m gonna bring the painia like Castlevania”, and “Nah, I don’t feel like playing Kirby’s Adventure.”
  • I soon should be the proud owner of the trademark for “All that and a bag of chips.” You hear me Frito Lay? You want this sweet tagline, you better come through me now!
  • I’m just saying I’m batting 500. I’m not saying I’m better than you, I’m just saying the Academy thinks I’m better than you.
  • As a producer, were you saying to Cosby ‘you need more cowbell?’


  1. friedthing says:

    It was “I Kandahardly believe…”

  2. pkyoubuggin says:

    I liked the Quincy Jones interview too. How many legends he has worked with-I hope somebody takes a tape recorder and lets him tell story after story while he’s still with us.
    I was just reviewing eps of the Dana Carvey Show and in it Robert Smigel plays Gene Shalit, So it was kind of funny that it was mentioned on the show last night.
    I too feel the power of puns!

  3. lockhart43 says:

    As someone who can always appreciate a good pun, it’s pretty safe to say I loved Shalited Stephen. Plus, that character break was adorable! He barely tried to hide it, it was fantastic. The sign-off was very funny, too. I always like when they have enough time for Stephen to end the show with a joke. But the absolute best part of last night’s show was watching Stephen listen with pure joy at Quincy Jones’ stories. The look of delighted interest on his face was *sigh* wonderful. :)

    That screencap cracks me up, thanks DB!

    • I agree with Lockhart43, Watching Stephen’s face while he was listening to Quincy Jones tell those stories was priceless!!

      “So as a producer, you were telling Cosby he needed more cowbell??” ~ My new favorite line!!

      Quincy needs to produce a CD of Stephen’s duets!!!

  4. Mr. Arkadin says:

    Yeah, I’d have to go along & say the Jones interview was my favorite part. I love “Stephen” nailing guests or giving them Hell with his “logic,” but the rare interview were the real Stephen revels in a guest stories are pure gold! And Stephen’s almost orgasmic delight in the mention of the post “Perry Mason”-Raymond Burr show “Ironside,” along w/ his imitation of the show’s theme was just pure joy for me! :D

  5. marleygirl84 says:

    Oh man, I could have listened to Quincy Jones talk all day, especially about things like hanging out with Lucille Ball and Frank Sinatra….two of my most favorite classic icons. It made me all gooey inside to hear Stephen ask him if Lucy was fun, even though he didn’t really get an answer to that one. I’ve always wondered if Stephen was a fan of her’s or not, and less specifically, who are his favorite old time comedians/comedic teams. So far, I only know that he loved Phil Silvers as a kid.

    I can’t get enough of Colbert’s constant comedic coverage of the tax issue in this country. In his own crazy hilarious way, he’s always showing, time and again, his compassion for his “least brothers”. I love Colbert Platinum for highlighting the ridiculousness of the rich, and the way they just throw away their money for things like a set of diamond teeth or thousand dollar ice cream sundaes.

  6. The only thing that disappointed me (well, only a little) was that Stephen’s Shalit quickening was without the levitation usually associated with it. The first one was more epic, imho XD

  7. I’m with zonkuya, I also missed the levitation quickening, but the shredded NY Times lung and break made up for it. I thought Quincy Jones was a great guest however the Shalit-tache and puns just won the epi for me. :D

  8. Mmm…the Highlander!

    Great, great interview, as everyone has said. What an interesting man! He should be the guy in those Cuervo (is it Cuervo?) commercials.

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